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Leap into infinity

Christopher woke up in the middle of the night. Perhaps the near-clock clock had awakened him, who announced with mighty blows the end of the old as well as the dawn of the new day. But there was something else - a rustle. Rather the sound of a small wing animal. Had a bird strayed into the room? The darkness did not even allow him to see the hand before his eyes. Lisa, too, who was only a little distant from him, could be heard only by her still, even breath. And yet, there was something. He felt himself watching and threatened in a strange way. Almost as if he were dreaming of it all.

When Lisa shook him from sleep in the morning, the horrors of the night had long since disappeared. Nothing reminded him of this strange incident, and Christopher, too, tried only half-heartedly to complete the thought-provoking pieces to a memory. He did not succeed. Soon the daily newspaper took over the leadership of its brain with its current reports. It was not until the morning toilet sprawled him out of his mind and made him relentlessly aware that this night had happened more when he was able to admit it: two times on his neck were the result of the misfortune of a bite - and that was precisely this Time a nasty surprise.

Again and again the rumor circulated that vampires were doing their work here. The fables had repeatedly visited the citizens of the town. But nobody could prove the existence of the bloodthirsty bats. All their victims wrote the nightmares to an evil dream. Were there not the biscuits, which they bore, as it were, on their necks, and which they tried to cover with shame. So now he, too, Christopher. The blood shot hot through his veins, the feeling of helplessness spread. When would they strike again?

Lisa did not know a word from all this. Why should she still be plagued with the thoughts that are now racing through Christopher's brain? Both went after a tender morning kiss to perform their daily work. The small wounds on his neck he could hide from his girlfriend. She also did not notice the look of the young man's anxiety, and under what mental tension he was now suffering. To whom should he reveal himself? Did anyone ever know? Even if he had entrusted himself to friends or colleagues, the power of the transcendent would be difficult to defeat.

He did not want to discuss the pulling danger with anyone. Not even with Lisa. Christopher had himself to go the way, which is predestined to man after a vampire bite: somehow he also becomes a being of the night, which, driven by the thirst for blood, seeks new victims. There was no escape from this fate, the marks on the neck were the signs of an eternal, unchanging existence as a vampire. But this thought frightened Christopher less than he thought. He felt almost free from a burden. He could not die any more. Only love, he had to leave behind.

His great love had always been Lisa. Neither did he ever want another woman, nor had he ever tried to approach a person other than her. Since school, they knew each other, loved each other, and pulled together their first own money during the training. The happiness was perfect, only the unfulfilled wish for children could have rounded it off. But now he did not even feel sorry for leaving Lisa. He realized that what he expected now was more than all earthly happiness could offer him. There were new perspectives, though Christopher would be a hunted.

After a short evening, both were quickly tired. They lay together as they had ever before, where they also soon slipped into the realm of dreams. But Christopher, too, was awakened from them. Again he could still hear the last trembling of the clock. But something was missing. The steady breathing of Lisa was not to be heard. Panic, he felt in the darkness on the bed next to him - and found it empty. Only now did he feel the fear of the mystical, which yesterday had haunted him and had now also fallen upon his girlfriend. Only now did he realize what the loss of love meant.

Out of nowhere a candle lit. She seemed to be hovering on Christopher. He soon realized that she was being held. Moreover, the person who wore her was dressed in a black cloak. In naked fear, Christopher sat rigidly on his bed and did not even feel the strength to light the little lamp on the dessert. Instead, he saw the tiny flame coming to him, which was nevertheless so great that she now gave the face of her wearer. And he knew it like no other. "Come," Lisa whispered to him with pointed teeth, "yesterday I gave you my strength and today we want to live it together."

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