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She had promised him to appear. It had been more than a normal promise, much more an oath, a sacred assurance, not to leave him alone, to banish the uncertainty and clarify for all time. In fact, some promises were more than holy, especially this. She herself, the beautiful Estelle, had shown him the importance of this meeting again and again, most recently with a letter that had reached him three days ago.

The letter, he thought again, and a shudder fell upon him. The letter had been sealed with red wax, and still more strange, the text had been signed with a deep red mouth. All this did not fit her at all, and he cared all the more.

Caesar Orleans had been waiting for an hour. The sun was low, and the bell tower of the Orleans house was bathed in golden light.

Again and again his eyes went up to the mighty figure of the tower, for the tower was the center of all events, at least that evening.

Early in the evening, Caesar improved and remembered the words she had written to him. When the day touches the evening, exactly where the gold of the world is most prominent. There was nothing wrong with that. The bell tower would hit the hour in a minute, the nineteenth, the fateful nineteen, but there was still no trace of it.

It had been three weeks since Caesar had met his fiancee Estelle, and that, though they had spent almost every day before. Suddenly she had disappeared, as fast as she had once dived in his life. Bad enough, that his heart burned with longing, uncertainty and uncertainty, the rumors had also surfaced. But all that did not matter to him. He did not believe it anyway. The letter had confirmed this. And then the clock struck the nineteenth hour.

Caesar Orleans slipped from his thoughts to reality. When the sound of the bells fell silent, he heard a voice behind him. He turned around and saw her.

Finally. His heart made a leap. Finally we meet again.

She had appeared without him, but he did not worry about that. Her beauty almost dazzled him. He walked toward her. His love was so strong that he did not realize directly how much she had changed. What he noticed, though, was that she was back.

"Why?" He asked, "why did you leave me?

She raised her hand, and he fell silent involuntarily, and then, finally, she smiled. "So many questions," she said. "And you will get all the answers, dear, but not now. Do you remember my promise, the first of all?"

Of course he did, because a loving heart does not forget so quickly. He nodded.

"You promised that we could be together forever, but then you disappeared."

"Because I had to," she said. "Probably you did not realize how serious I was to the promise, I would do anything to do it, a little patience, my dear, a few weeks until the time comes."

Although he was glad to hear that, he did not understand anything.

She saw his questioning look and came to him quickly. Before he could react at all, she took his hands and approached his ears with her lips.

"For all eternity," I said. " Her voice was no more than a whisper. "For ever, that means. And what have been against eternity for a few weeks?"

He felt a strange sensation on his ear, a mixture of tickling and stabbing, just for a fraction of a second. For the same period his eyes closed. When he opened it, Estelle had already disappeared.

Once again he stood there alone, but this time without grief, because suddenly he had understood everything, just everything.

He went back toward his house and noticed that he perceived nature more clearly than ever before, while Estelles' last words completely took his mind.

What are some weeks against eternity?

He laughed and decided to get to work, because there was a lot to settle before he would soon leave this world and finally conquer her forever.

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