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The Princess of Schloss Haselhöhe

Princess Antonia von Lichtenau stood by the window of the library and looked out into the park. Antonia loved this view, as she loved Schloss Haelth, which had been a family property for centuries. The evening sun caused Antonia to dream.

Three days ago she'd met a man at the ball, talked to him, and danced all night. Since then, Antonia had always thought of him. The princess had never believed in love at first sight. Now she was not so sure. In the soft chirping of the birds, which gathered together in the ancient trees for a night's rest, Antonia thought he heard his name - Kilian.

Unfortunately, this was not the time to dream. For yesterday her uncle, Prince Bodo von Herzfeld, had told her that he had looked after her for a suitable husband. Antonia's parents had died in an accident when she was ten years old. Uncle Bodo had been her guardian since then and managed her fortune. Antonia had always liked him and respected his decisions. Now she doubted for the first time.

The voice of her uncle still sounded in the ear: "As you know, my child, your parents have left only a very manageable fortune, and I've been trying to manage it to the best of my ability. And I thought it was more important to send you to a prestigious boarding school than to put money into this stupid castle, but now I see only two options: either we sell the property or we find a financially strong husband for you because I know how You are very much attached to this little castle, I would like to introduce you to a young man who is a bridegroom. "

Now this encounter was imminent. Antonia remained standing indecisively on the gallery for a moment. This place allowed some newcomers to be seen at a distance. When the visitor was admitted, Antonia thought she could not trust her eyes. Surprised, she looked at the young man. The bright summer suit and the dark blue shirt fit perfectly with Kilian's fair-haired curls and the sun-browned face.

Slowly Antonia walked down the stairs and walked towards him. Her eyes met, and Antonia sank, as a few days before, in those wonderful dark brown eyes. Antonia's heart struck her throat, she did not say a word, only nodded to the guest, smiling. Kilian returned her smile, took her hands in his greeting and squeezed her tenderly.

It should be a wonderful evening. Antonia and Kilian were as familiar with each other as if they had known each other for years. After the supper, the two went to a walk in the park. Putting his arm around Antonio's shoulder, Kilian whispered, "I promise you to turn your castle into a real jewel and a home for our children." In the light of the passing sun the couple embraced each other in a passionate kiss.

A little later, Kilian Weber, the junior chef of the well-known construction company Weber & Söhne, officially took the hand of his niece to Prince Bodo von Herzfeld.

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