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Sobering Autumn

The prospect of another holiday on the campsite made me shiver. Our children loved swimming and walking in the forest. However, as a permanent camper every free minute lazing around or carrying boring conversations with even more dull people meant no more fulfillment for me. This year, my husband explained shortly before our planned autumn vacation, he had to work and I drive alone. That suited my feeling that our marriage was slowly out of control. Secretly, I had long wanted a partner, which gives me again attention and affection.

So I went with the children alone to our vacation domicile. The two were immediately in their element and out of my eyes. After unpacking I enjoyed the peace of this afternoon with a cup of coffee. Soon the weekends would destroy this silence.

Between the individual permanent camper often camping foreigners. So on this day I saw two small tents at a short distance. My curiosity grew when there were two men who were unknown to me. I caught myself thinking of giving me some conversation and making the most of my situation.

When the children were in bed the next night, I walked alone by the lake. In a non-grown place the campers had set up a bench and lost their thoughts. A short clearing behind my back made me start. I turned and only saw the shadow of one of the two tenturians.

"Can I?" He asked with his sonorous voice, pointing to the bench.

Speechless with fright I just nodded.

"I am Andreas and you?"

His loving look irritated me. What should I do? Run away? No. I held his gaze and called my name.

After giving up a bit of himself, he asked me. He wanted to know everything about me. I enjoyed this attention and talked of a felt eternity of my marriage, my desires and my longing for love. He listened to me. As the full moon gave us light, we poured out our hearts. In between, he took a blanket and put it together with his arm around my shoulder.

I was not really tired, but still I wanted to sleep a few more hours until the children asked for their breakfast. When I got up, he held me tight. I looked into his warm dark eyes and could no longer resist. We had spread our whole life together, and for the first time I realized that I did not love my husband any more.

As I looked him deeply in the eye, I gave him a light kiss on the mouth. He held me back. He wanted it just like me and so we kissed with passion. Then he stood, holding my hand, and we went slowly to his tent. Lucky for his affection, his interest in me, I had a passionate love affair in his little house.

The week went by as well. My children raged and bathed and I enjoyed the proximity of an interesting man. I spent half the nights in his tent and in our caravan. Then came the day of parting. One last time we looked into each other's eyes. With tears in his face, I begged him not to forget me. I hoped that I too would mean something to him. With a longing, he said that he would soon be working in Berlin and we could meet. With this promise, I said goodbye, wiped the tears away, grabbed my belongings into the car and drove home with the children.

At home there was suddenly nothing more. My mood was like our marriage to the low point, I went out of my way out of the way and in the evening alone with the mobile phone. Then it came, as it had to come. On a rainy cold autumn day, the weather suited my sad mood, Andreas gave me the phone passport. How could he? Did not he receive anything for me? Was this one week just played? I could not believe it. That evening, the wind whipped the rain into my face. It felt like the punishment I had earned for my infidelity. Then, at an inadvertent moment, I slipped out on the sleazy leaves that autumn ripped off the trees and fell. So I sat, in the middle of the mud, the shards of two relations before my eyes. What will become of me now?

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