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Happy New Year!

Finally Christmas Market! Every year the meeting place is where the fireballs are. There we are now standing, a glass bowl in his hand - who wants, can get synonymous with shot. I need it - because I am in love and my swarm is only a few meters away. I drink the last sip and say half "one more!"

"Not so much!" Urges my friend. "If you're drunk, do not bother me, I know he does not like a drunken woman." I decide to reduce my alcohol consumption before I have another bowle - after all, without a shot.

Now He is coming to us! My face is getting hot. My girlfriend moved to the neighboring group. Now I stand alone before Him! The alcohol has loosened my tongue - but I am still master of my senses and watch out, no crap to talk. And then - it happens! He asks if I can come to his party of St. Nicholas. I get sweatbreaks - I'm glad he can not see my bright face; Which I have buried as a precaution under a centimeter thick make-up layer. I hate it when I turn red like a tomato! I nodded enthusiastically and wanted to say something else. But he is already halfway through, turns around and says: "There is also a surprise - to match Nikolaus!"

Naughty grin - he's gone. I do not care - I am invited to his party! After another bowle - this time with a shot - I float home as in the seventh heaven.

Since I am now at the party - two hours before the mirror spent and was even still shopping. A glass of apple pike in hand, hardly anyone knows - only his friend, a nice guy, but not so my type.

My swarm carries a silly Nicholas hat on his head. I've been there for an hour, but he did not even greet me. Instead, he has a little blonde in tow all the time. I am annoyed! He asks the guests to rest.

"I've invited you all, because today is Nikolausabend!" He grins. "And the Santa Claus gave me this lovely blonde two years ago, with whom I am lured this evening!"

Applause and surprised grumble around me. I myself will not have anything to do with it. Engaged? I did not even know that the 'ne girlfriend has!

"He hid them two years, right?" The nice guy, who is not my type, takes me by the arm and pulls me away. "You will survive. Other mothers have beautiful sons too!"

He grins - how does he know ...? No matter. I'm trying to get the evening with decency behind me and not get too drunk. I accept the nice guy's invitation to the cinema anyway - after all, I have to distract myself.

After several meetings it turns out that the nice guy hates Nicholas hats just like me, likes red faces, has no problem with drinking women and finds makeup with women stupid. Besides, he likes to show that he is in firm hands and has already found his heart wife - namely me! Two years later, we also organize a St. Nicholas party - where we announce our engagement. We do not solve any surprise - all our friends had long since counted on it.

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