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Happiness of love quite unexpected

Martina shivered as she felt the cool morning air, but inside, it was very warm around her heart. It was not even bright, just before half past seven, and in front of her was a long working day at the bakery's sales shop. She was glad about this side job, because as a student she could use every additional euro.

Every Friday she stood in the store from morning till night, selling rolls, bread and cakes, and was kind to the customers. But for a few weeks she had been working with heart pounding. For regularly appeared the same customer, who always bought two croissants and a cappuccino to take away.

He beamed at Martina as soon as he entered the bakery, and just as kindly, almost lovingly, he smiled at her when he took his bag of croissants, coffee, and change. The change money - Martina had to smile when she thought of the ritual of the day. He always paid with a 100 euro bill. For the first and second time he had embarrassed her. She had to take her own wallet to help him out. Meanwhile, she knew, and her boss made sure that in the early morning was enough change in the cash desk. Even outside working hours, she often thought of him. Since the relationship with her former friend had gone to pieces, she felt for the first time again interest in a man. Even more, if she was quite honest, she longed for love and warmth.

There was always a small, friendly banter between the two, but in detail they had not yet spoken. Nevertheless, Martina was sure that there was a certain interest on his part. Ms Gruber, the chef of the bakery, has already made several indications in this direction. Martina wondered whether she should take the first step. But she did not think of anything to involve the nice customer in a long conversation. In addition, they were almost never alone - often other customers were in line, which also wanted to be served.

Once they had only been two, but then the boss came up and brought a large tray of cakes from the bakery. So Martina could do nothing more than be friendly and attentive. And look handsome of course! That was not difficult. Martina had an attractive figure, long, light brown hair, and cheeky green eyes. In addition, she spent a lot of time in front of the mirror before each working day.

She hung up her coat in the staff room and tied the white apron, then entered the sales area. Everything was clean and tidy, Martina threw a last scrutinizing look over the display. Then she unlocked the door. The door opened automatically as soon as someone from outside or indoors stepped on the trigger. Here, too, icy cold air streamed in, mixing with the splendid fragrances of fresh pastries. Well, it was early December, it could be cold. The first customers arrived, Martina sold as usual diligently. In the checkout she saw the prepared change for her special customer with the 100 euro bill.

He himself did not come this morning. She kept looking back at the front door, she looked at the clock, but there was no trace of him. Martina could see how her good mood relaxed. Had she hoped too early? Now she sold the last croissant, again she had to think of him. What if he appeared late today and the crispy croissants were already sold out - should she offer him something else and hope that a longer conversation would develop? The owner of the bakery stood at the other end of the display and was just building an artistic pyramid of Christmas cookies. She looked at Martina and smiled secretly.

"Martina, you are thinking that we are going to have a little Christmas party tonight?" Martina nodded absentmindedly. She really only wanted that day to end and she could go home. She was looking forward to the next Friday, maybe he was back and bought her. The working day dragged on tightly until finally she was able to close the evening. On the way to the staff, Frau Gruber met her. "Quick, hurry, Nicholas does not like to wait!"

Martina crept tiredly into the warm staff room. There were already Franz, the baker and husband of Frau Gruber, Sebastian, who was learning in the bakery, and the colleagues who were working at the bakery on the other days. Martina dropped onto a chair and yawned behind her hand. She wanted to go home and relax on the couch, she did not want to go to the big-time Nikolausfeier. Now Frau Gruber came in and had Nikolaus in tow.

Nicholas greeted everyone with a deep voice, and Martina got a huge fright. This voice was disguised, but she knew it! Nicholas reached into his large sack and distributed the presents. Now it was Martina's turn. With trembling fingers she took the small parcel. She tore the wrapping paper. In it was a 100 euro note, not a real, but a copy in oversize. On the note, "Can you change? From single to couple? "Martina nodded and was happy when she took Nicholas in her arms and kissed under the applause of all the guests.

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