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Yes word in church

Now it's finally time. Only a few more minutes separate me from the status "married". We made the decision quite quickly. We have been a couple for almost three years and have been living together in my apartment for about two years - and have been engaged for about nine months. Nine months ago the wedding preparations were also started. Today is our great day; Hardly believing that the last few months have passed so quickly. I can still remember when we made a joint appointment. After that, the search for the right wedding dress for her - and the search for the perfect suit for me. In which restaurant are we celebrating? Are we marrying church or only on a regular basis? Who do we invite? Questions about questions we had to answer in the last months.

My fiancée - soon wife - sits next to me. I am nervous. She is also restless. We look at each other, smile, and listen to the priest as well. It does not take long until he asks us the crucial question. We are already married - we married a few hours ago at the local court - but we also wanted to celebrate the ecclesiastical ceremony. We are not believers, but we hold to traditions. And the ecclesiastical marriage is a beautiful tradition that we both like very much. We like to go to weddings and look forward to seeing one of our friends. So far, two friends from our circle of acquaintances have been married. They were wonderful weddings. I was sure at the time: our wedding will be beautiful.

The priest asks us to get up. Now comes the great moment. I feel the guests watching us - they are excited. The priest says a few more words, and the most important question is, "Will you, Herbert, Mary, take your wife, love and honor, in good times and in bad times, until death separates you?"

"Yes I do". These three words seal my love.

"And now I ask you, Mary, will you take Mary, Herbert, to your husband, love him and honor him in good times as well as in bad times until death separates you?"

She, too, did not think. "Yes I do". She smiles at me.

"You are now married to God, you can kiss," the priest smiles, and we kiss on the mouth. A fleeting, gentle kiss, almost embarrassed. We were a few days ago still puzzling how to kiss in the church really. A short busi on the mouth or with open lips and some tongue? We chose the gentle variant. In the end, we did not want to sin before our priest.

Now I am married. No - now we are married.

The "me" is no longer there. We are now married - a small family.

The priest goes on talking, the maids stand next to me. I can not realize I'm a husband now. Is my wife the same? Regardless of what the future holds, we go through life as a wife and husband, and now we are mastering all the tasks which come to us.

I am looking forward to the next adventure with my wife and enjoy the next moments. Now we are married.

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