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To make him jealous

Alex has a gift of God's tax His memory and intelligence can actually hold a very big book by memorizing and can recitation. he has a sharp memory.

When Alex loses his mother and father, he is being taken to the battle of life early.

At this moment, he has a great feeling. It's coming out. It captures the love of his life. For him, even the lack of pays do not matter, he pays everything for his love.

In the end, he and the family meet and the event is becoming official.

They do not want to extend too much.

Life has stopped for him now. Decision is made. Preparations are being made. but engagement night she escapes with an uninhibited police and they throw Alex into the darkness. Alex is searching for them looking every day. Alex wants to find out the cause of escaping. Then he finds them. To learn the cause but the answer is, Alex has a clean stick from the police , it is a beating.

But her answer is the worse and breaks Alex's heart a lot. Her asnwer opens a huge wound in his heart.

The answer suffers the love and loses his mind.

Alex has been taken to the hospital for a long treatment in the soul and the nervous diseases department.

But Alex does not talk to us at all, he just wanders around for hours.

Come time to time Alex's grandparents want a marriage for alex with anyone else in order to help him for his future grandparents take decisions instead of Alex.

What they find is a lady who has completely lost her mind.

It is getting married. Alex is still the same and does not change.

Sometimes he comes to the coffee shop and creates wonders. But he is a dignified father who is constantly staring at the inside and collecting paper now. I forgot to mention it. Born children have a superb intelligence that is a success like winning the university without going to the library.

Everybody wonders what happened with Alex and his old love but a withness among them reveals an evidence and recounts,

when alex found the police and her, they were talking with each other like old lovers Alex surprised and asked her the cause after fighting with the police and beating by the police.

She said that I played a game with you to make my lover jealous .

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