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Perfect love

This love story circulated almost all the media, the bizarre and unusual events, took place the events of this story Malaysia, between a young man and a girl love each other love terrible has never been seen do not like, and it was these two lovers are working in the studio for photo development, I leave you with events:

((this is the beginning)) was Haman two young loves each other reduce death and they always go together for parks and take from these gardens refuge from the trouble of tiring work weary in that studio and they lived love warmest manifestations in happier moments can no that sets them apart from some of them only sleep and were always snapping photographs of each other in order to preserve the memories of this love parthenogenesis One day the young man went to the studio to acidification some pictures and when he had finished processing images and before leaving the shop arranged everything and put it in place of leaves and chemicals own Balthamid because his lover did not not with him because of the association with the date with her mother, and the next day came the girl to practice in the studio early in the morning and took the acidification pictures but her boyfriend yesterday misplace chemical acid placed over the place is not safe and happened unless account while the girl was engaged lifted her head to take some acid chemical and suddenly acid signed the eye and forehead and happened to come both in the shop hurriedly it was they saw Condition dangerous and rushed transported to the hospital and told her boyfriend so when her boyfriend knew it was known that acid chemical that spilled them is the strongest acids Guo knew she would lose her sight you know, what did I left and tore all the pictures you remember them and came out of the store and did not know his friends the secret of this cruel it went friends to the girl at the hospital to check on her Fujduha are well, the same thing did not happen by and her forehead had surgery on her beauty and returned as they were distinct charming beauty exited the girl from the hospital and went to the shop looked into the shop and tears poured from her eyes when she saw her boyfriend unfaithful, which left a most difficult its tried searching for her boyfriend, but did not find him at his home, but she knew a place frequented by her boyfriend always said the same I'm going to that place may be that I find there I went there and I found it sitting on a chair in a garden full of trees he came up from behind and did not know which was seen by a sigh, because he left in a predicament. . .

At the time the will of the girl to talk to him and stood in front of him exactly. She was crying and it was strange thing is that her boyfriend did not care and did not even have seen You know why you believe it that her boyfriend did not see it because he is blind, has discovered that the girl after her boyfriend got a reclined on sticks Atakta out for fear of falling You know why You know you believe?

Atalmowon why he became her boyfriend Remember the blind when the acid spilled on the girl's eyes?  

Remember the when he tore the pictures that were brought together with each Remember the when he came out of the store and did not know where he went one I went to the hospital and asked her doctor and told him she would be unable to Dr. considering it will become blind.

You know what did the young man?  

I've donated her Bajunh Yes, I've donated her particular preferred to be the blind be his girlfriend is blind We have had a surgical move his eyes have been through them and managed this process and then pulled away her boyfriend her to live her life with another young man can delight, he is now blind would not benefit her something not what happened to the girl when I knew that took place on the ground, which you see blind and had shed tears from her eyes incessantly and walked her boyfriend in front of it, which did not know that girl is crying and went young man accidentally girl and went by way of another darn is it possible to love up to such a degree Does he love this limit

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