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I was in love

I was tired while pampering my heart for last 30 days. “Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi…” Was the perfect suitable song for my heart which wasn’t in a mood to mercy me. I many times instructed him to be a loyal with me. After all, I was his owner for last 24 years, but now it was started beating for that unknown stranger.
But my efforts goes in vain and at last, I drafted a loving matter in my mailbox and hit CTRL + ENTER. The recipient was a super beautiful girl of my office. The mail was undoubtedly courageous because I sent this mail from my official email id, which means I could penalized if she wanted. Last 30 days I was just staring her from corner of my eyes. The beauty of her was like having an ice cream in wind.
It was realization to my heart about the word LOVE. Love cannot be defined. Like tears are flowing down from my eyes and melting before they could drop down.
Whenever I saw her, I thought like her mere eyes are silently whispering something meaningful to my lonely heart. Her humble eye reflection was enough to keep me mum. That one moment, when our eyes were clashing each other, was taking me away from this cruel world.
This was never happened before…!! I was living in this world but was taken away by her.
Her silence and shied smile was forcing me just to think about her for a while. “Why I am not able to make courage to talk to her?” The question was creating a pain in my heart and bouncing to the brain. “Sometimes smile & silence is better than words.” The answer was giving me empathy.
I had surrendered my breath towards her decent and gentle image. I was becoming her slave.
Her neatly arranged hair was flowing with the direction of air, hiding her face & then her baby fingers were rearranging them in regular intervals. Her fingernails were colored with nice red color nail polish which was matching her brunette innocent face. This was ever wonderful scene I saw in my life.
I could realize those invisible tears in her silent eyes, it was something like, those tears are eagerly waiting to come out from pair of her eyes shifting downside towards the way of her soft chicks but her lips were hiding inside her heart. She was hiding her sorrow and pain to everyone but I was realizing it.
Her lips were perfectly matching with her blossom face, like someone is watching red rose on green trees in the fresh morning. Eyes were similar to the silent mid night sky having small stars.
I hardly make courage to look into her round and attractive eyes, but her absence was making me uncomfortable and increasing my beats rapidly.
I was in a deep love, and the reason was unknown, “Friendship is the first and only step you must take.” The thought came into my mind.

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