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The weird toy

It is weekend. Zeynep is very bored she plays games with her brother.

She reads a book. She looks at the newspapers.

She listens to music, but she is still very bored.

She goes to the living room. She lies on the couch.

She watches TV,but there isn’t an ,interesting tv programme on TV.

Then she has got an idea. She calls her mother:

Mom let’s call pelin and her mother. We can go to shopping mall.

Her mother: Ok. Where is my phone ?

Pelin and her mother are very bored.

They say ok, we can go. They make a plan on the phone.

They decide to go the shopping mall in their neighborhood.

Thirty minutes later, pelin and her mother come.

They sit in the living room. The mothers talk to each other.

Zeynep: Mom, let’s go. İ am very bored.

Pelin: Me too. Zeynep’s mother smiles at them: Ok let’s go. Zeynep’s mother calls a taxi.

They g oto the shopping mall.

First, they wonder the stores. Zeynep, you can buy only one cloth.

Don’t forget! Pelin’s mother: you too pelin.

Zeynep and pelin try some clothes. Pelin: What do yo think about dress?

Zeynep: it is very beautiful. İ like the color very much.

Pelin decides to buy the dress. Zeynep buys a pair of pants.

After shopping, they have lunch. Zenep and pelin eat hamburgers.

Their mothers eat salads. Then, Zeynep and pelin go to the playground in the shopping mall.

The mother g oto a cafe. They drink coffee and they chat.

Zeynep and pelin play a lot of different games.

They go down the slide. They ride on a swing.

They ride dodgem cars. They get fun. Zeynep: Pelin, do you like ice cream?

Pelin : İ love it! Zeynep : let’s eat some ice cream.

Zeynep and pelin eat some ice cream.

Then, they wander in the playground.

Pelin sees two clowns: Zeynep look! There are some clowns here.

Zeynep: i love clowns! The clowns are very funny.

They have got funny costumes and makeups.

They do funny things.

The children lough at them.

Zeynep and pelin lough .

Zeynep sees a defferent thing.

Pelin, come here! Pelin fllows Zeynep.

They see a strange toy. İt is a kangaroo. İt jumps. Pelin: How does it jump?

Zeynep : İ don’t know. İt is like a robot. Then,Zeynep’s mother calls her.

Zeynep where are you ? İt is time to go home.

We wait for in front of entrance door. Zeynep and pelin meet with their mothers.

They take a taxi and go home. Zeynep and pelin say, Goodbye! To each other.

After dinner, Zeynep sits in the living room. She watches TV.

Then, her cellphone rings. It is her school friend.

He asks some questions about their homework and the history class.

Zeynep talks about them. Zeynep talks about them.

Then she hears a strange voice. She looks around. İt is the kangaroo!

Her brother, Efe sees the kangaroo. Efe : what is this ?

Zeynep is very surprised: it is a toy kangaroo. Then, Zeynep talks about her day.

The kangaroo is in the shopping mall, but now it is in their house.

Zeynep’s father : Don’t worry. Tomorrow i call the manager of the shopping mall.

This can be someone else’s toy.

Zeynep likes the kangaroo verey much. İt always follows Zeynep.

Zeynep walks in front and the kangaroo jumps behind her.

She enjoys walking with it.

The kangaroo doesn’t do a lot of different things. İt only jumps.

İt is a simple toy, But it is a smart toy.

Zeynep can’t use it.

The kangaroo only follows Zeynep. Efe shouts at the kangaroo.

Hey follow me! The kangaroo doesn’t follow Efe. İt only jumps behind Zeynep.

The next day Zeynep goes to school.

The kangaroo comes with her. She leaves the toy at home,

but it follows her. All the kids in the school are very surprised.

They ask questions about the toy : What is this ?

How does it work ? Why does it follow only you ?

Zeynep: İ don’t know!

Then, the lesson starts. The first lesson is geography.

The teacher talks about mountains and lakes.

Then her cellphone rings. She says: İ am very sorry.

İ should answer this call. Then, she sees the kangaroo.

İt jumps towards her. She runs away from the class.

Zeynep doesn’t understand. Why does the kangaroo follow the teacher ?

İt doesn’t follow a different person. İt only follows Zeynep and her teacher.

Can toys love people? Maybe the toy loves only Zeynep and her teacher.

The school day is over. Zeynep walks home. The kangaroo follows her.

When she comes home, she sees a man in the living room.

Her father : Zeynep, this is Mr.karasu. He is the owner of the toy.

Zeynep’s cellphone rings. The kangaroo jumps.

Mr. Karasu loughs: İ understand it.

He explains it. Mr. Karasu is an engineer.

He makes robots.

This kangaroo is robot. The kangaroo is sensitive to music.

İt doesn’t follow people but it follow music.

Mr.karasu: Zeynep and i have the kangaroo reacts to this melody it follows Zeynep.

Mr. Karasu takes his cellphone. He plays the melody.

The kangaroo jumps. They lough all together

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