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I remember on our first day, as if it had been yesterday! When I saw you ...

When we met for the first time, how we kissed for the first time ...

These days were the way to the future with you, love has burned in me ever since, to you, Aileen!

Do not tell you how happy I am to have you. It is amazing that I have endured it without you for so long.

I would never have thought it possible that there was anyone like you at all.

Someone who is so infinitely sweet, tender, and understanding as you are.

I have never before given God for anything. But today and for all eternity,

I hope that our common time will never end,

and we will also wake up in the next 60 years, and tell each other how much we love each other.

I've been thinking a lot about how we came to know and love each other. An accident?

I asked myself why we have so much in common. An accident? NO.

I do not believe in coincidences and especially when there are so many.

But what is it then? Fate? A divine providence?

I do not know but I know you are the only person in my life and will ever be more loving than anything I have.

As everything dear and dear to me ....

I love you even more than my own life. How mad I'll be when you're not there.

How annoyed when you walk through the door. How uninspired when you kiss me ...

How submerged when I look into your eyes .... How confused when you look at me seriously ...

I have never been so sure to love someone from the depths of my soul as I am with you.

But your voice makes me feel hot and cold down my spine. You are my star in the darkest night.

You are my sun on the rainy day.

You are my great true love This insane beautiful feeling so much to miss you that I just want to be with you.

Waiting for us to see you again. Look into your eyes and just snuggle at you.

Protection to find and find. You are simply there and my wounds of the past can be healed more quickly.

When we met for the first time, your smile did not let go.

When I saw you the second time my heart made a sentence and I got scared.

Yes, you've read that correctly. I sat in my room and a tear flowed down my cheek as I realized that I would fall in love with you and

fall in love not because I was sad about it but because I was afraid to lose control of my heart again.

I know my dream has come true. For this dream Aileen is YOU. When I see your face in front of my eyes, the thought of you makes me smile.

The idea that you hold my hand makes me hover.

The longing for a hug from you lets my heart rush The dream to kiss, kiss ... !!!

The dream to kiss makes me shudder The thought of you makes me strong.

Aileen, I feel so much because I LOVE YOU.

Yes I love you.

I do not know how it could happen actually I always thought of myself that I could not really fall in love but

now it has happened and I can not change anything more.

No matter how many lines I write to you now, what I feel for you that can not be put into words.

I LOVE YOU!!!! I love you about everything sweetheart and I need you.

You and your love. You've been giving me the feeling of really being truly truly loved for almost 4 years.

I never want to let you go! I've always dreamed of a woman like you, and almost four years ago I found my dream woman.

Although it is almost 4 years but in this 4 year I have experienced so many beautiful things so many beautiful hours with you.

And I really do not want to lose you again ... With all these words, I can still not express my feelings, as there are no words.

I am grateful to you for every hour and minute we spend together, and many will be many more because I will never give you back.

I am always looking forward to our common adventures because it is so nice your proximity and warmth To feel your affections and to get kisses.

You tell me so uncanny loving things as no one has told me until I met you.

Is doing me so good of you so gorgeous compliments to get it makes me very happy.

And all I want is YOU! And I want that WE are happy together Aileen.

Your words Your touches Your closeness Everything you do to me as good as you give me the feeling that you love me is so beautiful.

You have become the most important person in my life for me more and more I notice lately how much I need you and

how much I miss you when I can not be with you! I enjoy every second in your arms every day together just everything I can not describe it! Since I know you,

my life has changed to positive.

We can laugh and talk so much, can talk about everything and do so beautiful things and much more that I find so indescribably beautiful.

You have become the most important person in my life for me more and more I notice lately how much I need you and

how much I miss you when I can not be with you! I enjoy every second in your arms every day together just everything I can not describe it!

Since I know you, my life has changed to positive.

We can laugh and talk so much, can talk about everything and do so beautiful things and much more that I find so indescribably beautiful.

You have become the most important person in my life for me more and more I notice lately how much I need you and

how much I miss you when I can not be with you! I enjoy every second in your arms every day together just everything I can not describe it!

Since I know you, my life has changed to positive.

We can laugh and talk so much, can talk about everything and do so beautiful things and much more that I find so indescribably beautiful.


I do not want to miss all that !!!!

Hello my beloved sweetheart,

All love for our anniversary. For me, it is not only today,

but every single day a gift that you have entered into my life.

You make me happy, fill me and give me strength.

Especially today, on our day, I would like to thank you for it.

If you asked me what exactly our relationship is, I would answer:

because your corners fit to my edges.

I love every blemish, every habit and everything that makes you.

Because you are the man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life.

We only have time for work once, and once for love - more time is not for us.

This is what the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel once said. And she is right.

When you are with me, I still feel that time is quiet.

I enjoy every moment and I want to shout my happiness and my love for you to the whole world.

What would be an anniversary without surprise? Of course,

I have thought for a long time, with which I could not only make you a joy,

but with what we will later join together common memories.

For this reason, I have thought of you for a surprise trip.

Just pack some things, trust me and be ready for a spontaneous adventure with me.

I love Die sehr and hope that you are as happy about this surprise journey just as I did in the preparations.


My darling, for no money of the world I would ever give you back. You are me and I am you.

And I wish that this love never ends, but that it grows and thrives for many years.

For our anniversary, I would therefore like to say to you from the bottom of my heart: I love you.

And that has a simple reason: because you exist.

Hey sun

I know you're modest and always embarrassed when you're complimented, but you're just beautiful.

If your hair blows in the wind, your eyes shine brightly, and your nose is kissed by the sun, and is so cute,

then I ask myself whether you are not an angel on earth.


To hear your voice always gives me goose bumps,

especially in the moments when you give your attention to me alone.

If you're happy, I'll have to smile all the time and let myself be infected by your good mood.

I do not know how you do it, but you always enchant me again.

No matter what is going on, if I know I'll see you, then the day will be fine.

You are my sun. I like to stand up for you every day, just to see you look so beautiful.

Now we are celebrating a Christmas party again.

Gladly I think back to the time we have been together so far.

Do you really know that I am still looking forward every morning when I can see you in your eyes when I wake up?

And that I still have heart palpitations when you call? Now, at Christmas,

I would like to write to you what you mean to me.

One speaks of the Feast of Love when it comes to Christmas. This is a feast day after day.

You are always there for me, I can simply rely on you. My beloved ...,

I am happy about everything we experience together.

Even if you know that already, it is so great that we can laugh together.

You always manage to build me again, if I do not go so well.

You are my sun that shines every day for me.

In our relationship, there have also been some depths.

But we have recognized the opportunities.

We have developed together and always made the best of it!

I believe this is an important reason why I love you so much.

You are not giving up, but you are looking for a solution with me.

In this way, our love has grown and become much more beautiful.

I have also thought a lot about what I can give you a special pleasure for Christmas.

And I hope I have guessed your heartfelt wish!

Pack your gift right away, I'm so excited to see if you like it!

Now I'm looking forward to having a few days off with you.

Romantic cuddling hours are also supposed to be there, because cuddling, cuddling and

much more is always a highlight in our love!

I wish you both a merry Christmas and kiss you deeply!

Snowflakes fall from the sky, it smells like cookies, the Christmas season keeps us enchanted.

For you, I would not only like to bring the stars from heaven,

but I would finally trust you to enrich my life.

I can count on you always, you share grief and joy with me and

make me - if necessary - also clear that I behave once again impossible or much too pessimistic in life.

We have witnessed a lot since the last Christmas holiday: ups and downs,

everyday stress and destiny have united us as a couple more.

You always showed me again and again that I can rely on you at any time.

As long as you are with me, I enjoy the good times very special and know that with your infectious joy of life and

your compassion will always be by my side. Nobody knows what challenges will be facing us until the next festival.

But one thing I know very well: You and I, we will master them together!

After my Christmas wishes I was already asked.

But I really do not know what I want.

We share this festive time together, carry out profound conversations or simply enjoy the life in this world - so I am happy happy!

The everyday little highlights make you twice as much fun with you.

Since my childhood I have not experienced this magic, which makes Christmas so wonderful.

This is only for you.

You make sure that I feel as comfortable and safe as I have been for a long time.

For this I am so gratefully grateful to you.

Your optimism and your warm-heartedness bring back anticipation and hope even in bitter cold.

It is hard for me to express in words how deep my feelings are for you.

But I hope that you can at least imagine how important you are to me and

how much you have changed my life for the better since we met.

I have you and I do not need Christmas gifts anymore.

I just want to spend every holiday, every holiday, every working day, and

every weekend with you as long as the world is turning.

But one thing at a time - my anticipation for a beautiful and

peaceful feast in intimate togetherness with the dearest person in my life increases every day.

My dear (s) ..., this Christmas party is so wonderful because we are together!

Even if the snow just does not flow so quietly as we imagine it so,

the Christmas season is always surrounded by a very special charm.

Therefore, I would like to pamper you not only with gifts and attention,

but also to entrust you for this special occasion, how much you mean to me.

You're always there for me, crying and laughing with me,

and getting my head back even if I take the everyday worries much too seriously.

Since the last Christmas holiday, which we have spent together in a cozy togetherness, a lot has happened:

so many experiences have made us as a couple more closely together.

You showed me again and again that I can rely on you and be just as I am.

Your heart warmth, your optimism and your sense of humor make the good times even more beautiful and

the not so good lose much of their horror as long as you are with me.

We will also master future challenges together, since I am quite sure!

Christmas is the time of love and desires.

But what am I to wish for when we're together, talking about God and the world,

or just spending a peaceful winter's evening with a cup of tea?

Also the stroll over the Christmas market makes with you very particularly much fun.

Since we are together, I am again discovering the little joys of everyday life.

I also discovered the magic of Christmas, which is lost as soon as you grow up.

Together we enjoy Christmas with all its hope and anticipation.

In your presence everything is immersed in festive stars.

Words can be so inadequate, but I still hope that you will at least get an inkling of how much you enrich my life and

make it beautiful and meaningful - on Christmas and all other days.

After all, you are, dearest, the most beautiful Christmas present of all, and

I would do anything if we could not only spend these holidays together, but Christmas,

Easter and other holidays until the end of time.

I love you about everything and I look forward to celebrating with you a happy and peaceful celebration!

Christmas is already such a sentimental time and now my feelings for you!

Panic is spreading, with all the butterflies and the dancing snowflakes in my belly.

Maybe you feel similar. At Christmas you can not lie, at least my mother always said.

Of course you can never lie, but at Christmas especially not.

So I take the opportunity and write to you what has long been on my mind and burning in the soul.

Words can be so banal and yet they are a possibility of expression, my Christmas present for you.

The last time with you I found superschön and I was never so happy in life.

I know that happiness can not be sustained,

but you can give luck to every day a new chance. Give me a chance.

I feel attracted to you, feel a strong bond, and I pray to God that it is the same to you.

Probably I should not tell you. Nevertheless, I enjoy this openness, which is as new to me as you are.

Can it be that sentimentality is also in the season?

No matter, my senses and my synapses are programmed for you!

While I am sitting and writing, thousands of snowflakes fall from the sky.

They look like dreams and they gather on the streets and roofs.

I'm sure the flakes are soft and they melt on the tongue.

Wonderful daydreams since I know you.

I'd like to take your hand now and run out into the snow with you.

We could build a snowman and make a snowball fight,

or just get intoxicated by the splendid white and kiss us until we get cold noses.

Everything would be nice, everything with you!

Take care of Christmas in the mistletoe! If I catch you,

I'll never let you go!

Christmas is around the corner. When I walk alone through the cold,

snow-covered streets in the evening, bright lights and candles shine from all the windows.

A smell of gingerbread is in my nose and everyone is talking about the feast of love.

I wanted nothing more than to be by my side these days.

I would open my winter coat wide and lay it around you to warm you.

My scarf I would loop from my neck up to your neck and I would give you my left glove.

My cap will warm your ears.

Do you really know that I can hardly look forward to the Christmas holidays without you and

that I would rather not let the Christmas man into the house at all?

Without you the Christmas season is simply not the same.

I want to bake with you peppermint.

I would like to wrap you in wrapping paper and tie my most beautiful ribbon around it.

I want to crack nuts with you and watch you smile in the candlelight.

I would like to carry a Christmas tree with you and decorate it with tinsel, balls and chocolate.

I want to put your hands in my hands and warm them till morning.

I would like to walk with you through our streets every evening on Christmas Eve and look forward to illuminated parlors.

You're my best Christmas angel.

I'm in love with you.

I am writing this letter because I carry so many wonderful feelings for you in me that want to get out.

If I were to face you, I would be afraid to forget one sentence.

Since today is Christmas, the Feast of Love, I felt once again how glad I am to know you on this day by my side.

This celebration has its own Christmas magic around you, but you lose that feeling quickly when you grow up.

With you, however, I return to this magic.

You create so much Christmas magic that it would be enough for the whole world.

But you do it only for me. I never thought this festival could be so romantic.

You can make me feel excited and enjoy your gift again,

and when I open your gift, I feel like a little child again.

You radiate for me like all the lights in the Christmas season together and

I hope quite simply that this continues for many years.

I do not want to celebrate Christmas without you.

I am so glad that you are there,

because you make me happy with your Christmas magic.

Feast of love

The most beautiful feast of the year is on the doorstep.

For some it is a family festival with lots of hustle and bustle and many gifts,

for others it is more of a feast of contemplation and inner contemplation.

For me this year it is only the feast of love.

I think now is the right moment to talk about something special.

Perhaps you already know what is coming.

I've been looking for the right words for a long time, tormented with the question of whether you understand me.

What if I do something wrong?

But it is Christmas, the feast of love! How can one go wrong when talking about love?

That's why you get this letter today.

I want to tell you that our love is absolutely right.

That my life has changed, has become better since I've been with you.

I can not and will not imagine how it is without you.

To the feast of love, I dare tell you how much I love you,

how much I enjoy the time with you and how much I want it to be forever.

I hope, dear ... that it is the same to you.

On my wish list for the Christmas man, this time only one thing is going to happen:

that from now on we will spend every feast of love together.

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