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My dear heart,

When life creates tempo and you do not know what to do - I always give you new strength.

You can rest in my arms.

Have you been wrong in the way of life and can not find the way back?

I'll be the one who unravels the threads, you go home by piece.

If you want it, I'll give you space, never try to get in your way.

I like you every dream, just to see you happy.

If you need it I'll give you a hold, I know how to take care of you.

I give you warmth is cold to you, with me you can drop.

With you there make all sorrow break With us, love at first glance is far from enough.

With us there is love until the last breath.


I love you endlessly!!!

My dear heart,

The whole time is already burning in me.

I could hardly wait to give you the following lines finally.

My darling, I have to tell you how valuable you are to me,

how I enjoy the time with you and how much you enrich my life.

Your love, your closeness, your care ... I believe I am the happiest man on earth.

I have often asked myself how I could really live the time before we got to know each other.

You gave me so much that I did not know before.

So many things I had heard of, but they had never been able to experience them myself,

became true in my life after our love was flared up.

Your laugh makes me forget the problems of everyday life again and again, be they so serious.

Your radiant eyes let all darkness disappear inside me.

I do not know how you do it, but as soon as I'm close to you, everything else becomes completely insignificant.

Your spell is so immeasurably powerful that it itself drives the worst thoughts and worries.

When I am near you, there is only you and me.


I love you with my whole heart

There is nothing sweeter than the love in my heart for you

not sweeter than you to taste

nothing sweeter than

you looking into your eyes

and to forget the world around me

nothing sweeter than to feel safe in your arms

Nothing sweeter than simply to be with you

There is nothing sweeter than you for me

Thoughts full of tenderness, I give you at any moment.

I tell your soul how much I love you - share every dream with you.

Without a word, I take you very slowly into my arms.

I push you a big piece of luck into your heart.

I am dying into the depths of your beautiful eyes.

Come, cuddle your way into the gentle valley of my heart and feel infinitely loved.

You can feel every wave of my heartbeat.

My dream carries your face, Cover me warmth.

Gently and quietly, I find the goal of my love because I feel you.

We are so inseparably connected.

Do you feel these miraculous warmth so deep in your heart?

How beautiful is that!


I will love you, too, if the sea no longer touches the sand.

My dear heart,

You are the gardener of my soul, the seed for fertile soil is your love.

The plants, I call them love, you begrudge with your charm and your words.

Your tender hands are the balm for my soul, and the longing plants become happiness.

Your so beautiful laughter is the sun of my soul, and you stand in the middle.

You have done this with your love, trust, patience and tenderness.

You are not only the gardener but also the guardian of my heart.

You have a whole life, what can be more beautiful for me.


I love you !!

You alone touch my heart and my soul so deeply. How shall I describe what you mean to me?

No word seems to have enough content to fill these feelings even more or less.

You're the only one for me, every one of you looks so deeply into my heart.

With your charm, your charisma and wit,

you have conquered me by storm - and sneaked you into my heart in such a wonderful way.

I'll never let you out.

For you I am ready to learn new things - I want to experience with you all facets of life.

I would like to give you my eyes, so that you can see what wonderful woman - what a valuable person you are.

You are the diamond among human beings - honed from life, yet you are still radiant.

You have an XXL heart full of love, trust, tenderness, understanding and warmth!

Only with you can and will I go the way through life, even if it is once still stony.

Together we will master all hurdles.

"You are the night, I am the day - you are the stardust shows the way.

And we agree - together we are strong "


You are irreplaceable to me - I LOVE YOU EVERYTHING !!

Many years ago you came to me. In need of protection, sad and hungry!

I looked into your beautiful brown button eyes and they looked into my soul!

They recognized in me what I could not see.

I drew you up, fed you, warmed you, gave you love and protection.

And they still looked into my soul and apparently still recognized something in me!

You grew big, you became independent, you became beautiful, and you liked to stay with me.

I looked into your eyes-looked into your soul, I saw in it the wildness of life,

the wisdom of a free soul, the fidelity to another being, the unbridled life-lust.

And I was amazed: He was what I wanted from another man.

He was free - and remained out of love. He was lifeless.

He kept loyalty at all times, no matter what.

I realized: the wisdom and love of an animal that could be free - yet not wanting to be free.

He stayed because of me,

And I realized what she had known before!

That too my soul and my heart could be loved.

My friend and faithful companion gave me fifteen wonderful years.

He taught me to give love, taught me to enjoy life again, he taught me,

That I am like I am !!

This is a thank you to my beloved dog,

who taught me that every human being is precious and lovable,



The sincere affection and love always fall on fertile ground!

Thanks my little Felix !!!! Through you I recognized the meaning of life !!!


You will remain in constant memory !!! Because I learned to love, trust and respect again



My beloved friend be careful wherever you are!

Love is not only be together, love is not rummaging.

Love is also not to change the relationship status.

True love is there for each other, in good times as well as in bad times.

Love to love the partner with all his faults.

Love means to go the way of life together-and be so difficult.

Love means to trust, to listen, to hold fast and always to be close.

Always have an open ear for the sorrows of the partner.

Love means living until death.

Love is when a kiss is not just the lips -

But also touch the heart.


You're the most wonderful reason for me to live - I love you

Dear ... ..

between us it is not easy and we both know that.

If we want to change what we can only together.

We both know that there's something between us is just like,

we're dealing with it we have not yet figured out.

You are the most important person in my life,

I have to think about you almost continuously.

There are so many uncertain and unspoken things between us,

we have to learn to talk.

How I would like to hear a "I love you" from you.

The time of the love of the great feelings begins the contemplation.

How I would like to spend the best time of the year with you alone.

With you just sit on the couch cuddling, spending time together.


Angel I just wanted to tell you how much I love you

I do not know what you see in me, but I am infinitely grateful for bringing it together.

You can make me feel better when you get to me.

You know the right words and are there for me when I'm sad.

You make me laugh like no one else. We are one, and I mean the same as I write it here.

We do not always agree, but you are honest with me and that is the most important thing.


With you, I want to share everything beautiful, because it brings twice pleasure.

Although I know that life is not free from worry,

I want to see you always happy, because when you cry, it breaks my heart.

Then I just want to take you in my arms, stroke you over my head and do everything to make things right.

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