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Uninterressant the appearance.

What is to be given to personality is what counts.

The charming creature, the profound smile, naturalness, radiant eyes.

Being imperfect is just right.

Merci that gives you.

You're doing well.

Would you read it?

Would you understand between the lines and linger?

Would you be curious to dive with me,

Would you dive into my life?

Would you bathe with me in tears?

Would you double the luck with me?

Would you give me your confidence and go so far, even if it seems futile?

Talk with me?

Hoping with me?

open end

I go away,

just to return to you.

I sleep

just to wake up beside you.

I am dreaming of you,

just so that you are with me day and night.

I carry you in my heart

because I love you.

Crazy Girl

Thank you for the magical moments.

It was good to get such feelings again and gave me a lot of strength that

there are people who can also enjoy it ....

Stay as you are.

And you know the world is full of flowers ....

You just have to pick it ????

Only you alone know the happiness is hidden in your current life.

You just have to find it.

Do not run away from it.

Because then you leave your luck back.

At the moment of the meeting, my heart beated faster, my eyes began to shine.

Everything around me faded, only you and I in the headlight.

Engravers fairly sharp situation.

I feel alive, it is schraeg.Welt is still. Perfect.

A better future for me to wish is easier than not wanting you anymore.

I do not want to lose part of myself. Stay true to myself.

New beginning, now.


TENANTITY, this wonderful gift of nature to man.

Let us not forget them. Let us not leave the small gestures,

With which we show people,

- look you are not alone-

TENANCY, she can comfort,

Warm and envelop.

You can make a day beautiful by the question:

" Good morning! How are you? "

She can be happy by tender stroking.

She can wrap herself in the tender embrace.

She can comfort us in the lines of a letter.

TENANTITY is love in perfect form,

Because it is free from egoism.

There is nothing more endless

than desire,

nothing more delightful

than desire,

nothing more infinite than love....


we are very close to exhaustion,

the brevity of loss,

grief so deep,

the moments of


as in flight

Of love,




My dear heart,

Thoughts of tenderness I give to you at any moment

I tell your soul how much I love you - share every dream with you.

Without words, I take you tenderly into my arms, and kiss you gently.

I am pushing a big piece of happiness into your heart

I am a dude.

Come, cuddle in the gentle valley of my heart and feel infinitely loved.

You can feel every wave of my heartbeat. My dream carries your face,

Cover me with warmth.

Gently and quietly I find The goal of my love, because I feel you.

We are so inseparably connected.

Do you feel this miraculous warmth so deep in your heart?

How beautiful that is !!!

I will love you too, if the sea has long since touched the sand my heart.


I LOVE YOU ! ! !

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