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My beloved person

My beloved person!

You will be able to imagine the joy I felt in reading your letter - the melancholy that I melted into when you addressed me so kindly, so sweetly, too lovingly - I have never longed more for your blessed breast rest, than at the moment - how is it possible that we could ever exchange hard words with so much love! Good Heavenly Man, I feel that I only make up a whole with you and that your strength belongs to keep me up in the tangle of life that I have felt so much since your absence that I bless every moment where I am rest a little and sit down alone.

For a long time I waited for your letter, lastly sent to the post office daily - it is from Thursday and I received it only on Sunday - I got scared, finally I finally decided on Saturday that you would return, and the order in your room became on the whole hastily made, so that you would have been disturbed by a little at 7 o'clock. Now I did not know what to think. God be praised that I was redeemed the day after. That you do not say a word from the day of your return is incomprehensible to me. I ask you, with the goodness of your heart, that you announce it to me, so that I can meet my sweet man with all the comforts that can make his house his dearest again. The 14 days will be up soon, and you will not stay out any longer? ...

I often saw Emanuel, Otto a few times. Good Otto sent me a cake on June 1, Emanuel Blumen, and Amone gave me a little feast in the garden of Donop. In the morning all acquaintances came to me - but I did not accept because of the Rumors in the house nobody. Yesterday on Sunday I asked the Bobeneck, Seebeck, Amöne in the walk, which I have allowed myself since your departure. 
Letters are less than jeh, I received one from Berlin and one from Altenburg. You have just been sent a book from Jena by a certain man about government and politics, which you should review. I do not consider the letter worth the letter.

I follow your orders of not touching your things on time, and I believe you will miss nothing, for I myself have dusted and arranged all the papers. 

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