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My little daughter

My little darling, my little darling, my dear, my little dove, my life,

my sweet, sweet life, my light of life, my everything, my belongings, my castles, fields,

meadows and vineyards, sun of my life, sun, moon and Stars, heaven and earth, my past

and future, my bride, my girl, my dear friend, my innermost, my heart's blood, my guts, my eye-star, my dear, how do I call you? 

My golden child, my pearl, my gem, my crown, my queen and empress. 

You darling of my heart, my highest and dearest, my everything and everything, my wife,

my wedding, the baptism of my children, my tragedy, my fame. 

Oh, you are my second better self, my virtues, my merits, my hope, the forgiveness of my sins,

my future and bliss, oh, little daughter,

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