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You report to me

You tell me that you are leaving me for a noble person, a great lady you want to live with. 

It seems to me that your vanity is good for letting me know this news. 

I do not know if it's your heart's penchant, but I doubt it,

I know that love knows no difference in dividing all women into two classes, the beautiful and the ugly. 

I also know that a young girl of sixteen was worth more and always worth more than a stout hag of forty years,

though she came from Bourbon blood. 

Think about it, I give you twenty-four hours to think about it, and rest assured that you will not find the same thing twice. 

Do not think that I am embarrassed. I have another lover, who outshines you and is younger and fresher than you; 

he is as beautiful as Adonis. Pooh! Will you say when I tell you that it's my wig maker. 

But great souls, who boast that they know how to live, often prefer their lackeys to their spouses. 

Ask your beloved; Would you have been in your bed if she had been ranked? 

He wants to marry me, but I do not like it, because I might be tempted to make him a cuckold the next morning. 

Now he is also happy to buy everything for me, to bring everything he brings to me and we will see a little further out. 

As long as we love each other, things will be fine. Farewell. And consider it; 

I have a weakness for you now, It should soon be over and in vain would you want to have it again when you are tired of your noble lady. 

The wigmaker will have stabbed you, you'll race, and I'll laugh at you. 

I am your servant

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