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My dearest friend

My dearest friend! 

Last Saturday, I read with pleasure the most important letter which I still receive from your hands,

and read with the purest joy that a honest, tender heart can feel. 

Five joyless years have prepared me through many tribulations to his joyful welcome. 

These long trials have made me see the nature of my love, and the righteous reasons for it, in all its light. 

Now I have to thank them with the frankness, with which I not only receive your eternally expensive communication,

but with which I also place these lines. I have nothing to fear from all this, what you my only lover, to consider, advise me. 

Was it impossible for my heart even then to forget the impression when you became involved in your being here,

for I was able, without committing a criminal faithlessness, to change my inclination; 

How should it be guilty of a fuss? 

A mistake that could not otherwise be committed with the linkage of the vicious vice and that would make me even scornful in my eyes? 

The constant remembrance of my only and best friend will remind me of my duties at all times. 

I have never been compelled to virtue by compulsion; I was very vividly introduced to their excellence and worth; 

But to follow her was left to my own choice. However,

it has always seemed so infinitely estimable to me that I chose it out of my own free will. 

I had set myself firmly, all adversity, what you and your faithful followers often encounter,

rather than endure, that I should have chosen to be happy in a vicious way. 

Virtue leads those who are left to it, and give it their own, the best way; it shows them bliss, which,

if they are not so much in the eye, are nevertheless of longer duration than all the fugitive, apparent goods of this world. 

I hereby take our friendship to the witness. The end of it must have been so splendid recently. 

Our wishes are fulfilled. Now it is only up to me to hand over completely to you, my chosen friend,

a heart which providence has already given you, and which has been made worthy by many a sample of your love. 

I am firmly convinced that we are both destined by God Himself. 

I conclude this both from the wonderful way that makes our acquaintance, as well as from the secret joyous desire, so that

I always desire to belong to you forever. Now, in the name of God, I promise you, my dearest and dearest friend, in all my life,

with the firm intention of loving you above all else in the world and being true to you to the death. 

In the continuation of your love all suffering will be bearable to me and will not cause any change in my mind. 

Next postage you should also receive a visible sign confirming this engagement because I can not handle it today. 

I did not want to make you worry about a postage day about the certainty of my sentiments. 

God let the blessing of my and your dearest parents rest on us,

so our outward happiness will be in accordance with the inner contentment of our minds. 

I plead with you the continual continuation of your love from the mine,

I promise you again to my grave, and with what pleasure

I sign today for the first time of my dearly beloved friend betrothed bride and everlasting friend

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