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Invaluable girlfriend

Your letter is too beautiful for me to answer. 

With kisses, with tears of ecstasy with equally noble attitudes,

I would rather listen to you. How tenderly I thanked you for the foresight! 

What kind of a Himalite heart is yours. Oh believe, beloved friend, that you can not be loved any more than I will love you. 

I am capable of knowing and loving the infinite worth of your soul, and I am proud of it,

I rejoice with a sweet impatience for our reunion. How rare are the hours that we want to live there!

The ode that I send you expresses some of the great sentiment that awakened me in your last letter. 

Why am I not such a beautiful spirit as I want.

I would have soon waved to your dear letter, if I did not want to send you my "spring" at the same time. 

I do not know if you have already read a German poetry with Latin letters.

Because in both of my poems I speak to you, your friend, and tell you what always concerns my thoughts, so I want to close here. 

I embrace you most tenderly, my amiable Sophie, live happily, and love me. 

Yes, divine friend, we want to love each other forever and sure, we will become another example of bliss ...

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