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Morning evening, tomorrow evening

Morning evening, tomorrow evening? What is this evening? He will be approached for me at five o'clock in the morning. 

Tomorrow, that is today, thank God, yesterday has passed. 

So I'll be at your door at nine o'clock; I will be told that you are not home. 

I'll be there at 10 around 11; Will you still tell me you are not at home?

I suffer in advance from everything that I will suffer. 

I'll bet you do not believe me, because you do not know me at all. In me is a mysterious point. 

As long as you do not reach it, my soul will remain unmoved. Once you do not touch it, everything is decided. 

It may still be time. I think of nothing but you, but I may still be able to fight. For the past two days, I see nothing but you. 

All your charm that I have always feared has come to my heart. So much so that I can barely breathe while I write to you. 

Beware, you can make too unhappy for not making yourself unhappy about it: I only have one thought. 

You wanted it. That thought is you. Politics, society, everything has disappeared. 

I may feel crazy about you; but I see your gaze,

I repeat your words, I see these features of a girl, who combine so much grace with so much subtlety.

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