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To the spouse

Your ever devoted and obedient servant!

In vain I waited all day. No message, no letter, no answer from His Royal Highness,

and I am as far and wise as yesterday before I wrote to you. 

The bile fever, I annoy me to the neck, you want me to remain so and tell you that I am very well, today have taken something,

where I feel strengthened and relieved ...

By the way, I came up with something. In order to punish you for drinking so much Champagne wine on Saturday,

I inform you that I will be put on make-up for the whole time of my stay in Potsdam, and when I learn that you drink so much next Sunday,

I will do in Paretz as well ...

Farewell, I want to rest my grace, to be fresher for the dawning morning. 

I feel it, tomorrow I will make Venus jealous. But if the zealous disciple of Mars always loves me,

I like to leave Venus to its beauty and grace, happiness is mine. My dear mercenary, remain faithful and good to me and always make me as happy as I am now through you for three years.

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