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I'm sorry

I know what I did to you. Surely you are reading these lines and you are thinking: Yes, yes, he has already said that. 

He does not mean that. But my love believe me, I'm sorry. 

I'm sorry about what I did to you. I'm sorry you can not trust me anymore. 

And I am also sorry that I hurt so much. It would be wrong to say that I did not want that. 

In this one, short moment I wanted it already. But only a short time later my brain answered and I realized what I did to you. 

I risked our love for a short adventure. When I realized that, my heart was broken.

I knew how much that would hurt you. And I was afraid that you would leave me now. 

That was my biggest fear. Because honey, you have made my life better. Through your love,

I felt secure and had an incentive to become a better person. 

Now, without you, a great emptiness is spreading in my life.

There is no one left who laughs with me. He likes the same things as me and hates the same things. 

At night no one clings to my shoulder anymore. Our shared bed is now a cold and lonely place. 

Only now I realize how well we fit together. How well we complemented each other.

I know that I can not undo what I did. I also know that I can not make amends for my mistake. 

What has happened has happened. But believe me, I regret the infidelity wholeheartedly. 

No woman can give you the water. Even if my heart always knew that, it probably needed this mistake,

so that my brain understands it.

That's why my heart: Forgive me, if you can. That's certainly not easy for me. 

But I hope that you too are still attached to us. We are such a good team. I love you. 

You did not stop loving me too. Remember all that we have experienced together. 

What connects us. Give your heart a jolt and give me another chance. 

Because I can only say it over and over again: I love you.


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