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I'm ready - you too?

Now our evening together is already a few days ago, but my thoughts and feelings are still upset. 

My heart beats faster when I think of your smile. 

Especially your eyes radiate so much heat that every ice begins to melt instantly.

The saying goes that every woman has her secrets. Whether that also applies to you? 

I have the impression of being able to read in you like in a book - even if you decide for yourself which page will be opened next. 

At that time I was allowed to start with a beautiful blurb. Although I'm not really a big reader,

you've shown me one thing: the best stories are not a series of letters.

So I read every day in your heart, in your soul and more often in your thoughts. 

Often we think the same thing at the same moment, even if we are many miles apart. 

I am sure that such a form of telepathy will not work without real, honest love. 

It feels so good to know you, even if I do not see you right now,

do not hear your voice and have not received any new messages on your smartphone from you.

Which chapter, which side will expect me tomorrow? On which line do you pay particular attention to me? 

I thank you for every single part of the story, even if it should be slightly more digestible.

If we continue to write together in the future, perhaps an infinite story could turn out to be. 

I'm ready - you too?

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