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In good and bad times

We had a difficult time, a time when both of us were not satisfied, a time when our love and relationship suffered greatly. 

I know I was not always the friend that I should be, I gave and showed you not always the love you deserve,

even my mistakes I could never completely turn off. Despite all the quarrels and the problems, we stayed strong,

our love was stronger than anything else and that's why I know you're right for me.

I do not want a woman with everything that runs perfectly,

which is perfect and no woman who seems perfect. I want you because you get along with my mistakes,

I get along with your mistakes and nobody can separate us. 

Precisely because of the initial difficulties, I know that it is exactly you that I need by my side.

And that's exactly why I want to ask you this one crucial question that will make our love and us both grow closer together.

Would you like to be the woman by my side, who continues to love and cherish me as I always have,

in good times and in bad times?

This love letter / request was written by Daniel Caballero (motivational and relationship coach),

the application was written for Manuel S. from Bonn,

who made a request to his wife with the help of these sentences. 

She said yes! This love letter was born from Manuel's own words.

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