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I am sorry

I'm sorry - I can not breathe when I write these lines, I care what I did to you,

like a stone on my heart. I feel your anger, and to be honest,

I'm totally helpless against her. 

I'm not sure how it happened. I made a big mistake and put your trust in the game.

I have hurt your feelings. I've done something that I never imagined would happen. 

Because since I've known you, I have always wished only one thing:

That I never hurt you, but always to you.

At first, I wished that I could turn back time to undo my big mistake. 

The fact is, I've built a lot of crap, which is now irreversible. 

All I can do is stand up for this mistake and ask your forgiveness.

NAME, I love you goddamn it. You are my great love, how could I do this to you?

Do not we both belong together?

What can I do to win you back for me? 
Maybe you do not want to hear from me for a while? I do not know,

I would like to run to you, hug you and kiss your face. Name, what should I do? I am crying. 
My dearest wish is a fresh start for our love.

I want to take on every fight to regain your confidence. 
I always want to be there for you. 
I wish that the cold gives way between us and love warms us again. 
I will always hope that we both can start over again.

I love you and carry only one request in my heart:

Please forgive me.


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