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Only you

For hours, days, yes felt years, I walk from one room to another and search for the right words, words that meet my feelings. 

I dream of you every night and in the dream it seems very easy to stand opposite you, to talk to you and to tell you what I feel for you. 

But every time I see the white paper and take the pencil in my hand leaves me the courage.

But today I have to confess it to you. 

I can not keep running from window to window, look out and hope that you pass underneath and notice me. 

I can not keep walking through the streets hoping that I'll see you someday, possibly at the side of another man. 

Today I take the pencil in my hand and say to you: I can not think of anything else ... I love you.

Last modified on Sunday, 22 April 2018 14:17

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  • Silda Mostafa

    posted by Silda Mostafa

    Sunday, 22 April 2018 11:06

    If you do not listen to your heart and do what others expect of you,
    or if you allow yourself to be manipulated, it is not an expression of a right decision. Love drives out the fear,
    ever heard? I'm sorry, you do not seem to be really happy.
    Too bad ... All the best!


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