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Just you and me

My dear heart,

The whole time is already burning in me.

I could hardly wait to give you the following lines finally.

My darling, I have to tell you how valuable you are to me,

how I enjoy the time with you and how much you enrich my life.

Your love, your closeness, your care ... I believe I am the happiest man on earth.

I have often asked myself how I could really live the time before we got to know each other.

You gave me so much that I did not know before.

So many things I had heard of, but they had never been able to experience them myself,

became true in my life after our love was flared up.

Your laugh makes me forget the problems of everyday life again and again, be they so serious.

Your radiant eyes let all darkness disappear inside me.

I do not know how you do it, but as soon as I'm close to you, everything else becomes completely insignificant.

Your spell is so immeasurably powerful that it itself drives the worst thoughts and worries.

When I am near you, there is only you and me.


I love you with my whole heart

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