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You alone touch my heart

You alone touch my heart and my soul so deeply. How shall I describe what you mean to me?

No word seems to have enough content to fill these feelings even more or less.

You're the only one for me, every one of you looks so deeply into my heart.

With your charm, your charisma and wit,

you have conquered me by storm - and sneaked you into my heart in such a wonderful way.

I'll never let you out.

For you I am ready to learn new things - I want to experience with you all facets of life.

I would like to give you my eyes, so that you can see what wonderful woman - what a valuable person you are.

You are the diamond among human beings - honed from life, yet you are still radiant.

You have an XXL heart full of love, trust, tenderness, understanding and warmth!

Only with you can and will I go the way through life, even if it is once still stony.

Together we will master all hurdles.

"You are the night, I am the day - you are the stardust shows the way.

And we agree - together we are strong "


You are irreplaceable to me - I LOVE YOU EVERYTHING !!

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