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Tribute to my little Felix

Many years ago you came to me. In need of protection, sad and hungry!

I looked into your beautiful brown button eyes and they looked into my soul!

They recognized in me what I could not see.

I drew you up, fed you, warmed you, gave you love and protection.

And they still looked into my soul and apparently still recognized something in me!

You grew big, you became independent, you became beautiful, and you liked to stay with me.

I looked into your eyes-looked into your soul, I saw in it the wildness of life,

the wisdom of a free soul, the fidelity to another being, the unbridled life-lust.

And I was amazed: He was what I wanted from another man.

He was free - and remained out of love. He was lifeless.

He kept loyalty at all times, no matter what.

I realized: the wisdom and love of an animal that could be free - yet not wanting to be free.

He stayed because of me,

And I realized what she had known before!

That too my soul and my heart could be loved.

My friend and faithful companion gave me fifteen wonderful years.

He taught me to give love, taught me to enjoy life again, he taught me,

That I am like I am !!

This is a thank you to my beloved dog,

who taught me that every human being is precious and lovable,



The sincere affection and love always fall on fertile ground!

Thanks my little Felix !!!! Through you I recognized the meaning of life !!!


You will remain in constant memory !!! Because I learned to love, trust and respect again



My beloved friend be careful wherever you are!

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