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My beloved sweetheart

Hello my beloved sweetheart,

All love for our anniversary. For me, it is not only today,

but every single day a gift that you have entered into my life.

You make me happy, fill me and give me strength.

Especially today, on our day, I would like to thank you for it.

If you asked me what exactly our relationship is, I would answer:

because your corners fit to my edges.

I love every blemish, every habit and everything that makes you.

Because you are the man with whom I would like to spend the rest of my life.

We only have time for work once, and once for love - more time is not for us.

This is what the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel once said. And she is right.

When you are with me, I still feel that time is quiet.

I enjoy every moment and I want to shout my happiness and my love for you to the whole world.

What would be an anniversary without surprise? Of course,

I have thought for a long time, with which I could not only make you a joy,

but with what we will later join together common memories.

For this reason, I have thought of you for a surprise trip.

Just pack some things, trust me and be ready for a spontaneous adventure with me.

I love Die sehr and hope that you are as happy about this surprise journey just as I did in the preparations.


My darling, for no money of the world I would ever give you back. You are me and I am you.

And I wish that this love never ends, but that it grows and thrives for many years.

For our anniversary, I would therefore like to say to you from the bottom of my heart: I love you.

And that has a simple reason: because you exist.

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