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Inner values

And once again we write the 14th of February - it's Valentine's Day.

This day, when people celebrate love, gave me the courage to write to you.

This is not easy for me. If you open your heart to someone, you are at risk of being hurt.

But you can also win something very valuable. That's why I took all my courage to write these lines.

We have known each other for a long time and have always felt great sympathy for you.

You are not only a beautiful woman on the outside - you are also really charming, as far as your being is concerned.

It always sounds so trite when one speaks of the "inner values", and yet it is true that the inner values ​​are important,

probably more important than anything else.

You are balanced, funny, you can listen well, you are simply a person with whom I am always very happy together.

Today I feel more than just sympathy for you.

It took me a while to realize it myself. Until I have noticed that I am often nervous in your presence, as well as I feel with you.

That I often think of you, even if we do not see each other.

That I would like to be so much more with you, because you simply mean a lot to me.

Yes, I fell in love with you. It was clear to me at some point.

You are a woman with whom I can imagine much more than simply friendship.

We are so much like each other, we are so intimate with each other,

we can laugh together, but we can just sit together and enjoy the day together. And of course you are beautiful.

All this is very important to me, if I can imagine, to enter into a relationship with a person, which should last forever.

With you I can imagine this relationship. I can not just imagine it, I want it very much.

For a long time one wonders whether one should reveal oneself to a man.

I took today's Valentine's Day as an occasion to finally tell you what I feel.

I do not know how you are. Of course, I would be very happy if you as well as I feel.

Perhaps Valentine's Day is for us both the beginning of something that is more than friendship.

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