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Words instead of roses

When I looked at the calendar in the morning, I had to think of you at once.

Today is February 14 - Valentine's Day!

Every flower I see in a store reminds me of you.

The freshly tied bouquets are nowadays lovingly decorated.

Hearts over hearts and roses over roses, wherever I see.

The temptation to buy a noble baccararose decorated with pearls and tulle loops was enormous.

But then I thought to myself, you could find it obtrusive, if I am surprisingly a Rosenkavalier before your door.

You may not know about my feelings to you.

So I decided to use words instead of roses.

So I left the flowers in the shop and sat lingering over this piece of paper.

Finally, I would like to confess to you that I have immortally fallen in love with you.

I do not want to hide my feelings any longer.

I would be the happiest person in the world if you would answer

my love and we could exchange our singledase in the future for a common partnership.

Ever since I've known you, every day's daily life seems meaningless to me. Instead,

I dream of romantic hours of togetherness. Could you imagine that?

I would like to invite you to eat with me next Saturday.

Let's laugh together, talk and have a good time.

It could be a beginning that leads us both from loneliness into a togetherness!

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