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Laughing together

Today on Valentine's Day I would like to take the opportunity to write to you how much I love you.

When we got to know each other, we were both struck by lightning.

And from our infatuation became fast more, because our feelings for each other grew day by day.

Today, we are still in love as in the beginning, although - or just because - we already know each other by heart.

I like to wake up next to you in the morning and fall asleep next to you in the evening.

You always give me the feeling of having arrived. In the day we have to work and can not see each other,

but I am happy every day to come home because I know you are there.

The few free time that we have in addition to our professional commitments always give me so much energy and vitality.

What I like most about you is your calm nature and your sense of humor.

You always manage to say and do the right thing in every situation.

Laughing with you is something special and your sense of humor is simply contagious.

When I'm stressed and annoyed, you can always make me laugh and together with you, the sun shines on the rainy days.

But even if the times are not so beautiful,

you always know what to do with your calm and calm way of doing things and give me the feeling that nothing bad can happen -

because we are together.

I am already looking forward to our next holiday together,

because then we have a lot of time for each other and can spend many intensive hours together.

I wish we could still have a lot of years together and can love each other,

because you are something special for me.

I love you.

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