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My star

Especially today, on Valentine's Day,

when all those who love each other have a gift or are thinking about each other, I sense my longing for you.

Everyone who loves another and whose feelings are reciprocated hovers in happiness.

And I am the happiest of all lovers and lovers.

Because you are something very special.

You, dear star, are not like any of the many stars in the sky.

You are the brightest of them.

Aside from your sparkle, all the others are pale.

You look at yourself, everyone enjoys your brilliancy and want your closeness.

Yes, am I not rich? More rich than the mightiest kings? Because you are my star.

You shine and sparkle for me. Because I love you.

Because a thousand sparkles burn in me and shine to you when I think of you.

As soon as I look at the sky at night, my heart laughs.

And today, on the day of the lovers, it will not be able to calm down with laughter and joy.

It sings and rejoices in the highest tones and wishes only one thing: it never ceases.

That Valentine's Day always belongs to us, will always be a special day for us.

That my heart never loses the laughter and you, my beloved star, never sparkle for another.

We belong together, today and all the years. This is what we want to think about every Valentine's Day.

Today many flowers have flowers.

I send you roses, a fragrant, lush bouquet of red roses from the garden of my heart.

You'll smell the smell and feel my heart.

My heart at your heart.

My burning sparkle in your radiance.

You, my stars, and I-we are love in perfection.

I love you. 

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