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Why I love you

I would like to send you my most heartfelt wishes for Valentine's Day

and wish you all the best love and good luck.

Maybe you have already noticed that you are something special for me,

because I have experienced with you so beautiful hours, as it was so far for me rarely.

I am happy about every hour and every day I am with you.

The time I have to spend up to our next meeting with waiting is not going fast enough and

I always have a tingling sensation in the belly. I do not know exactly if you like it, but I hope so.

I find it particularly beautiful that I can talk with you about everything that moves me,

what interests me and also about things that really bother me.

You understand me so well because we are very similar on some levels.

And I would also like to tell you what inspires me.

You have such a lovely and kind way when you look at me.

Your hug is full of love and warmth, so I never want to let you go.

You have a tingling style when you are laughing and full of life when you want to fulfill your desires.

I like your open and honest way, especially when we are only there for both of us.

I love you and every fiber on you and I do not want to lose or give you for anything in the world.

I'd fight for you! But I think it will not come so far if we continue to stand firmly together.

I love your laughter, your happiness, but I am always there for you when you are sad.

But since I do not want you to be sad, and certainly not today for Valentine's Day,

I have come up with a little surprise for you.

I invite you today to a dinner for two, but do not tell you where it will be.

Let me surprise you, I hope you are happy!

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