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opposites attract

You surely wonder why I am writing you today, right?

This letter should be a surprise for you,

because I usually can not express myself so well when it comes to love and feelings.

But today I want to prove to you that I can also write to you.

But it is not only for this reason that I am addressing these lovingly meant words to you.

I'm sorry I did not take this step earlier.

I would like to use these lines to thank you for the wonderful time we have spent together so far.

I am incredibly proud of ourselves.

That we have also overcome difficulties and look positively into the future.

You should know that you are my great love and I want to stay with you forever.

I hope for a great future with you and would not miss our already spent years together.

I love you and I am grateful to the fate of the fact that it has united us.

We are a really great couple, which is mainly because we are so wonderfully complementary.

It is true what the proverb says: opposites attract.

While I sometimes do not know what to do, you are my resting pole.

It's nice to come home after work and I know that you are already waiting for me in our apartment.

It is nice that I no longer have to eat alone and can talk with you.

In addition, our emotional world fits wonderfully.

Often I catch myself as I think something (for example about the coming weekend or a visit to the zoo with you)

and you take me almost the word from the mouth.

About such trifles I am immensely.

Thank you ... that you are in my life. I love you above all.

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