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Feelings from the heart

I try to write the following words to you with all my heart,

even though I know that words can never express what a person feels.

My feelings and emotions for you are way too big,

far too diverse to be able to put them into simple words.

Nevertheless, it is much easier for me to write them down in peace,

away from your presence, which makes me forget everything and not make a clear thought.

Since you entered my life, everything has changed.

I would never have thought that anyone could disturb my thoughts and emotions.

At the beginning there was euphoria, passion and fascination,

as I have experienced it with no other human being.

Whenever I saw you, the roller coaster raced inside me again.

Every word, every gesture, and every smile between us was like an old-fashioned love story,

and yet it was completely new to me.

I quickly realized that you were different.

And differently for me, because I believe that together we are something very special.

I do not know if I should believe in souls, but when I am with you,

it feels familiar and right. I hope that I too can be, or ever will be, special to you.

Today I know that I no longer want to be without you.

You have given me far more than a human being can wish for.

I thank the fate, God or chance, that our paths have crossed.

Sometimes I imagined what my life would look like if we had not met.

Every time I think of it, I close my eyes and see your face.

Because I do not want anything else, no world without you and not even the thoughts on it.

I did not know much about love. I know that since I met you.

I thought it was an unbelievably great feeling.

But now I know that it is unconditional attachment to a person who brings happiness to every day.

I thank you for every day with me.

I love you.

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