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The bond between us

Even if you are not near me, you are always upset in my thoughts.

Often I catch myself as I share all the situations that I experience every day with the imagination.

The attraction between us is unique.

It is a band that always unites me with you and gives me a different angle of view.

I am glad that I was able to meet you and that we both discovered our feelings for each other,

which enable us to achieve this fulfilled relationship.

The pain when we have to part is sweet

because I know that the joy of seeing you will be all the greater and

I can always grab the phone if I want to hear your voice.

Even a tainted storm could not break my good humor.

I feel that people around me are looking at me diagonally because

I go through life like a teenager in love.

But if they felt what I feel, they would go the same way.

It is nice that you share my life. I enjoy the bond between us. I love you!

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