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We had a difficult time, a time when both of us were not satisfied, a time when our love and relationship suffered greatly. 

I know I was not always the friend that I should be, I gave and showed you not always the love you deserve,

even my mistakes I could never completely turn off. Despite all the quarrels and the problems, we stayed strong,

our love was stronger than anything else and that's why I know you're right for me.

I do not want a woman with everything that runs perfectly,

which is perfect and no woman who seems perfect. I want you because you get along with my mistakes,

I get along with your mistakes and nobody can separate us. 

Precisely because of the initial difficulties, I know that it is exactly you that I need by my side.

And that's exactly why I want to ask you this one crucial question that will make our love and us both grow closer together.

Would you like to be the woman by my side, who continues to love and cherish me as I always have,

in good times and in bad times?

This love letter / request was written by Daniel Caballero (motivational and relationship coach),

the application was written for Manuel S. from Bonn,

who made a request to his wife with the help of these sentences. 

She said yes! This love letter was born from Manuel's own words.

No words of the world could express what I feel for you and how much I love them,

yet I try to put my love for you into words below.

The very first time I saw you, my pulse increased, my heart raced and I got very weak knees,

from that moment I knew, you are my dream woman and I want to honor you and carry on hands for all eternity. 

I dreamed of you at night and had one or the other sleepless night. 

Even during the day you do not go out of my mind and I find it difficult to concentrate on things. 

I imagine what you are doing, want to know what you are thinking,

what you are feeling and how you are doing. From the time I can no longer be near you it's going to be bad,

I want to be able to smell you, see your beautiful face,

your laugh and just listen to your sweet voice.

You're my number one and I never want to lose you, no matter what ...

And even if the whole world breaks down around us you are the only thing I want, so I can only say:



I am sorry

I'm sorry - I can not breathe when I write these lines, I care what I did to you,

like a stone on my heart. I feel your anger, and to be honest,

I'm totally helpless against her. 

I'm not sure how it happened. I made a big mistake and put your trust in the game.

I have hurt your feelings. I've done something that I never imagined would happen. 

Because since I've known you, I have always wished only one thing:

That I never hurt you, but always to you.

At first, I wished that I could turn back time to undo my big mistake. 

The fact is, I've built a lot of crap, which is now irreversible. 

All I can do is stand up for this mistake and ask your forgiveness.

NAME, I love you goddamn it. You are my great love, how could I do this to you?

Do not we both belong together?

What can I do to win you back for me? 
Maybe you do not want to hear from me for a while? I do not know,

I would like to run to you, hug you and kiss your face. Name, what should I do? I am crying. 
My dearest wish is a fresh start for our love.

I want to take on every fight to regain your confidence. 
I always want to be there for you. 
I wish that the cold gives way between us and love warms us again. 
I will always hope that we both can start over again.

I love you and carry only one request in my heart:

Please forgive me.


I can not stop counting the hours until we meet again. 

Time without you seems so pointless, so empty.

I would like to put into words what kind of feeling you have in me. 

Presumably there are no words for it, because if it existed,

I would certainly be able to find it. But I can not find it.

You are the most important, the most beautiful, the best,

the most necessary for survival, which has ever happened to me in my entire life. 

Without you, my life would only be black and white. 

You bring the necessary color into my everyday life.

A warm red radiance full of hope, undeniably rousing beauty, the beginning of each day. 

Soft gentle dawn envelops my heart, I see at the end of the night in your wonderful eyes.

Those windows to your true self,

whose radiation attracts me insurmountably and makes me feel that we have always been one.

Glistening light. Blinding heat. Peak of the sun in the middle of the time. 
Moments full of life, family, with you.

The heat fades, but calm returns. A serene inner silence filled with security,

as only you can give it to me. You strengthen me, give me strength.

Life without sun. Cold, lifeless and bald.

A life without you, unimaginable agony.

My biggest wish is and has been since we know each other to experience each sunrise with you.

You are my dawn, my sun, my wonderful sunset. 

Round like the sun is now our ring.

Become my life..


Only you

For hours, days, yes felt years, I walk from one room to another and search for the right words, words that meet my feelings. 

I dream of you every night and in the dream it seems very easy to stand opposite you, to talk to you and to tell you what I feel for you. 

But every time I see the white paper and take the pencil in my hand leaves me the courage.

But today I have to confess it to you. 

I can not keep running from window to window, look out and hope that you pass underneath and notice me. 

I can not keep walking through the streets hoping that I'll see you someday, possibly at the side of another man. 

Today I take the pencil in my hand and say to you: I can not think of anything else ... I love you.

Little one

Little One,

You are growing bigger by the day, reaching for the world and the fullness thereof. Your knees are dirty from crawling, your smile wide from discovery. 

And yet, my body is still your cradle and your contentment. When your tummy is full you tuck into the curves and the corners of your mouth turn up in a sleepy smile. We are warm together, breathing together, and your fingers reach for my face to pat their thanks. With a little squeak you settle into heavy limbed slumber. 

After all the motion and commotion of the morning, this is your resting place, and I wrap my limbs around you, inhaling your sweetness.

Who knows how long these cuddles will last? The kind that connect us so intimately and remind us of our shared beginning? This is my resting place too, where life slows and comes into focus, if only for a few moments.

I take your darling dimpled hand, and kiss my thanks.

Dear Arden

Dear Arden,

I saw a picture of you yesterday from three years ago. You were dressed in a pink bodysuit, pink tights, pink tutu, and pink slippers, ready for your very first ballet class. If I do the math, you were only four years old. Your smile showed excitement, and just a hint of uncertainty. You were about to step into something new.

Looking back, you seem so small. I remember someone telling me at that age, to step back and remember just how little “four” is. I’m not sure I saw it then. Not sure I could have seen it. You were the firstborn, the big sister, the first to grow into everything. I remember some of the struggles we had. I remember not knowing what to do. I remember feeling small and unsure. Most of the growing pains were mine.

And I’m sorry, little girl, if I handed you some of my burdens. If I put all the expectations for the success of my parenting on your behaviour. If I tried to mould you, like a lump of clay, into some image in my mind’s eye.

I see your four year old face looking back, or is it forward, at me, and my heart melts a little for all the ways I’m sure I failed you. Forgive me daughter, I knew not what I was doing.

And now you are seven, going on eight. You’ve changed your ballet slippers for shoes with metal soles, and you are tapping and stomping your way through the world. I still don’t know what I’m doing. You are still the first, and everything is new for us!

But maybe I can remember how little you are, even now. I pray I can step back and see you for who you are. I pray I can see the smallness, and enjoy it for all that it is.

And maybe I can drop the burden, and stop using you as a measurement of myself. Maybe I can release the muddy hold, and give you to the hands of the skilled Potter. Maybe we can learn together from our Father what it means to grow, yet keep our childlike hearts.

Let’s dance together, little girl. Let me see you smile.

love Mom


Forgive people and move forward. – Don’t live your life with hate in your heart.

You will end up hurting yourself more than the people you hate.

Forgiveness is not saying, “What you did to me is okay.” It is saying,

“I’m not going to let what you did to me ruin my happiness forever.” Forgiveness is the remedy.

It doesn’t mean you’re erasing the past, or forgetting what happened.

It means you’re letting go of the resentment and pain,

and instead choosing to learn from the incident and move on with your life.

Remember, the less time you spend hating the people who hurt you,

the more time you’ll have to love the people who love you.

The sad truth is, some people will never appreciate you until they have lost you.

People always remember your mistakes,

But no one remembers the good things you have done to them.

True lover usually sees the good things from the one whom they are in love for even if gets hurt too.

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