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There are times distance is a bad thing; the need to be with friends and love ones is strong.

Time seems to make things worst, but LOVE will certainly make it right.

Waste no time on seeking for Love but when Love also knocks at your door,

please don't allow the chance to pass by because true Love is hard to find.

There is a feeling that one gets that makes you not to remember your past or worry about your tomorrow .

A feeling that makes you not to think about who cares for you or to whom do you matter most because time,

destiny and nature prove that all cares beyond reasonable doubt;

because everything is going right because of those around you.

A feeling where distance is just a physical separation but the souls and hearts beat for each other.

That feeling is called LOVE and that's what all my friends showed me today on my birthday.

Words can't express how thankful and grateful I am for having YOU around me.

I can say but only one thing: May we continue to be the best for one another.


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