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The generous table's invitation to adhering its organization "SAP" (Spiritual Awareness Protection)
Hello to everyone, especially to those who respect the reason of their being humans, more frankly speaking, who do not want to lose the fortune of being alive by the infidelity to the creator, and are ready to understand the life mission in order to accomplish it happily before death. Dear sisters and brothers who are loyal to their creator:
I present myself as a public servant of bringing kind peoples together, of course, those who are faithful to their thoughts, and preventers of evil by the practice of spiritual awareness's protection SAP, briefly i mean those who react always under the guard and instructions of the true creator.
Dear proponents of objective meanings :
I remind you that a true Creator is not to gratify any communication done out of respecting the protection of his creatures, above all, out of that which concerns the consciousness of his favorable one, i mean precisely the man's awareness of his relationship with his creator, then I invite you to accept our authentic job with which we can fully accomplish our mission on earth, i mean to satisfy our creator bay SAP which can be done only by preventing whatever he dislike, This is the purpose of our existence! it is the very same which ensures your success in this world and after death.
With SAP, the man really and always wins the true happiness. look that , in fact, we can witness in everyday life that there is nothing which can keep its safety without respecting the reason of its being, any object which does not satisfy its creator will be unhappy and eventually thrown in a bag of trash, look at what happens to a table, for instance, when it loses its capacity to satisfy its creator, the carpenter, who made it in order to satisfy himself .
Dear followers of reality: I'm glad of actual communicative technology , but I am really anxious to see sometimes our faithless brothers at the top of its progress, because they deny the high court after death, they do not fear from the tribunal of doomsday, so nothing of course can prevent them from going to destroy everything for their interests, and they will certainly do everything for their supremacy.
I congratulate all those who develop and use technology to become workers or supporters in SAP's organization, they are cornerstones and backbones of universal peace, and simultaneously I hope for the others, the destructors of spiritual consciousness , or the enemies of SAP, a very soon return to real life which is not at all created without reason, that's to say it is not existed so as to be ended by a burial . Yes, it's totally very ugly to believe that our existence ends so stupidly with death, because it is this very same absurdity that drives many brilliant men to commit suicide! truly It's too painful!
Dear everyone who want the peace, you the proponents of brotherhood: you know that technology means continuous improving of everything in humanity's favor, it enhances the development of tools, vehicles, devices, and all instruments of going ahead in civilization. and that is exactly what must be the duty of all human associative activities including religions. but perhaps you are not aware of the responsible person who applies the results of this progressive technology , whether he is competent and sincere for such responsibility or not .
It is With the technology that we avoid disasters and misfortunes in order to become loyal to our creator, meriting thus the honor of being from his favored creatures . consecutively , we must admit that technology is more important than religiously sacred teachings, because without it we can never achieve the glory of universal peace claimed by all religions. Besides, a man that who stays late in following current life's technical improvements , cannot prove himself useful, finally cannot meet shamelessly the creator.
Dear followers of the truth: in order to make our life appropriate to SAP , we should build it basically by faultless thoughts, but this is not feasible without the help of the creator himself, because there is no man who never mistakes. the creator of the universe is the only one who can qualify it by a perfect book in mentioning it as his universal one of nature, which has no fault at all, and is ready to be read always in everywhere clearly. the creator is the lonely perfect designer whose natural gifts are true guides for learning how to achieve SAP. by these guides he answers the known questions of everyone, especially of those who are still young , not yet defeated by the absurdities caused by their elders: who am i ?
what is the reason of my existence? what is the purpose of my life? and so on ...
Dear proponents of justice! be aware that It is also the creator who has the right to know the true verdict in every juridical problem, in his first appeal to humans, he invites them to work in spiritual awareness protection, this is the just mean to gain his favor which is the real pleasure in life and after death. by this way they become employees for SAP, which makes them it's members who benefit from the proximity of the creator, then they will have no fear of the future, and never suffer from regret due to the past. However the SAP membership turns to nothing if we shut it up in fanatic behaviors or hide it behind religious walls. We must show it through actions that build prosperity across the life constructive links without violence nor selfishness, otherwise we risk losing our faith, and falling unhappy in our life. Fortunately our creator protect us against such incurable evil by ordering us to hold awakened communication with our environment as constant as possible. Nevertheless, we regrettably are not faithful to our creator because we still do not understand that technology is the basis of the true religion and that due to its absence we miss the realization of SAP, which is the witness of fidelity , and the key of our constant pleasure.
Dear followers of humanity: I remind you that our Creator organize the universe by not creating anything without purpose and he hold this organization constantly in security under the name of homeostasis until the end of the world in order to make us happy, but unfortunately the Spiritual awareness destruction (SAD) employees make us sad by applying bad laws to social life in order to satisfy their selfishness.
Dear everyone who feels that he is concerned by SAP: Of course, you have to be aware that the creator's advised religion must be like pure water, works the same everywhere, without any discrimination. We are guests of our Creator in his world of justice, we spend our life for passing a test, in taking the earth like a boat which takes us through death , onto the door of the last court, to show us our final results. Either happy forever, or sad locked in hell until the end of punishment .
Dear truth followers: Be aware that the unavoidable prerequisite to become SAP employees, candidate to succeed and become its members, is to accept the faith's brotherhood which has always showed itself stronger than any other kind of human relationship. That is why in SAP organization all humans are equally noble by Birth, congenitally, and none of them earns any superiority to others . If someone refuses to adapt himself to this divine universal doctrine of equality , he will be condemned to suffer the inevitable conflicts that deprives him from his reason by giving way to the law of the jungle. Everyone can understand a native superiority of a horse to another for example, but if the man struggles for the ownership of such superiority, strictly speaking, such bestiality, he will certainly open the door of constant conflicts and the bloody scuffle will be everywhere as we see nowadays.
A man who accepts a superiority other than his merit of SAP: practically nourishes the tree of discrimination, and thus soils the forehead of humanity. Here we have to remember by sincerity that the work of the true prophets is basically focused on cleaning and protecting the men from this frontal dirt which is nothing other than the ignorance itself.
All the creator instructions have to show that the more respected among human beings is the one who practices SAP more effectively : who struggles the more against all sorts of SAD and particularly against terrorism.
There are, in spite of that, some SAD's soldiers who devise strange terms such as Atheism, laicism, or Nihilism which is , most commonly, presented in the form of existentialism, this one argues that life is so automatically existed without objective meaning, without purpose, or intrinsic value! such device's owners try to fish in troubled water, but they must know that nothing can disturb the purity of the creators advice for SAP, and that their invented terms prove really the illness of their vision, they suffer from photophobia and try to shame the light of sun.
Therefore, following the invitation of the creator, and in the rays of his justice, we must live together like brothers and sisters without idolizing such person nor subjecting another among us. Really, the acceptance of this invitation is the unique path that leads to our true happiness.
Dear everyone who wish to be happy: The Creator show miraculously that he creates nothing without a purpose in order to make you happy. That's why he has put all things as slaves in your service, and he create in you as instinct the willing to respond the good by the best. Thus nobody can be happy if he does not satisfy his creator by thinking for others, and he fells unhappy as soon as he deviates to follow his selfishness, Indeed all things are necessarily programmed to achieve the goal of their beings in order to remain in peace. If for example a lamp begins to lighten no more, pretending to be just only for decorating, it will certainly be thrown into the garbage, and of course , it is so finished because lightening is it's reason of being, This is a divine law applied to all beings in the universe, but only the mankind is involved by its menace because the other creatures who have no choice like him, are existing just for following quietly their nice destinies.
Dear sisters and brothers : Our creator has defined the well-being of each thing by clear boundaries, not to be crossed. Everything knows obviously its limitations, and the necessity to respect them, but as you can guess, there is only the human beings, who exceed their limits by disobeying the orders of creator, and so the evil begins punishing them by SAD.
in summary, mankind is destined to organize himself in SAP in order to be happy, exactly as in the example of the lamp, he is to illuminate around him by SAP, with the acts illustrated by the experimental science and ordered by the creator. Therefore if we do not meet the goal of our being human we will never have the happiness, and we will sooner or later suffer a fate worse than that of a lamp which lightens no more. In the end, this is the message I wish to convey to everyone, like the fruit of my life which is thoroughly spent in intellectual works: it is SAP, the key to happiness, and that the technology, without it, can be nothing other than a calamity which must be prevented urgently.

Far Love

It is the best to love someone when he is far and

Craves to be with him. Don’t  love anyone

Who is close,

So,  he doesn’t even think about you and to be with you.

Smart people

I  think everyone  should be a worker during schooling then continue his studying.

İn this case he will understand the value of the school.

Then he can be famous and rich and do everything what he wants,

And he ever dreamed.

He will understand that why he lives in the world.


He will ensure justice over the world..

Your way

If you don’t  attend a trade and make your way in this world through working and thinking then maybe you will say that to yourself  

I  went to a university of life not the university.
In this world many people have  success stories who become rich and famous and powerful from attending a university of their lives.

If anyone drop out of school then he will  stop his schooling and leave.


Later he will work something else that he is good at. 
He dropped out of school at twelve years of  his age to learn how to make handbag  and now he owns a factory.

Nobody can live in two widely separated regions simultaneously ,
I mean that the same individual cannot be found in London and Paris at the same time! but all ancient religions make easily their adepts live in two different worlds, separated in time and place, at the same moment, and thus push them to fall in dangerous psychological diseases. Now everybody can expect that the bad effects of such religions in our vulnerable modern life, full of rivals, will put disorders everywhere, and i think that they are the worst enemies ever seen against mankind, and ISIS is an example.


All mothers are  women like Angel.

They gave us life and Nurtured us and

Dressed us and Taught us and

Held us and  kissed us and shouted at us.

But Nicest  fighted against everything for us unconditionally.


There isn’t anything to explain and describe how mothers .

Just how important mothers are to us,

I guess everybody wants to be with his mother in heaven too..


Mothers deserve be in heaven  I Love You.

My Mother

When my brother was seven years old,

our mother always told him that

Happiness is the key to life and to live.

When he went to school,

everybody asked him what he wanted to be, when he grew up,

he wrote down happy and happy

They told him we didn’t understand what he meant.

And he told everybody


You didn't understand how to live and this life.


The real cure of all our diseases.

Today the religion everywhere, sincerely speaking, doesn't correspond the divine manners ; simply because the true way to build the relationship with the creator is deviated from the right one. Now the question is what is the right approach to recognize the above mentioned true way? of course, our guide cannot be other than our mind, consecutively , the unique approach must be the study of the creatures which will talk about the definition of our common creator, then we will see clearly the right way which is necessary to build a suitable relationship with him , and finally the religion which corresponds his divine manners will be evidently found , doubtlessly it will be universal, prosperously productive, peaceful, thoroughly consisted from justice, freedom, and equality . it will be like the pure water which irrigates all botanic roots without distinguishing between them, I mean that the true religion will apply exactly the same instructions in dealing with human beings, there will be no more mindless approaches or superstitions , no more sacred persons, no more bibles, no more sacred soils, no more sacred times, and so on until the end of the criminal list ! consecutively love will surely grow everywhere in the world...

Wait for her

Wait for her who pursues me,
she will make an ordinary moment seem magical,
the kind of her who brings out, the best in me and makes me want to be a better human;
the only girl who will break everything to be with me at any time.
She will make me happy like no body else  who never had.
Wait for her, she  wants to show me off. to the world that is because they are so proud of me.
And all of them,
wait for her who will make me a priority, that is because that’s where I belong.

A Professor

I had the honour to meet a doctor, a professor, a philosopher and a saint in every sense of the word today. My two hours chat with him made me have a broader understanding of the nature of mankind, nature itself and most importantly the religion. I understand that people have to forget their past, live their present and expect the future.....

All you need is chat with him and I assure you, there won't be an iota of doubt in you; on any topic.
May Allah continue to bless him.

Hoben in Kurdish language  is Hello , it's to say that love may bind us together , thus Mankind's literature will be more rich if kurdish politik leaders accept it instead of saluting each other in any stranger language

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