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I know it was a mistake just to go like this. The whole fight, as it came, you must know,

I absolutely did not want! We've seen each other too little lately and it's a pity. 

I am writing you this letter because I feel the urge not to leave you alone with these problems. 

Likewise, you do not deserve that I have constantly complained about such stress situations as we had before. 

I am really very sorry. And I wish for each other nothing else than that we can sit back together and talk about it openly. 

You must know that I love you with all my heart and I regret it as it was the last time. 

Of course you also have bad days, but in my opinion, the positive prevails in the end. 

So far, we had such a nice thing in common that I would never want to miss again. 

Do you remember when we got to know each other then and

you said to me that we were making a pretty dream couple and my reaction was that I just kissed you. 

Because I never dared to agree to you as you told me. 

I am glad that I have you and I want nothing more than to have you by my side forever. 

I miss you and hope you give us both a new chance. 

In love I am glad that I have you and I want nothing more than to have you by my side forever. 

I miss you and hope you give us both a new chance. 

In love I am glad that I have you and I want nothing more than to have you by my side forever. 

I miss you and hope you give us both a new chance. In love

I'm sitting here in the office and can not stop thinking about you. I still feel your tender touch,

smell your delicate fragrance and suddenly I realize that not you but my boss is behind me. 

For a moment I am torn from my most beautiful dream, but after 5 minutes my boss is gone and you are back. 

Every minute, every hour, every day I think of you. 

I carry you in my heart and firmly believe in eternity with you. 

Every second I'm allowed to spend with you is like a miracle to me. 

I want it to never end and we always love each other like the first day. 

Everything about you is just perfect, how you walk,

how you dress and how you talk to me. Every word is filled with love and warms my heart,

over and over again. How nice would it be if you were my boss and we were here together. 

I wish it so much! But I think I have to wait until evening, but then, full of yearning for you,

I will melt in your arms and show you how much I love you.

I have known you for some time and we have always understood each other well from the beginning. 

What surprised me is that I immediately felt comfortable with you and we went through thick and thin together. 

Actually, I just wanted to be a good friend for you, because you were and are important to me. 

We laughed and cried together,

went out with more and more time and just talked about everything

and helped us with problems as if we have known each other for a lifetime. 

Now I want to confess to you that for some time I have felt more for you and did not want to believe it myself. 

I thought a lot about you. But I have to confess my feelings to you now. 
I love you.

You may be surprised by these three words but rest assured I am very serious with you. 

Yes, I really want to build a future together with you and yes, I want to be with you forever. 

My wish is to make you happy as well as I can. 

Your style, your laugh and the way you give yourself is exactly what I was always looking for. 

Believe me please my heart belongs to you.

The day I first saw you made me feel warm. Since that moment, you have not left my head. 

I remember your first words today. I already knew then that we would both belong together - forever.

There was not a day when I did not have to think about you. 

Every day I hoped to hear from you, to see you. Feeling again, kissing, caressing.

The look in your faithful eyes made my heart beat faster. Time stood still at our first kiss. 

I was so warm hearted as never before. The feeling of security I did not know before. 

No one else could soothe me inwardly as you do with your mere presence.

Today I know I can not live without you anymore. It's easier for a couple. 

You give me strength and support in all situations. 

Always there when I need you. 

One look is enough and you know exactly what I need,

what I miss and what I want. Nobody knows me as well as you my darling.

My dear darling, is the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I would trade you for nothing in the world. You are my life and my survival elixir. 

You're the reason it's worth living for.

I love you with all my heart my sweetheart - forever and ever! Until death do us part!


I'm sorry

I know what I did to you. Surely you are reading these lines and you are thinking: Yes, yes, he has already said that. 

He does not mean that. But my love believe me, I'm sorry. 

I'm sorry about what I did to you. I'm sorry you can not trust me anymore. 

And I am also sorry that I hurt so much. It would be wrong to say that I did not want that. 

In this one, short moment I wanted it already. But only a short time later my brain answered and I realized what I did to you. 

I risked our love for a short adventure. When I realized that, my heart was broken.

I knew how much that would hurt you. And I was afraid that you would leave me now. 

That was my biggest fear. Because honey, you have made my life better. Through your love,

I felt secure and had an incentive to become a better person. 

Now, without you, a great emptiness is spreading in my life.

There is no one left who laughs with me. He likes the same things as me and hates the same things. 

At night no one clings to my shoulder anymore. Our shared bed is now a cold and lonely place. 

Only now I realize how well we fit together. How well we complemented each other.

I know that I can not undo what I did. I also know that I can not make amends for my mistake. 

What has happened has happened. But believe me, I regret the infidelity wholeheartedly. 

No woman can give you the water. Even if my heart always knew that, it probably needed this mistake,

so that my brain understands it.

That's why my heart: Forgive me, if you can. That's certainly not easy for me. 

But I hope that you too are still attached to us. We are such a good team. I love you. 

You did not stop loving me too. Remember all that we have experienced together. 

What connects us. Give your heart a jolt and give me another chance. 

Because I can only say it over and over again: I love you.


My beloved

Love ...

This is currently your second letter from me. And again and again I find something to tell, say or get rid of.

Today I want to tell you something. Something strange but beautiful happened to me today. 

You know that all along I felt that all this was a dream. 

But it has become so clear to me just now. It's all real, we write,

I'm yours and you're mine. To experience this feeling again is simply beautiful, indescribable. 

I think you know what it feels like to have someone you can be sure he's always at your side.

And no matter what happens, you hold together. Sooner or later. 

You can be sure, with this person everything is safe and in good hands. 

This person would never wish you bad, neither in good nor in bad times. 

That's how I feel about you, safe, secure and loved. 

I love you so much and I have to admit,

I fall more and more in love with you. You are just a wonderful person for me. 

Something I have never had before. Something that is irreplaceable. 

Someone for whom I do not need a replacement because he is always there for me.



The following words I write to you from the bottom of my heart. 

I know that my words do not express what I feel for you. 

The feelings I have for you are too big. And it's hard to put them in simple words. 

Nevertheless, I try it - in peace and far from your presence. When you are with me,

I forget everything around me and no longer think clearly.

When I saw you for the first time, my life changed completely. 

I never thought anyone could mess up my thoughts and feelings like that. 

From the beginning I felt euphoria, passion and fascination. 

I have never felt such a thing for another person. 

Every time I see you, my heart races like a roller coaster. 

Each of your words, your gestures and your smile feels so familiar. Still, it's new to me. 

I quickly realized that you are something special - not like the others. Since I know you, I believe in kinship.

I know that I do not want to be without you anymore. 

I did not know much about love before. I thought it was a great feeling. 

Now I know that it is an unconditional bond that brings happiness to my heart every day.

Love of my life. You are the most valuable in my life besides the children. 

You are my life! Can you still remember how we met? My doctor urged me on a vacation. 

There was someone on my floor who was also very lonely and had an immense desire for children. 

I knew that she could not give me the feeling I longed for, but at least save my life by not being alone anymore. 

But I was not enough, was rejected. As a good friend, however, I was good. A few days later,

I saw you for the first time. In the smoking area. You sat shyly on a bench diagonally opposite and smiled. 

I knew from the first moment that you could give me the feeling that I need like air to breathe. It was love at first sight.

The previous injuries finally ended my life. 

I did not want and did not need another injury this time for final,

play it safe to put an end to it. I could not dream that a woman like you could be interested in me. 

We made friends, spent a lot of time together,

but I did not want to get hurt again and kept up the illusion of falling in love with the other one. 

Although my heart hung on you from the first glance. I did not need more injury. 

My decision was clear: the day before the end of the holiday the train did not drive,

because I would throw myself in front of it. And then ...

Before the weekend before the discharge, you stood in the smoking area with tears in my eyes in front of me.

"I fell in love with you, but you love the other!" That phrase saved my life. 

We drove over to you over the weekend and I revealed my feelings to you without ever realizing how it really was (I still do not know why). 

You think until today that you were second choice for me. 

You were the first! The first choice for me. The first, which I loved and which also returned this love. 

The greatest luck on earth. And since then I have been able to feel the "feeling" every day. 

Finally, I could breathe permanently. Life. 

I had a life for the first time. And in addition, my wishes,

dreams and hopes for my own family were fulfilled. You said, "You do not need anyone anymore. 

I'm your family! "And I was only too happy to get involved with that. We were very special. 

Have given us strength (but also cost strength). Only the demons of our past stood in our way. 

We went through a lot and had some bad times. 

However, the beautiful and happy moments always rejuvenated them.

Hugely alone helps to drive away any evil thoughts. 

I never told you how important you are to me. How valuable. 

How much I appreciate you and what you do for me.

And I'm so sorry.

Can you remember our first holiday at the sea? 

The bike tour in late April? Bathing with cap! 
Or the short trip to Kiel when I surprised you with Denmark? 

You were crying with happiness. 

Or our vacation in the old school? The beginning of our first great miracle ...

The episode: the birth of Marianne *. Our greatest luck. 

Many beautiful moments with Marianne *. This happiness is crowned by the birth of Joshua *. Our family was complete.

But everyday life caught up with us. The stress with the community has also made everything more difficult. 

How could I just let you move farther and farther away from me, make it so easy for you ?! You, the most valuable in my life. 

I was a fool and an egoist and never want to be. If only you take me back, at any cost. 

Let me be home, take care of our home. Let me be with our children, take care of our children. Let me love you,

take care of our love and show you how much love we have.

We have changed so much through us. Mostly for the better. 

That too has been especially between us.

How do you imagine a future coexistence? Under what circumstances will we find a way back to us? 

Do not just let us try each other again. 

Let's do it right this time. 
Let's go through life together, because this time I will do it right and to your satisfaction. 

Your luck is the most important thing to me. I want you and I want to have the kids around me. Every day, as a real family.

You have not given us up yet, otherwise you would not have tried to get a vacation spot in our pension. 

Let's do this vacation. No matter where, main thing as a family. 

I know that you still love me, because love does not pass. At most, they are closed. 

Believe me one last time and let me help you find the key to your heart. 

Let us go on together to love the children.

It's Christmas. 

The time of miracles. 

Let our miracle happen. 

Let's be a family again. 

Better than before. 


Estimated value. 


In eternal love

No matter how you decide,

I wish you all the luck of the earth and would like to be part of this happiness.

On the cover I wrote:

Every word comes from my pen, my head, my heart.

Now our evening together is already a few days ago, but my thoughts and feelings are still upset. 

My heart beats faster when I think of your smile. 

Especially your eyes radiate so much heat that every ice begins to melt instantly.

The saying goes that every woman has her secrets. Whether that also applies to you? 

I have the impression of being able to read in you like in a book - even if you decide for yourself which page will be opened next. 

At that time I was allowed to start with a beautiful blurb. Although I'm not really a big reader,

you've shown me one thing: the best stories are not a series of letters.

So I read every day in your heart, in your soul and more often in your thoughts. 

Often we think the same thing at the same moment, even if we are many miles apart. 

I am sure that such a form of telepathy will not work without real, honest love. 

It feels so good to know you, even if I do not see you right now,

do not hear your voice and have not received any new messages on your smartphone from you.

Which chapter, which side will expect me tomorrow? On which line do you pay particular attention to me? 

I thank you for every single part of the story, even if it should be slightly more digestible.

If we continue to write together in the future, perhaps an infinite story could turn out to be. 

I'm ready - you too?

Words are easy to pronounce, but a letter to you, a real love letter, well, it's not that easy for me. 

And that's why I'm trying now to put my deep feelings on paper for you. 

You'll smile now and think why this effort. 

A spoken confession of love is also something nice when it comes from the lips passionately. 

But read for yourself what I have to say to you, which is deeply moving from my heart to your soul.

You are the sweetest person I have to think about around the clock. 

Day and night you are with me and if not real, then in my imagination and in my dreams. 

You are just something very special and if I had the talent,

I would write you the most beautiful love poem of all time. But humble as I am,

this letter will also be proof of my deep love for you. If you are not there, I look forward to our next reunion. 

Sometimes I can not wait and try to distract myself somehow. 

But that is usually lost love trouble, because I would rather many things with you experience together.

Often the time passes before we meet again, just too slow. Then I get impatient and I could do magic,

on the spot you would stand in front of me. You are certainly similar, right? 

And if you really stand in front of me and look at me so lovingly,

I can only say: "I love you!"

In deep affection,

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