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o   If a person wants to be a part of your life, they will make an obvious effort to do so. Think a lot before reserving a space in your heart for people who don’t make an obvious effort to stay in your heart and in your life.

o   Don’t chase anyone anyway, who wants to walk out of your life. There is the door and hell where they want to go. You even hold the door open for them and don’t regret for anyone who doesn’t give you value.

o   Don’t fall in love unless you  know absolutely  everything about the person you  are attracted to.

o   Don’t start a new relationship over unfinished one before you break up, otherwise it will make suffer.

o   Don’t blame anybody before you investigate the causes, the person you blame could be right.

o   Don’t care about those who don’t care about you, and don’t talk to those who refuse talking to you.

o   Don’t forget that the person you insult could be needed by you, you can’t know.

o   Give value to the people who deserve it, and don’t keep who doesn't deserve to be in your life.

o   Try to help the person who is weak on the right way.

o   Don’t beg for anyone to be in your life.

o   Don’t beg for anyone to be in their life.

o   Don’t beg for someone to stay in your life, if they want to be a part    of your life and want to stay then will stay don’t doubt.

o   Decide now to never again beg someone for their love. If anyone seriously wants to be a part of your life, they will seriously make an obvious effort to be in it.

o   Could you not take what you deserve? Then don’t be angry about it, you are not the guilty. The guilty will pay for that on the day of judgement. You only deserve what is better for you and not to suffer for anyone like this. They will be discovered on the day of judgement who the guilty party is.

o   If someone wants to direct you to a wrong way and you realize that then don’t fight with them but keep it at a corner of your mind. Then they will be learned about it by you. You will not trust them without investigating anything what they tell you anyway. In fact everybody will respect you for your knowledge.

o   When you make a decision for  something to do it, then do it if you are sure. Don’t listen to anyone to give up. It is according to your experience. You will succeed if you are experienced.

o   Don’t judge people by their looks. They may not look like they are, or they may look not like they are.  Try to look inside their heart. That is where you will find the real person. Stop judging others by what you see.  They may not look like they appear.

o   When you’re tempted to lose patience with someone, think how patient God has been with you all the time.

o   Spend your time for the people who give you value. If you do that then the people who give you value also will spend their time for you and your friendship will be more improved than before.

o   If you have spent your time for people who you give value and the people have not spent time for you, then leave those people. They can’t be your friends and don’t deserve the value you give and the time you spent for them.

o   I’m writing …

These are miserable days when you feel lousy, grumpy, lonely  , and utterly exhausted.
Days when you feel small and insignificant, when everything seems just out of reach.
You cant rise to the occasion.
Just getting started seems impossible.
On blue days you can become paranoid that everyone is out to get you.
This is not always such a bad thing.
You feel frustrated and anxious, which can induce a nail-biting frenzy
that can escalate into a triple-chocolate-mud-cake-eating frenzy in a blink of an eye!
On blue days you feel like youre floating in an ocean of sadness.
Youre about to burst into tears at any moment and you dont even know why.
Ultimately, you feel like youre wandering through life without purpose.
Youre not sure how much longer you can hang on, and you feel like shouting,
Will someone please shoot me!
It doesnt take much to bring on a blue day. 
You might just wake up not feeling or looking your best,
find some new wrinkles, put on a little weight, or get a huge pimple on your nose.
You could forget your dates name or have an embarrassing photograph published.
You might get dumped,divorced, or fired, make a fool of yourself in public,
be afflicted with a demeaning nickname,or just have a plain old bad-hair day.
Maybe work is a pain in the butt.
Youre under major pressure to fill someone elses shoes,
your boss is picking on you, and everyone in the office is driving you crazy.
You might have a splitting headache,or a slipped dish, bad breath, a toothache,
, dry lips, or a nasty ingrown toenail. 

Whatever the reason, youre convinced that someone up there doesnt like you.
Oh what to do, what to do 

1. He feels that she's trying to improve him.

When a man begins to feel that he’s not sufficient,

that his flaws are big, or that he cannot

be himself without judgement, he starts to find the exit door.

Women tend to weaken men by making them their projects.

Albert Einstein said, “Men marry women

and Women marry men with the hope they will never change"

always they are both frustrated.

Men do not change, and no one really needs to

– they only need to discover who they truly are.

A man can grow up and ripe with the help of

a loving and supportive partner.

2. He is intimidated by the woman's success.

In a study canalized by the University of Florida,

men experimentation a huge impact to their self-respect

when their female partners experimentation success,

even when they are not in direct competition.

A woman’s success also blows

in a negative demeanor how

the man views the future of the relationship.

If the man has not been able to obtain

the success he feels he merits,

this is a pivotal reason for him to leave the woman.

He can't to join her in her success because

he is comparing his comparison

3. She nags all the time.

Men can region out a woman’s voice most of the time.

unhappily, the constant nagging and belittling

can take a toll in a relationship.

Men may play like children, but they arn't kids.

They do not tolerate the constant whining and complaining.

Men need to feel to appreciate.

Nagging forms a negative habit

that finally is disregard and avoided.

It adds to negative strengthening

which becomes passive aggressive.

4. lack of sincerity.

Believe it or not, men to crave sincerity just

as much as women.

But, if a man has to implore for

it while the woman holds it pledge

to get him to do things, he may leave the relationship

to seek that connection with someone else.

A man will not stand by too long with

a woman who will not participate

in sincere encounters with their partner.

A man falls in love with a woman for many reasons,

but he also needs to feel

that he is the most attractive person in her life.

5. She collation him to other man..

There is nothing more annoying

to a man than listening to a woman

talk about past relationships.

When the woman starts to compare him to an ex,

that’s the beginning of the end.

Men do not want to analyze their partner’s past.

A man wants to believe he is the only one

that matters right now.

He doesn’t want to hear that a previous lover

did this or that. He wants to know

that what he is doing right now is enough.

6. Sentimental dependence

Men need their space.

A man doesn’t want to be treated as a property.

Men need their friends.

Men do not like to feel like babysitters.

When a man begins to feel that he has lost his

freedom to participate in sports,

outings or social gatherings with his friends,

the man will leave. A healthy relationship requires

that both parties have their own set of friends and hobbies.

Co-dependency tarnishes the spark of a relationship.

Men don’t over analyse this.

It is a feeling of beingconfined.

The moment they feel like

their lives have strongly been highjacked,

that’s when they break up.

Men really fear losing their freedom.

Men love women.

They fall in love with the expectancy of being appreciate,

respectabled and supported.

When he no longer feels like he is the hero of the story,

he will make a solemn resolution

in changing his relationship situation.

Mind = life

I always think of so many things at this stage of my life, and I'm looking for concepts related to accept worse conditions of coexistence between people in this area to be a beacon of science and knowledge. Inconceivable that there is a big difference between the people in this state of mind common to all people. So it is not hard to develop and grow our minds with what is best.
Why we love begorra always in everything. God gave us a mind enough for him, and left us with a choice between good and evil.
We must preserve this grace from evil. It's simple (just use your mind in facilitating life matters)

My dream

I read the Professional school of co-ordinated tekniks
i have chosen it because i adore the computer as will as it is in side pieces how is it made and what does it contain
i am eager to know how does is work and what does it contain
i wonder how all that we use fonctions so that i wish to program in near future in this domain
i imagine a lot of realisations
i hope to realise my dreams and due to the fact which Show that everything begins by imagining
i believe that i shall arrive to fulfil my projects.

She is not a desperate romantic waiting

for a million minor butterflies to palpitation

in her heart. She does not look for stationary caution.

She seeks one who will understand

the confusion in her heart. She wants

one who will understand that love

does not require you to be together at all times.

She wants to go to sleeping with facilitate

cerebration that her love belongs

to the right wight; she wants

to wake conversant one will holding her,

all time she is melting down. She just wants one

to love honestly and be fully enderfendet;

she wants one to love her bare soul.

She could feel the pain in her heart physically. He will never come for her. She continued to walk down the path which lead to nowhere, surrounded by huge trees, it was dark and shady, but she could feel none of it. Her head was pounding and her heart beating so loudly that she could hear it.

‘I will die, my heart will stop… he will not come. He doesn’t want me any more. I shall die.’

She blabbered whatever came to her mind.
It was almost an hour now. She had been walking away from the house, as far as she could go. It was past midnight, there was no sign of life around her, no human, no bird and not even the tiniest creature one could imagine of. It was pitch black. All that she could hear were those ugly and horrible words he had said to her before.

“Go away, leave me alone. I don’t want you anywhere near me. just go and never return. I SAID GET OUT!”

She tried to persuade him and told him how much she loved him, but he would not hear a word she had to say. but she loved him and would love him all her life, a life which had no meaning now.

Somebody called her from behind. She stopped for a second and turned around, only to find that nobody was there.

“Rihan is it you?” She called out, but got no response.

“I knew. I knew you will come for me. I knew you will not let me go. Where are you? Why can’t I see you? Please don’t play such games right now!”

She stood there like a statue, waiting for him to come out of the hiding. Those few seconds turned into a few minutes when she realised that there was nobody.

“How could I be so stupid? He will not come. He will never come!”
Few tears dropped down from her weary eyes. Those were the last tears which she shed for him before she collapsed on the ground. Nobody was there to save her. She had doomed herself in mental desolation. Her body finally gave up and she lied on the ground like that for hours.


‘How could she do that. How dare she do that?’
He was sitting in the dining room. Exhausted and frustrated with his wife.


Went another vase, crashing down the hallway. It was the third one that he had thrown since she had left.
He stood up and walked towards his bedroom, unaware that something special awaited him. As he opened the door, a melodious song started to play on the music system. It was the tune of his favourite song, he could recognize that easily.

‘What the hell?’
On entering the room, he found it decorated with rose petals and candles. It was lovely.

“Pretty isn’t it?” It was her voice. She had tape recorded it earlier.

“Rihan, I know that both of us were married against our wishes. You wanted to marry your ex-girlfriend, and I always wanted a love marriage. You had to forget Ananya because of the new beginning with me, but I guess, We never had a beginning. All was in a hustle and none of us got a chance to sit down and talk things out. Today is our first marriage anniversary. I had wanted to say something to you, Rihan. For the past month, I have been waiting for this to happen. I didn’t want to be the first one to say this, but then either of us had to.
I LOVE YOU RIHAN. I really do. Do you?”

She stopped speaking. Rihan was in a shock. He couldn’t think of anything. what had happened a few minutes ago had just evaporated from his mind. All he could concentrate on was her voice.

“Of course I do!” He uttered with a faint smile.

“Then what are you doing standing here? I am waiting for you in the lawn. Go run! and tell me that you love me too!” It was the recorder again.

He rushed downstairs, and towards the lawn. He still didn’t remember that he had told her to leave him alone forever.

“Siya?” He called for her, when the harsh realisation dawned upon him.


“Getup Siya! You have slept for three straight hours!” Rihan shouted at her.
She opened her eyes slightly.
“Rihan? Did you come for me?” She murmured.

“Yes I did!  Getup fast! We are getting late. Don’t you remember, today is our second marriage anniversary?”

“Second?” She looked around and found herself in the bed. It was late afternoon. The clock had just struck five.

“Yah! come on hurry up now! everybody is waiting for us!” He insisted.
“Was that a dream then?” She sounded confused.

“What dream?” He asked her.
“No, nothing! I’ll get ready!” She tried to forget about it and move on.

“Tell me. What was it? And why are you crying?” He was worried, he hadn’t noticed her eyes before, they were red and wet. He sat near her and hugged her as tightly as possible.

“I don’t remember what exactly happened, but we were fighting. Then, you… you told me to get out of the house and leave you forever. It was dark outside, I was walking and then I fainted.”

She had begun speaking with a soft tone but when she started remembering what it was actually like, she couldn’t control her tears.

“Siya… It’s fine… don’t cry! it was just a dream! I promise that will never happen with us in real. Tell me what else happened?” He wanted her to share it with him.

“You were throwing vases! I guess you broke all of them! And then you went to the bedroom.” She continued.

“And then? Tell me. Were you on the bed waiting for me? Did I come terribly close to you? Could I hear your heartbeat? Then did I make love to you? And did I tell you that I loved you? and..and..” He teased her.

“No stupid! I wasn’t there! You had told me to leave. Didn’t I tell you?
Anyway, remember our last anniversary? When I had recorded that tape for you?”

“How can I for forget that? And you were there in the lawn! It was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened with me!” He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Hmm… It was like that only, but I wasn’t in the lawn. And that’s all I remember!”

“All right. It was a silly dream! What were we fighting about anyway? Must be a terrible one!” He asked.

“Well, that is the weirdest part. We had run out of toothpaste and we were fighting about who was responsible for it!”
Both of them laughed for a few seconds.

“You are so adorable and funny Siya, and that’s why I love you so much!” He kissed her again and the following night was one of the most memorable nights for them

My heart , enough sorrow and pain
I told you before that. this road is difficult
Yes you are not subject to the experience of love
And imagine that . The way of love nice , long and it smell all types of roses,
and did not know that - the secret love -difficult way
you will always feel lonely and longing
yes the love ; no marriage or having children
that honesty of feelings and sacrifice for love
,,,,, M.A ,,,,

I was tired while pampering my heart for last 30 days. “Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi…” Was the perfect suitable song for my heart which wasn’t in a mood to mercy me. I many times instructed him to be a loyal with me. After all, I was his owner for last 24 years, but now it was started beating for that unknown stranger.
But my efforts goes in vain and at last, I drafted a loving matter in my mailbox and hit CTRL + ENTER. The recipient was a super beautiful girl of my office. The mail was undoubtedly courageous because I sent this mail from my official email id, which means I could penalized if she wanted. Last 30 days I was just staring her from corner of my eyes. The beauty of her was like having an ice cream in wind.
It was realization to my heart about the word LOVE. Love cannot be defined. Like tears are flowing down from my eyes and melting before they could drop down.
Whenever I saw her, I thought like her mere eyes are silently whispering something meaningful to my lonely heart. Her humble eye reflection was enough to keep me mum. That one moment, when our eyes were clashing each other, was taking me away from this cruel world.
This was never happened before…!! I was living in this world but was taken away by her.
Her silence and shied smile was forcing me just to think about her for a while. “Why I am not able to make courage to talk to her?” The question was creating a pain in my heart and bouncing to the brain. “Sometimes smile & silence is better than words.” The answer was giving me empathy.
I had surrendered my breath towards her decent and gentle image. I was becoming her slave.
Her neatly arranged hair was flowing with the direction of air, hiding her face & then her baby fingers were rearranging them in regular intervals. Her fingernails were colored with nice red color nail polish which was matching her brunette innocent face. This was ever wonderful scene I saw in my life.
I could realize those invisible tears in her silent eyes, it was something like, those tears are eagerly waiting to come out from pair of her eyes shifting downside towards the way of her soft chicks but her lips were hiding inside her heart. She was hiding her sorrow and pain to everyone but I was realizing it.
Her lips were perfectly matching with her blossom face, like someone is watching red rose on green trees in the fresh morning. Eyes were similar to the silent mid night sky having small stars.
I hardly make courage to look into her round and attractive eyes, but her absence was making me uncomfortable and increasing my beats rapidly.
I was in a deep love, and the reason was unknown, “Friendship is the first and only step you must take.” The thought came into my mind.

Your Mother's always with you

She is the mutter of the leaves as you walk down the street,

she is the smell of specific foods you remember,

flowers you pick, the smell of life itself.

She is the chilly hand on your brow when you are not feeling well,

she is your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day

She's the sound of the rain that numbs you to sleep

the colors of an iris, she's Christmas morning.

Your mother lives inside your laugh

She is the place you came from, your first home,

and she is the map you follow with every step you take

She is your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy,

but nothing on earth can separate you

Not time, not space, not even death


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