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         written by Hikmet Tekin

I want to tell you an interesting love story that passes by.

I was going to University 2. This is the youth.

Time is for me to be one of the greatest journalists of my future

It was as if I was passing by.

Time was passing, I would prefer to play ball, and chat with friends

and wander in our university and among the trees more than lessons,

But I confess, especially the changes in the spring months,

I watched the greens in the eye of the great journalist who will come.

You will have the ability to cook and you will see the beauties of nature - the ladies -

You will not fall in love with poetry, will you?

"The student will know from his photocopy",

"Non-photocopy student without fruit

Heavily similar "

A month before the visa period according to student proverbs

To find and receive photocopies of notes of the lessons we have seen

I went to a copy shop.

The copy shop would sell almost all of our courses

Copies and photocopies of his notes during the period.

While I was there, I got a copy of a lesson

There was a girl who asked if she had a photocopy.

I saw the girl was very upset when she learned that she did not have that grade in the shop.

The feelings of helpfulness inside me were swollen. I must mention that it is usually pretty

I am always helpful to the ladies.

I turned the girl and asked that:

  • "I suppose you study at the Faculty of Communication," I said.

  • - "Yes," she said.

  • - "The newspaper types we saw last year

  • Photocopies

  • They are still standing.

  • I can assure you if you want, "I said.

  • - "Oh, will it not bother you?"

  • - "I do not think so," I said.

Then we went out of there talked together outside while wandering.

On the way she said her name: was Rose

anyway, we met.

I gave her class notes in the next day. She was very impressed with me.

Like a cup of water drink .

Sure, it may have been so to me that it affected me a lot.


whenever Rose sees me then she comes to me and talks with me

because of my helpfulness then later I introduced her to my friends.

We were very sincere anymore. But I had fallen in love with her

and I didn't know what to do in this situation.

I would think during days but I couldn't decide

whether I might propose a friendship or not I didn't know that

whether she would suppose that

wrong thought I wanted to take an advantage of her for the helping.

I did not think much about it. Finally,

I decided to announce my love to her by letter.

I sat down for this purpose and wrote a fancy love letter.

"This letter every time my heart is trying to warm

the cold walls of where I live

I am writing at the temperature that reminds me of the name.

These lines I try to write in a melancholy are the words

of my struggle for my loving heart to catch the happiness

of love and perhaps buried in a mysterious love mood.

If I say that I wipe out my dream that I dreamed of as beautiful as that angel.

I wonder if the question comes to mind. Is that not a pity?

If I forget that I feel about you like nothing happened

whether I can go beyond the last I spent that much time?

Like a bird caught to get rid of slaughter, the beating of my heart,

Whenever my face gets red and my behaviors and feelings

and my excitement my attitude my tremor against you give me a huge fear

to be discovered my secret love against you by you. Is it unbelievable?

If I will have to forget my love even if such a thing is possible

I probably will not be able to take off my heart and can not stop it

then will have to burn for long time in darkness.

Although I appear as a very faceless, person who can express everything very comfortably

I actually felt the need to express my love in writing as a shy person who hesitated

even to express his love and feelings towards you.

A closest friend of you.

After I wrote the letter with a typewriter, I placed in an envelope.

While chatting in front of the school with friends they are among the sink

I went to her class on the pretext of going and put the grade into the agenda of Rose's lecture notes,

and I started to wait for the end.

The next day, as she went to the kitchen in the main building of the university,

she came close to me and said:

  • "I'm going to tell you something as a secret, but please it must remain between us.

I am only telling you because of the sincerity between us,

"she said and continued"

So, a crazy man has sent me an absurd letter” she said.

  • "has he made a joke in the letter?" I asked.

  • - "I do not know if it's a joke, but the fact is that he says he is in love against me in the letter, he says...

That stupid man has written his love agains me in a very emotional language” she said.

  • I said, "Who is this guy?"

  • - "I do not know, he has not written his name on the envelope!

But I'm trying to make something out of what he wrote.

There are a couple of guesses " when said


  • "Who could be," I asked.

  • - "According to my estimation, one of the guys in our group and ...

Anyway you might learn his name later too and when her other friends came near us

then she stopped talking then started to speak with them.

A wondering started in my mind, whether the guy in her mind was me?

she talked about the letter in order she wanted to find out from my attitudes? does she know the truth?

I am in a very big fear, I don't know whether I should not have written that letter?

If she really have learnt that I wrote the letter and later doesn't talk with me what I will do,

it is a very big stressfull situation.

Maybe I will end up with a friend, as well as the girl I love.

In the meantime, my feelings poked me to write another letter.

This time I would make my feelings clearer.

I started writing again with this thought by going to the typewriter again:

"Rose; Now there are feelings that I want to tell you but I could not say,

I would like to tell you my feelings when we are on the beach and under raindrop we are all wet,

marine waves merging with the seagull sounds that accompanied that exquisite background music.

I do not know if you want to buy anything, at the cost of losing a lot of things, or rather at the cost of your heart.

Know that I am ready to sell you my heart for you.

I wish I could tell my love to you, the feelings I felt when I saw you playing in the corner of the deep in your eyes.

Whether I could tell you?

As humans come and go between the matter and meaning,

like the boat that is released in the sea;

I would like to find myself as a prince in your heart of love, open to love.

I would lile to connect to you and hug forever.

The dream is even more real and beautiful than the fake life of the life I live in.

I want to end my letter with a beautiful saying that I love:

"Lover, if you are loved and loved"

With my wish you see me as a lovable ...

"One of your closest friends"

Then I put my letter in an envelope and sent to her.

Next day i heard that my grandfather was dead,

I went to airport and continued to nusaybin by plain.

When I returned to the school Rose came to me very fast and said that,

Hikmet do you remember i received a letter last time? Yes I said.

She said i received a second letter and he has written a nice poem, I am impressed a lot.

- "Did you find out who he was?" She also:

- "I thought I had a couple of guesses ...became."

- "Are you sure, who he is?"

- "You can not guess ... Ibrahim!" She said.

I was surprised, "Ibrahim?"

"Of course ... One of the nearest circles, very cuddly,

Who could be the one shameless without the face,

who could express everything comfortably? " She said.

With a stunned, demolished expression:

  • "I'm surprised," I said.

- "Surprised, surprised ... There is more, she said.

When I was sure that was Ibrahim, then I went and told him I liked him.

he was impressed me very much.

Also he is very shy, if i left for him then he would never open his love to me,

and he would not tell me his love ...

That's why I opened it.

Ibrahim said he liked me too,

but the reason of not telling me his love is that he thought

there was something between you and me because of our dialogue with you and our sincerity.

That was why he could not open his love to me.

Can you guess that he had thought there was something between you and me"she said.

I was very surprised. I did not know what to say.

- "I'm happy for you. Finally you have found the writer of the letters so I said, " and later I left there.

The girl I was in love for her and the other side Ibrahim from my closest friends,

I was in a worse situation.

Both of them are the end of my love letters …

I was in a complete collapse, I did not know what to do.

In this case, I did not go to the school for two weeks, I could not even go.

Two weeks later, when I returned to the school,

Rose and Ibrahim came to me for a while. Ibrahim said to me:

"We are taking you to dinner. There is a surprise for you there, "he said.

I said:

- "If it is not today", Rose:

"You have no right to object. Because we've never seen you lately.

You do not even come to the school, "he said, pulling me out from my shoulder

and we went to a restaurant for dinner.

In the meantime, I would like to make jokes as much as possible during our conversation,

I was trying to be.

During the conversation Rose turned to me and said:

- “Ibrahim had told you that we have a surprise and now it is the time to tell you.

Ibrahim and I are engaged.

I could not stand Ibrahim's romantic, emotional letters.

I responded emotionally to him and ...

" Ibrahim joined to the conversation and asked to her,

- "What a nonsense, what romantic emotional letters ... "

I have the opportunity to bring the continuation of Ibrahim's word Immediately

I felt the need to cut the word:

- "So, Rose has discovered your romantic,

emotional aspects of the outsider and has been held to you.

You are very lucky Ibrahim; you should know the value of Rose, "I said.

After the meal, I took a napkin on the table when Ibrahim went to the sink to wash his hands,

and I turned to Rose and quietly:

- "I am writing my feelings on this napkin for this day's memory,

read what I wrote after I went out and then tear off it, okay? "

Rose shook her head with a curious look.

I wrote the poem by dedicating it to her:

Perhaps love is far, maybe near

As you know, you are always in my mind

And to the bottom: "From God to Ibrahim and you a happy home for you

And I wish happy tomorrows. "

" from your closest friends hikmet"

I wrote it on the napkin and put in her hand, when Ibrahim came then I congratulated them and I said

- "I wish very nice tomorrows for both of you two and I continued so,

I have a lot of works when I came with you I forgot them I must go immediately I hope you will understand

then we left the restaurant together after a while I left them together.

After a while I looked back at Rose she was tearing off the napkin and she had tears coming down from her eyes.

When she saw that I was looking at them, he wiped her eyes and started waving her hand at me.

I didn't dare to look back at her again I wiped my tears from my eyes then went from there as fast as I could.

Alex has a gift of God's tax His memory and intelligence can actually hold a very big book by memorizing and can recitation. he has a sharp memory.

When Alex loses his mother and father, he is being taken to the battle of life early.

At this moment, he has a great feeling. It's coming out. It captures the love of his life. For him, even the lack of pays do not matter, he pays everything for his love.

In the end, he and the family meet and the event is becoming official.

They do not want to extend too much.

Life has stopped for him now. Decision is made. Preparations are being made. but engagement night she escapes with an uninhibited police and they throw Alex into the darkness. Alex is searching for them looking every day. Alex wants to find out the cause of escaping. Then he finds them. To learn the cause but the answer is, Alex has a clean stick from the police , it is a beating.

But her answer is the worse and breaks Alex's heart a lot. Her asnwer opens a huge wound in his heart.

The answer suffers the love and loses his mind.

Alex has been taken to the hospital for a long treatment in the soul and the nervous diseases department.

But Alex does not talk to us at all, he just wanders around for hours.

Come time to time Alex's grandparents want a marriage for alex with anyone else in order to help him for his future grandparents take decisions instead of Alex.

What they find is a lady who has completely lost her mind.

It is getting married. Alex is still the same and does not change.

Sometimes he comes to the coffee shop and creates wonders. But he is a dignified father who is constantly staring at the inside and collecting paper now. I forgot to mention it. Born children have a superb intelligence that is a success like winning the university without going to the library.

Everybody wonders what happened with Alex and his old love but a withness among them reveals an evidence and recounts,

when alex found the police and her, they were talking with each other like old lovers Alex surprised and asked her the cause after fighting with the police and beating by the police.

She said that I played a game with you to make my lover jealous .

My unlucky life

Written by Madlin Ali
                                            ** Long story but I'll summarize **

I am 30 years old, I am from Syria. I have a daughter, four years old, and I live with my family consisting of; my father and my mother and my brothers and sisters. I am the oldest of seven. I was married, and I finished the marital relationship because of the mental and moral rewards, and here I want to make one thing clear after my experience .. that we must first before you offer to get married to have a mental parity and also love, because marriage is the conjugal nest warm, based on love and mutual respect between the couple, not the traditional marriage is based on having children only, and I've always been a victim for the happiness of others. After the war I came with my family to Turkey four years ago .. .. I was studying at the University Department of Law third year, and has worked in the field of laboratory tests for six years. I've always aspire to get better grades, of course, in the educational field. Because we in Syria we got support ..and in the first place (scientific Althsali) and now in Turkey, I work in the field of manufacturing women's bags .. because I can not finish my studies here, and the reason for the lack of enough money, and also the difficulty of procedures for entering the university. . I love my job so much in the work of the bags .. a lot of fatigue and insomnia, but when you love something that will give it what it should. Without boredom

Perfect love

This love story circulated almost all the media, the bizarre and unusual events, took place the events of this story Malaysia, between a young man and a girl love each other love terrible has never been seen do not like, and it was these two lovers are working in the studio for photo development, I leave you with events:

((this is the beginning)) was Haman two young loves each other reduce death and they always go together for parks and take from these gardens refuge from the trouble of tiring work weary in that studio and they lived love warmest manifestations in happier moments can no that sets them apart from some of them only sleep and were always snapping photographs of each other in order to preserve the memories of this love parthenogenesis One day the young man went to the studio to acidification some pictures and when he had finished processing images and before leaving the shop arranged everything and put it in place of leaves and chemicals own Balthamid because his lover did not not with him because of the association with the date with her mother, and the next day came the girl to practice in the studio early in the morning and took the acidification pictures but her boyfriend yesterday misplace chemical acid placed over the place is not safe and happened unless account while the girl was engaged lifted her head to take some acid chemical and suddenly acid signed the eye and forehead and happened to come both in the shop hurriedly it was they saw Condition dangerous and rushed transported to the hospital and told her boyfriend so when her boyfriend knew it was known that acid chemical that spilled them is the strongest acids Guo knew she would lose her sight you know, what did I left and tore all the pictures you remember them and came out of the store and did not know his friends the secret of this cruel it went friends to the girl at the hospital to check on her Fujduha are well, the same thing did not happen by and her forehead had surgery on her beauty and returned as they were distinct charming beauty exited the girl from the hospital and went to the shop looked into the shop and tears poured from her eyes when she saw her boyfriend unfaithful, which left a most difficult its tried searching for her boyfriend, but did not find him at his home, but she knew a place frequented by her boyfriend always said the same I'm going to that place may be that I find there I went there and I found it sitting on a chair in a garden full of trees he came up from behind and did not know which was seen by a sigh, because he left in a predicament. . .

At the time the will of the girl to talk to him and stood in front of him exactly. She was crying and it was strange thing is that her boyfriend did not care and did not even have seen You know why you believe it that her boyfriend did not see it because he is blind, has discovered that the girl after her boyfriend got a reclined on sticks Atakta out for fear of falling You know why You know you believe?

Atalmowon why he became her boyfriend Remember the blind when the acid spilled on the girl's eyes?  

Remember the when he tore the pictures that were brought together with each Remember the when he came out of the store and did not know where he went one I went to the hospital and asked her doctor and told him she would be unable to Dr. considering it will become blind.

You know what did the young man?  

I've donated her Bajunh Yes, I've donated her particular preferred to be the blind be his girlfriend is blind We have had a surgical move his eyes have been through them and managed this process and then pulled away her boyfriend her to live her life with another young man can delight, he is now blind would not benefit her something not what happened to the girl when I knew that took place on the ground, which you see blind and had shed tears from her eyes incessantly and walked her boyfriend in front of it, which did not know that girl is crying and went young man accidentally girl and went by way of another darn is it possible to love up to such a degree Does he love this limit


I saw her once at night

Her face gave me much light

I was to go and fight

To keep her in my sight

My heart was stopped at the time when cough you in side.

In ancient times, there was a ruler who had decided to go astride without hesitation, without consulting the other party, without investigating. This ruler was one day wandering in the broad garden of his wife and palace. The court gardener was also doing the gardening. When the gardener saw from the distance that the ruler had come to his side with his lady, he wanted to disappear from the center to disturb her. But wherever you go, the ruler would see himself.

While thinking how to lose it, it came to mind to climb on top of the tree underneath. He immediately climbed a hamlet. It's hidden between your leaves. Will not the King or the lady sit under that tree? The ruling lady was comfortable talking to her husband because nobody was around.

An interim lady stretched over her back for rest. At this time, looking upward, he noticed the gardener among the leaves. He immediately gathered up and shouted with fury: "Am I going to never talk to you in person? Are your men always following us? What does this do not know? "

The monarch was surprised, he could not understand what was happening: "What happened to the King? I did not understand what you wanted. Someone bothered you? "He pointed to the tree with his hand and said:" Do not you see, the man is overheard and he listens to us? "

The ruler saw the gardener when he lifted his head. The voice squealed as much as he could: "How dare you without this Bre den, quick down!" The knee's knee's solved. Eli was not holding his feet. The Dallara had not been able to hold on to it. Pat fell down.

Meanwhile, the men who heard the voice of the ruler came to him. Ruler: "Immediately call me the elder, come!" In the meantime, the gardener who has come to his / her self is standing up. He hugged his skirts and declared his self and demanded that he be forgiven by the ruler. But in vain. The monarch screamed at his men again:

- Where was the executioner, has he not come yet, is this guy still talking?

The gardener said:

- I know, my life is over. How are you gonna kill me anyway. I want to tell you an important tradition before I die. Listen to me what happens. Let me die again, but let me kill you after you have listened. No matter how you listen to me, you will not be harmed. This incident is as important to me as it is to me! .. It is about your life.

The ruler has softened a little. He wondered about this important tradition. How could he relate to his life. No matter how the man is not gonna escape. "I'll listen to what you're telling me after that, and maybe you have something to do with me." Back to the guy:

- Tell me then. But if you want to get away from me and get rid of death, you're wrong, do not try it! He also made a warning.

Gardener began to tell: "King, my father also gardened like a ruler in the garden. He took care of the flowers and the trees. There was a different kind of walnut tree in the palace garden. For every reason, one walnut is grown every year in this tree. But when it came to full ripeness, walnuts disappeared. The government did not have a meal from this walnut. As it continued for three years, the ruler no longer had any patience, and invited my father to declare his order:

- If you have a walnut this year and you can not bring it to me when it matures, you know it will go away. You know that for sure!

My poor father is now on guard at night, day and night. The walnut is lying under the tree. The one eye is constant. Even if I mature, I take off the ruling and I expect death to escape from the stagnation.

Finally it comes time to pick walnuts. My father is not sleeping anymore. Because your head is in danger of going away. One day it looks like it's time for a full break of walnuts. In joy, when it is about to break completely, a crow comes and goes away as if he cuts off the walnut.

My dad runs from behind, screams, but is futile. Looks like an eye walnut is gone. There's nothing he can do anymore. Behind him, "You caused my son to come. And you end up. Do not stay with what you do, "he curses.

This line also looks like a big eagle following a carpenter, his pawl throwing off his carpentry. My dad is called a saddle from below:

- The eagle does not belong to anybody else's. Your end is close. You also entered the queue!

And then he looks at the flier flying in the air, taking a hunter's aim. And the hunter sends the arrow to the cart. Instantly reach the arrow target and drop it to the big-capped pat. Father screams hunting:

- What did you do? Now you're in the queue!

The hunter does not understand much about my father. As I approached my father's handler, I was moving behind him. My dad suddenly started yelling at hunting:

- Watch yourself! Serpent!..

But before the opportunity to figure out what the hunter is, he wandered into the pussy of a big snake's chick and dumped his poison into his fighter's pouch. Then, the curl began to curl away. My father was yelling behind the snake.

- O serpent! Your end is close!

I was not aware of what happened. I am either


I always want goodness for everyone and I would spend money for them when I didn't have money too.

Oneday I met with a doctor who is a poor professor.

I would always visit him and listen to him, he taught us a lot of lessons.

But I am a designer on handbag at my bag factory.

I didn't study school I always worked.

I atended an english course and I started to learn english as the doctor taught us how we will need this language in every country.

But there was a point, we always needed money to stay in a house to continue study with the doctor.

He would teach us how we don't need any religion in the world with this wonderful design by creator.

In brief description we would need money to pay the rent of the house and the other things.

I had some money but I used to keep it for my children, that money was for if they are sick or at school or anything else.

But one day I wanted to increase this money 20.000 dollar.

Suddenly I saw something its name is Forex, I wanted to attend it to do that idea how to increase this money.

I explored that I could do this at Ziraatfx.

I went to the bank and asked them how to do this in Forex,

they said you should use a demo account for a few times and you have to have over 70 point as knowledge proficiency.

I said okay then went and used that demo account for a few times later went back to the bank.

They said it is okay but now he has under 70 point.

he needs over 70 point to can attend.

Suddenly they told me that you have over 70 point and now signt these all papers then we will give you a real account to use it.

But heard them when they said he has under 70 point when they were debating between themselves.

So, they gave me real account and a password then I left there.

I downloaded Meta Trade5 on my phone as they told me by Ziraatbank and Ziraafx.

I started to use it everyday but my money was getting decreased.

I didn't spend time with my children and with the doctor and at my factory,

I always used to use Forex to save my money.

I didn't want to increase my money anymore

I always wanted to save my own money and that was enough for me but no chance I had.

I started to not sleep and to have a chance to save a little from my own money but no chance.

I lost all 20.000 dollar in two weeks.

I called ziraatfx and asked them that,

I never studied any school and I didn't have any proficiency and

I should not have over 70 point as the rule. But you gave me over 70 point.

They said that we didn't force on you...

now I am very disappointed and I am trying to be happy again..... 

It is awful, working for years in very bad situation and  conditions after years you lost the money you earned. 

Some people say that if you earn money by very easy ways and if you arrive heights very easy then you must know that you will fall down very easy like you went up very easy.

If you want to keep your strength then you must not be in rush.

But there is something that I don't understand. The money I lost, I had earned very heavy and in years not in rush. So, why I lost it that easy.

I know I hurried to increase that money but I wish that someone had forbidden that forex to me or I wish that I had never known about forex.

My opinion is that if someone doesn't have proficiency then banks have to not open any account for the people who don't have proficiency.

And if a bank has opened any account for forex who doesn't have proficiency then the bank must delete the account and return their money.

It is said that the little girl with the old and her father were walking bridge, compassionate Father feared for his daughter from falling off so he said: 'Sweetie hold my hand well ,, not even Tqaa in the river daughter replied without hesitation: No, Dad ,, ,, You grabbed my hand responded father amazement: Is there a difference? Answer the girl was quickly too: if I hold your hand may not cohesion I could fall on my hands instincts. But if you hold my hand, you are not going to let it get out of hand you Tap Start ... When you trust who you love more than your self-confidence and rest assured .. to put your life between their hands more than Atminank to put your life in your hands ... then hold the hand of love ... before waiting for them to catch with your hands

Life has taught me: that no more sorrow and joy, because life is uneven.
Life has taught me: not to get involved with I don't care even if the reference.
Life has taught me: to listen to every opinion and I respect it and not necessarily satisfied.
Life has taught me: to put himself in the position of suspicion, not blaming the offended him.
Life has taught me: a little ignorance brings everyone to the size.
Life has taught me: that happiness is not a dream, no illusion, not impossible.

Just the optimism and good will and patience without hurry.
And last but not least
Life has taught me: that our society is preoccupied with the fear of envy more than busy with something worth envying him.

Excellent finds justification for other people's mistakes, but at the same time does not justify the same errors but the opposite, is hard                                                        on himself trying to permanently evolution.

In vain what type.
Greater sense of my language.
Like I might die before now.
And how I feel about you sound skips.
Skips my throat.
I had every right to go know.
Maybe still alive somewhere.
In vain what type. Sir, as long as my words. Wider than my lips, you underestimate blasters calamities and beauty of Psychology student makes it easy for you and the beauty of the mind and beauty gains you achieve the shape cause you trouble and this is my problem, 

In our traditional there backwardness and ignorance. We need informed and intellectual minds, to limit the expansion of this scourge, and to that end it must signal an error at each step we try to be positive, it reflected the legend to positive infinity, we humans in our nature a natural instinct and trace the mundane.
Educated minds are not necessarily scientifically educated but to be educated with life experiences and apply what's best without addressing the experience can be error in her steps.

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