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It was not until I was with him, after the wedding of this work of art, that I had a cake, that I was moved to tears. Everything on this day was ultimately really implemented exactly as I had imagined it for years, although the almost six-month planning phase had temporarily expired with some hysteria and despair on my part. I am now a perfectionist, and perfectionist women should not be allowed to organize a wedding. It should be black and white, down to the smallest detail, since I have always found that these two colors together represent the epitome of timeless elegance. In fact, all the guests had appeared in black and white, after we had asked for them in the invitation. Although my grandmother repeated, and two days before the feast, she did not bring anything to her, as she called it, bringing "unsuitable" colors to a wedding and bringing me to the palm of the tree, she was now dressed appropriately and looking great Appetite for the cake through which the knife slid. The countless children had already turned on with bright eyes to get one of the first and biggest pieces.

The white tent, which had been set up in the middle of the park, looked so elegant with the crystal lights, the little black stars on the inside of the roof, and the checkered floor. The black-tinted roses, whose flowers were scattered all over the floor, and also the table vases, had probably allowed the florist to grow a few gray hairs. They were so perfect that they looked almost like plastic. I actually spent the whole day, always secretly thinking about how pity it was that in the early morning hours everything would be cleared. It is now a fact that everything perfect in life has to end at some time.

Of course this is not to be true of our marriage, because I am really convinced that we will grow old together. Already the moment of the marriage application had been so casual and relaxed that it felt like our relationship was authentic, genuine and right. A few months after we met at the wedding of my sister and were placed as a singles of bride and groom next to each other at the table, we sat in the evening in his small kitchen and ate pizza. He looked at me and just said he wanted to marry me. Just because. Without great gesture, without falling to his knees.

I replied unimpressed: "Just like that?"

He got up, took the alufoil out of the cupboard over the stove, and sat down again at the table. In small work he formed a ring from a piece of foil, which he put on my finger.

"Do you believe me now?" He asked, and I only said, "Yes, okay."

We were early twenties, and had no money at all, as we were both still students. So we lived together, but remained engaged for almost fourteen years until we could afford this elaborate and unconventional celebration and the four-week honeymoon to Japan. He has long insisted on buying me a real engagement ring, but I have repeated his offer repeatedly because my aluring can not be replaced by anything. My bridal bouquet of black, pearl-studded callas, as I secretly hoped, caught our seven-year-old daughter.

The most wonderful thing about my wedding was by far the fact that our two children were part of it and were able to witness firsthand how their parents gave their family and friends the promise to be there for the rest of their lives.

When I got married at six o'clock in the morning, as a married woman, from my own custom-made wedding dress, all of the stress the organization of a wedding brought with me suddenly fell away from me. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I looked at my beloved, shoulder-free white dress with the puffy balloon sleeves and the black waistband, which now lay as a pile of silk chiffon before my feet and reminded me of a mountain whipping. Satisfied, I sat next to my husband, who had been asleep for hours. What a blessing, I still thought we were flying to Japan.

Now it's finally time. Only a few more minutes separate me from the status "married". We made the decision quite quickly. We have been a couple for almost three years and have been living together in my apartment for about two years - and have been engaged for about nine months. Nine months ago the wedding preparations were also started. Today is our great day; Hardly believing that the last few months have passed so quickly. I can still remember when we made a joint appointment. After that, the search for the right wedding dress for her - and the search for the perfect suit for me. In which restaurant are we celebrating? Are we marrying church or only on a regular basis? Who do we invite? Questions about questions we had to answer in the last months.

My fiancée - soon wife - sits next to me. I am nervous. She is also restless. We look at each other, smile, and listen to the priest as well. It does not take long until he asks us the crucial question. We are already married - we married a few hours ago at the local court - but we also wanted to celebrate the ecclesiastical ceremony. We are not believers, but we hold to traditions. And the ecclesiastical marriage is a beautiful tradition that we both like very much. We like to go to weddings and look forward to seeing one of our friends. So far, two friends from our circle of acquaintances have been married. They were wonderful weddings. I was sure at the time: our wedding will be beautiful.

The priest asks us to get up. Now comes the great moment. I feel the guests watching us - they are excited. The priest says a few more words, and the most important question is, "Will you, Herbert, Mary, take your wife, love and honor, in good times and in bad times, until death separates you?"

"Yes I do". These three words seal my love.

"And now I ask you, Mary, will you take Mary, Herbert, to your husband, love him and honor him in good times as well as in bad times until death separates you?"

She, too, did not think. "Yes I do". She smiles at me.

"You are now married to God, you can kiss," the priest smiles, and we kiss on the mouth. A fleeting, gentle kiss, almost embarrassed. We were a few days ago still puzzling how to kiss in the church really. A short busi on the mouth or with open lips and some tongue? We chose the gentle variant. In the end, we did not want to sin before our priest.

Now I am married. No - now we are married.

The "me" is no longer there. We are now married - a small family.

The priest goes on talking, the maids stand next to me. I can not realize I'm a husband now. Is my wife the same? Regardless of what the future holds, we go through life as a wife and husband, and now we are mastering all the tasks which come to us.

I am looking forward to the next adventure with my wife and enjoy the next moments. Now we are married.

At the wedding of my friend Sarah I can still remember very well, even if she has been three years back. Sarah is my teenage girlfriend and her boyfriend Tim went with me to school. She studied Jura and Tim already worked at the city. It was a young couple, as you could not imagine, and I could not have asked Sarah for a better man. They had renounced an engagement, and finally the day came in May, when they finally got married. There was no ecclesiastical ceremony, but also the regular one stirred all those present to tears. We come from a small town, where the festive hall of the town hall has been used for centuries for weddings.

In this great ambience Sarah and Tim gave themselves the yes-word. I found it particularly beautiful that I could be Sarah's maid of honor. For Tim, his older brother had taken over this part. There stood Sarah in her floor-length, white wedding dress, which was lined with lace. She had renounced a veil, but she wore a magnificent diadem with a light green rhinestone and a green velvet purse. Her long blond hair was artfully high, and her green eyes glittered with joyous expectation. Tim looked as good as Sarah, for he wore a gorgeous, silhouetted wedding suit.

After the exchange of the rings, Sarah threw up the bridal bouquet behind the town hall and then went to the wedding location in front of the city. There is on the hill a medieval castle, in which many couples had celebrated their great day. The lovingly and intricately restored castle is made for the celebration after the wedding ceremony. It is surrounded by a large park full of flowers, which offers a beautiful setting for wedding photos.

At the entrance waiting for us waiter in the tails, which gave us an aperitif. Then we all sat down and a few speeches were held on the bridal couple. In addition to the horseshoe-shaped wedding tables, further tables were erected, on which the gifts and congratulations were draped. The decoration, arranged in light green, was splendid. She fit into Sarah's accessories and her light green eyes, which shone like a distant ocean. When the food was finally served, the heart beat to my throat with excitement. Had Sarah and I chosen the right food and would taste it all? The concern was unfounded, because all the guests present were very good at it.

After the meal, the guests went to visit the castle, while the newlyweds, their marriages and the parents were asked by the photographer in the park. It was supposed to be great pictures, because the maison radiated with us around the bet. The most beautiful pictures have later in my photo album a place of honor.

It then went on with the coffee table, which also left no culinary wishes left. But that was not the end of the day, because now the party started. A magician amused children like adults. After that, there was a raffle and then came the live band, which had been engaged for the evening. It was going to be a hot evening when I danced until I could not feel my feet. My costume was still on, but the high-heeled shoes had been laid down a long time ago, and they had been exchanged for low dancing shoes. At some point the bridal couple, who had renounced the abduction of the bride, suddenly disappeared. It sat in the white car-on the way to the airport. The aim of the honeymoon was the dreamlike Seychelles.

I stayed at the castle until dawn and had fun with friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Suddenly a young man danced next to me, who had not noticed me so far. It was Sarah's cousin Kevin, who lives at the other end of Germany. He is a medical student and he has a contagious laugh and gorgeous, white teeth. We came into conversation and I told him that I am an educator because I love children above all else. Yes, and while I am writing this down, Kevin is sitting opposite me and feeding our little baby. The wedding bells also ring soon, and now I know why I had caught Sarah's bridal bouquet.

No, we did not meet each other on a Valentine's Day; Which was already in September of the previous year. But on the following February 14, we were traveling together for the first time. It was not far and not long, just a week to the Baltic Sea, so we could get closer. Because Werner lived near Hamburg more than 100 km away from me. We had found ourselves on the Internet 11 years ago. At that time it was still very exciting to find a partner in this way. I have not had my first private computer for a long time and connected to the great wide external world via the very slow modem for today's terms. The portal for the search for the suitable acquaintance was free and so I just tried it out. I inserted my profile with photo and looked for the man who could fit to me.

After numerous failed encounters by telephone or even sometimes of a personal nature in a neutral place, I finally found my present life companion Werner. He had the same hobby as me, namely traveling. I do not remember how many small, medium and great journeys we have already made together. But so far there have been very many and so far as possible a lot more. As long as it allows our health, because we are not exactly the youngest. I am 60 years old and Werner will be 70 next year. And if we can not travel one day, we have made a reservation by reminding ourselves of the fact that I have captured a lot of vacation photos and Werner made films on the most interesting journeys Computer professionally designed.

The first shared Valentine's Day on which we spent our week-long holiday on the Baltic Sea, as I mentioned, was the deadline on which we were already aware that we would stay together. On May 1 after our trip, I actually moved to him. Werner was a divorced and lonely father of a son, who was still living with him at the time. He agreed completely that we should now live together under one roof.

Before that, I had spent a great time in Italy with my former husband, who was older and had already retired, where we had rented a small, nice apartment. Before that, we had a busy life in Frankfurt behind us, until my son was independent and withdrew. This was the occasion for us to move to our dreamland. When my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly after three and a half years in Italy, I wanted to go back to Germany and move near my mother who was still alive.

So now I was sitting in my smart newly acquired condo in Celle, which was near the cemetery where the ashes of my husband were buried. After more than a year of sorrow, I finally thought about how it would be to be no longer alone. My husband certainly would not have wanted me to stop from now on only sad cemetery visits. And so began the story with Werner, who was celebrating with me on Valentine's Day of the year after the first journey together. The Valentine's Day is now for us every year like the wedding day, because we can not and will not marry. One reason for this is that I would no longer refer to a widow's pension. If they were to drop, we could not make as many beautiful trips as we still can and hopefully for a long time to do.

At that time we had mid-August, but there was not much to feel from the summer. For days it had poured as if it was bucket. But I mourned little behind the sun. The rain fit much better to my mood that day. For three months I was already separated from Nina and I thought I had overcome it. But on that day I happened to meet her again - arm in arm with her new love.

Well built was her new friend, much more trained than me, exactly Nina's type. Our love was under no good star, I was probably not her male enough. A slender fellow studying social sciences, that did not fit into Nina's Beuteschema. Why we became a couple is still a mystery to me. But since we were too different for a common base, our paths soon parted again. To see her so quickly in a new relationship, however, put a stab to me.

Because during these semester breaks no homework with which I could have distracted, I decided to run through the rainy streets after this encounter to get my head free. For a long time, I had not been to Rolf's shed, my favorite store, where some treasures from the Rock's history could be found. Half an hour had passed, in which I could fish a long-sought Misfits disc from the deck of the deck, when I suddenly heard a woman's voice behind me.

"Wow cool! I've been looking for ever. Do you like that too? "

I turned and looked at a parka, long black hair and two beautiful eyes. My heart began to beat faster.

"Yes, you too?" I replied.

It was only then that I realized I knew the woman from somewhere.

"Sure, of course! By the way, I am Caro. Faith, we've ever seen each other at Dietrich, can that be? "She asked. I remembered a seminar from the penultimate semester.

"Was not that the seminar, where on the first day a horde maths were in the door wrong?" I replied. She laughed, "Yes, it was. You, tonight, by the way, plays a Misfits tribute band. If you have time, just come along, you'll surely be cool. "

I did not have to think about it for a long time. Quickly Caro gave me her handynummer, pressed it with a smile into my hand and disappeared through the door. For a long time I felt the imprint of her warm fingers on my skin. In the evening we celebrated what was going on. And before the concert was over, we both sank in a long kiss.

Anna is waiting. She cooks coffee and sits with the coffee mug in her hand at the window in the living room from which she watches the hustle and bustle of the street.

She wrote him a card:

"Come to me, stay with me forever."

This time, she did not send an e-mail to him, as they do it several times a day.

Marc has the attitude of a lonely wolf who does not want to belong to any pack. She likes to remember how they have recovered, ten months ago, in a place of their youth. The lightning strikes when they saw each other. They exchanged a few words that nobody could remember, for three minutes later he kissed her. She is sunk in his arms, and from that moment on she was sure she would not let him go.

They went out into the cold night, kissed in the rain, and after many tender touches and long conversations, separated themselves from each other in dawn.

Anna always felt like a child of happiness until a time ago two years ago, always remembering her relationships at that time. The last relationship before she found Marc again broke her.

At the end of her previous love story she was angry at herself because she was too naïve to realize that this man did not do her good. At some point, she discovered that Tom was always hungry for confirmation from other women.

The end was painful at that time, he did not want to let her go, cursed in anger that she would happen to every man.

Everything is right with Marc; That says her heart. He illuminates their lives. When they are together, it is as if they are hovering on clouds. It is almost as if she had to experience this great disappointment before, in order to recognize the great happiness. Unfortunately, however, the new relationship gradually began to become doubtful.

Marc had to go to Hamburg to give an interview for a modem magazine. Why does not he report? Does he meet there with another woman? When she tried to call him and only the mailbox reported, she became entangled in the worst of all fears. The ringing of the door tore her out of her mind. It is Marc, he looks at her brightly and holds her card in her hand, hugs her impetuously and says: "Yes, I will stay with you forever."

After a long kiss he finally tells her what happened.

"I forgot my charging cable, I did the job and wanted to go back as soon as possible, was home and just wanted to throw my stuff, and I was so happy about your card. Finally, what was binding of you, you were always somewhat reserved and I did not want to press you. I want you forever and I already knew that when we first saw each other. " "I'll never let you go," she said softly, sinking happily in his arms.

Coffee break

1983 was a year full of problems. The mother had become sick and work was done in the office until late in the evening. There was no time for the search for a life partner and so I pushed the desire for love and partnership.

Except for that day, which should fundamentally change my entire life.

It was one of those terrible, stressful days when it would not even be possible to eat at least a small snack in the lunch break. But at least a cup of coffee from the coffee machine, I wanted to treat myself. I allowed myself a short break.

As I turned the corner, I saw a young man picking up a coffee. I held my breath and did not trust my eyes, for he was there, my future husband! I saw his watery eyes, his blond hair, his blond schnauzer, and his smile. It was love at first sight!

Within seconds fractions it became clear that this was the man for the rest of his life. In fact, I had never imagined what my future husband should look like. But this question had been superfluous at this short moment.

If I had not needed a coffee at the time, we probably would never have met two, since he was working in a completely different department.

We are now 19 years married and still happy. My husband was very much like me, he immediately fell in love with me.

Of course, there were also some discussion or even larger storms that we had to endure. But in principle, we always tried to talk and understand each other.

We had changed over the years. Sometimes, after so many common years, we stood in our way and made each other unnecessarily difficult. Then it seemed to us as if the other spouse had changed so much that he had nothing to do with the beloved man of his time. But that was not true.

For each of us over the years simply other things have been important. Sometimes we were no longer as affectionate as we were then, because we did not have time for us. Luckily, however, this mutual behavior occurred to us. Then we thought back to our first meeting at the coffee machine and the many beautiful hours that gave us love to each other. At such moments, we were again and again aware of how precious our love was to each other and is still to this day.

Love changes over the years. From the impetuous love she grows to a quiet and deep love, which can connect both life partners forever.

Eve's heart pumps to the stop on the back seat. How much had changed her life in the past months.

The last few weeks after graduation from the university were a single mess, the job search a disaster and all their friends have left the city. She had not even included her childhood in his planning when he quickly accepted a job offer from a law firm in Berlin. After weeks of self-compassion, it was time for change. She announced her room and grabbed her big backpack with some clothes and camping gear. She distributed the rest of her belongings between garbage bags and three moving cartons, which she submitted to her brother.

A former roommate left a booklet with "the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany". Since Eva had neither a fixed goal, nor under time pressure, she was looking for a starting point for her new life. The "Route of German Unity" ran only a few kilometers from her hometown.

In protest, her brother delivered her near the route, and Eva made her way west. Even the pain in his feet did not disturb Eve's sense of freedom. On the evening of the fifth day she saw another hiker for the first time. He greeted her kindly as he went into the undergrowth, probably looking for a campground. Eva ran on for another half an hour. What she most likely wanted was society in the most exciting phase of her new life.

The next day she saw almost no human soul, but just as she had found a small stream where she pitched her tent, it rustled in the bushes. The sound made her nervous, and she pulled her little pocketknife, which had always dangled at her keybond. "Whoever you are, disappear, I am armed." The sound stopped abruptly. A few minutes later, she heard some wood breaking, but before she could repeat her threat, something white shimmered between the branches. A boxershorts impaled on a thin branch, waving in their direction. "I am coming in peace," a male voice sounded, which quickly turned into laughter as the eye fell on Eva and her "weapon".

Even Eva could no longer remain serious at the sight of the improvised peace flag.

"Hey, I'm Jan, we've seen each other yesterday, did not want to disturb you, but I need a camp where I can replenish my water reserves. Do you have anything against society? "

Actually, she thought, but she nodded. It would not be fair to send someone to run after a whole day.

After an hour of silence and dissection, they both set their kettle into the fire and brought forth their powdered food.

"It looks as if we have the same taste," Eva said as she peered at Jan's mashed potatoes.

It turned out that they had more in common. In addition to food and trekking, there was still the same passion for travel and photography. They talked until late at night.

Since no one wanted to end the togetherness, they set off together the next morning. Jan lived in the middle of the road and had run the path from Aachen to his place last year, and now he wandered the east half. Eva told her that she was officially homeless. Her abrupt butterflies in her belly pushed the desire of running alone. He also made no effort to change the situation.

When, after a few days, they reached their home town, the invitation that Eva could feel at home for a few days seemed natural to both. The first night with him was also the first night in which they kissed.

This first day has now been seven months. Three months ago his motion came. When the car stops outside the town hall, he is already waiting with a smile. They go to the entrance gate in festive clothing and their walking shoes.

Late spring

Carefully, I put my head through the half-open window: in fact, the wind that was around my cheeks was mild. Light gray cloud veil, however, concealed the sun, the rays of which broke through only occasionally.I still grabbed my sunglasses in the backpack and left the apartment in anticipation for the beautiful Saturday. Spring was so late this time that I did not want to miss a second.

The street cafe on the market square was not even half occupied at this time. I was looking for a table outside the entrance, to see the place. Most of the fruit and vegetables had already been built up and the first shopping strollers strolled past the peculiar wooden structures.

I watched the beautiful scenery when someone called me, "What can I bring you?"

The clumsy waiter seemed to be new here. This mischievous grin and the bewildered out-of-bed look would surely have already noticed. He placed the serving tray on the Bistrotisch somewhat awkwardly. He overlooked my handbag, which now fell. Embarrassed, he picked it up, but kept it so awkward that the whole content pattered on the cobblestone pavement.

I had trouble not laughing loudly. Instead, I helped the face-blown red-haired waiter take my keys and all the many things that are in such a handbag. When he handed me the case of the sunglasses, he touched my forearm inadvertently. I was electrified. What was that? He, too, stopped in amazement. I felt as if I had fallen out of time for a few seconds. With him.

A week later, I sat at a spring of 20 ° C on the terrace of my main café. I caught myself looking for the clumsy waiter. Suddenly a loud clanking came out of the inside of the café. I had to grin. When the waiter immediately served me a cappuccino, I held the table firmly.

Then I took my heart: "May I invite you to a cocktail at the Green Bar tonight?"

The caipirinha tasted excellent. Through the open doorway, a breeze blew the scent of broom into the bar. I looked nervously at the clock: My appointment was almost 30 minutes overdue! Thousand thoughts passed through my head. Perhaps I had been too busy with him in the cafe? Or is it because I'm some years older than he? I sipped at my cocktail thoughtfully. From outside, the siren of a hospital car was heard, flickering blue light illuminated the entrance of the bar.

With a couple of other guests at the bar, I came to the door curiously. There were medical and police cars at a distance of about 10 m. On the ground you could see a battered bike. Two medics lifted a man with a bleeding forehead on her stretcher. I froze, shocked, "That's the waiter! Worried, I ran over. The Sanis were just about to push the stretcher into the hospital. I shouted frantically "Stop!" And stood beside the stretcher.

The waiter immediately recognized me and grinned at me broadly.

"You see, I'm not just clumsy when serving."

The paramedics pushed the stretcher to the hospital car. I gave myself out as a friend of the injured and was allowed to sit behind him. During the journey to the hospital, it happened again: There was a tension in the air, which was electrifying. And somehow we fell again from the time when we looked at each other silently and I held his hand.

A few days later, Benny switched my cappuccino to the Bistrotisch - without anything to overturn.

I smiled at him approvingly. "Will you be with me tonight?"

Benny nodded. The pavement on his forehead made him look a little daring. Suddenly he leaned over to me and kissed me quickly on the mouth.

"I did not want to wait that long," he cried, quickly disappearing inside the cafe.

But I took a deep breath and enjoyed the late spring with skin and hair.

Love and Time

Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived:
Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others,
including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the
island would sink, so all constructed boats and left.
Except for Love.
Love was the only one who stayed. Love wanted to hold
out until the last possible moment.
When the island had almost sunk, Love decided to ask for help.
Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said,
"Richness, can you take me with you?"
Richness answered, "No, I can not. There is a lot of gold and
silver in my boat. There is no place here for you. "
Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in
a beautiful vessel. "Vanity, please help me!"
"I can not help you, Love. You are all wet and might damage my
boat, "Vanity answered.
Sadness was close by so Love asked, "Sadness, let me go
with you. "
"Oh... Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!"
Happiness passed by Love, too, but she was so happy that
she did not even hear when Love called her.
Suddenly, there was a voice, "Come, Love, I will take you.
"It was an elder. So blessed and overjoyed, Love even forgot
to ask the elder where they were going. When they arrived
at dry land, the elder went her own way. Realizing how
much was owed the elder,
Love asked Knowledge, another elder, "Who Helped me?"
"It was Time," Knowledge answered.
"Time?" asked Love. "But why did Time help me?"
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered,
"Because only Time is capable of understanding how
valuable Love is

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