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A wild life

Now they are sitting side by side on the bus. She enjoys the warm sun rays that warm her cheek. He strokes a grayed lock from her face to look at her profile. She still has a sea of ​​summer shoots on her nose. The cheerful crow's feet round the corners of the eye are deeply buried. For him, there is nothing more beautiful than to be next to her, to look at her profile and to let the thought run free.

Almost fifty years ago they were sitting together on the bus. At that time it was the school bus. Her eyes were lit as he sat down, her cheeks turning pink, and she looked out of the window. He did not need to take her hair out of her face because they were braided to a tight braid. That was a good thing, because he would not have dared to touch her. He has not dared so much. They lost sight of each other.

A few years later he saw her at a party in the city. Cheerful and light, she danced around her like a funny bird in her colorful hippie dress. Her hand grazed his and that was the greatest happiness he could imagine. He would have liked to hold her. But he was afraid she might stop laughing.

What could have happened if he had only had a tiny moment at the time? The warmth of the sun and its proximity makes him dream. He closes his eyes to enjoy the fullness of what could have been if he had only ...

Now she looks at his profile. The nose, which was at that time the epitome of a well-formed facial symmetry, has experienced deformations over the wild years of its struggle for struggle. Deep furrows have been placed on the cheeks, and the golden silk hair has drawn back from the face. "My blond angel." She thinks lovingly and remembers how he sat next to her in the school bus and she sucked his loving looks like the sunrays on a cool day. How gladly she would have enjoyed so much more closeness with him!

Only once did she dare to touch him. At a party, then in the city, she took his hand for a brief moment. How gladly she would have stopped, she would have long seen him in the sea-blue eyes ...

But she was afraid. Before what? She continued to dance and absorbed this brief moment of the greatest happiness as a talisman.

Over the years, she had long been pursuing his wild life, wishing him healing when he had a hunt or a "meeting with a tree". Sometimes she consoled herself that such a wild life was not for her. Your children look as if they could be of him. A happy smile surrounds her mouth. "I have done well." She thinks to herself. Oh, what could have been all if they only ...

The bus stops at the park. He helps her get out and takes her by the hand. Picnic in the park makes the two happy teenagers and here they enjoy their youth. Finally!

Helen was always the first in the office. The chief secretary was her high-yielding title, but she was the only secretary of Director Borstedt. For over 17 years already. Actually, girls would fit better for everything, because she was exactly that. And she liked it. For secretly she loved her director from the first moment.

What a stereotype. Little Büromöchen loves the big boss.

But Helen and her director were different. Whenever she talked to her friends about "her director", the others laughed at the table.

"Why do not you tell him, girl?"

It was just one of the teats that Helen had to go through. "Girls," that was one thing. They were all no longer girls. Adult women, they were. No one was more than forty, but all of them had more or less happily married. Except for Helen. She still dreamed like a twelve-year-old from her director.

She did everything for him. Get suits from cleaning, choose ties, once he had once again selected a particularly horrible one, schedule appointments. Occasionally she prepared a meal for him; Even at his home, when he had guests and a caterer seemed to be overpopulated. She was actually like a wife, only without the tenderness and love that a husband gives to his wife.

He was nearly ten years older than Helen, but he did not look at him. His staff liked him all. Only one liked him. Not until the director's wife died unexpectedly. Cancer with 34, actually not to believe, but nevertheless happens. The hole in which their director fell then could not spill Helen for a long time. It took him years to get a real smile in his eyes again. The wrong smile on the lips was intended only for customers and business partners. Helen, however, always saw that her eyes had never reached her.

He was always right to her. He never had anything special about him. Even though Helen might want something from time to time. Not the exquisite! She did not know exactly what it was. He touched her now and then friendly. He thanked her when it was appropriate and for birthday and Christmas there were always nice gifts. Personally chosen by him. Otherwise Helen always had to pick and deliver all the gifts.

But the next step never came. The decisive word more, the clear gesture. The hint that Helen would have needed to come out of the snail's house and go to her director.

But one day a letter lay at the bottom of the mailbox. "Helen" simply stood in his handwriting. This had never happened before. The director had been out of house since morning, and Helen did her work as usual. She opened the envelope, read the contents, and fell to the visitor's chair, which was behind her. Tears were in her eyes, tears of joy.

The letter began thus: "My faithful Helen, much too long already ..."

And he finished with: "Helen, I love you."

The call was forwarded five minutes later directly from the headquarters to the director's office, where Helen was still sitting with the letter in her hand. She looked out the window and was happy. When she accepted the conversation, her eyes were dry again.

"Yes please, office director Borstedt?" She announced as usual.

"Chief commissar Wagner is my name, third area, I have to tell you that there was an accident, about an hour ago, the Mercedes, which was registered for your company, was rammed by a truck, the driver and the passenger in the rear Were both dead immediately. Can you tell me who had been in the car at the time? "

Helen dropped the receiver and there were tears again in her eyes.

The prospect of another holiday on the campsite made me shiver. Our children loved swimming and walking in the forest. However, as a permanent camper every free minute lazing around or carrying boring conversations with even more dull people meant no more fulfillment for me. This year, my husband explained shortly before our planned autumn vacation, he had to work and I drive alone. That suited my feeling that our marriage was slowly out of control. Secretly, I had long wanted a partner, which gives me again attention and affection.

So I went with the children alone to our vacation domicile. The two were immediately in their element and out of my eyes. After unpacking I enjoyed the peace of this afternoon with a cup of coffee. Soon the weekends would destroy this silence.

Between the individual permanent camper often camping foreigners. So on this day I saw two small tents at a short distance. My curiosity grew when there were two men who were unknown to me. I caught myself thinking of giving me some conversation and making the most of my situation.

When the children were in bed the next night, I walked alone by the lake. In a non-grown place the campers had set up a bench and lost their thoughts. A short clearing behind my back made me start. I turned and only saw the shadow of one of the two tenturians.

"Can I?" He asked with his sonorous voice, pointing to the bench.

Speechless with fright I just nodded.

"I am Andreas and you?"

His loving look irritated me. What should I do? Run away? No. I held his gaze and called my name.

After giving up a bit of himself, he asked me. He wanted to know everything about me. I enjoyed this attention and talked of a felt eternity of my marriage, my desires and my longing for love. He listened to me. As the full moon gave us light, we poured out our hearts. In between, he took a blanket and put it together with his arm around my shoulder.

I was not really tired, but still I wanted to sleep a few more hours until the children asked for their breakfast. When I got up, he held me tight. I looked into his warm dark eyes and could no longer resist. We had spread our whole life together, and for the first time I realized that I did not love my husband any more.

As I looked him deeply in the eye, I gave him a light kiss on the mouth. He held me back. He wanted it just like me and so we kissed with passion. Then he stood, holding my hand, and we went slowly to his tent. Lucky for his affection, his interest in me, I had a passionate love affair in his little house.

The week went by as well. My children raged and bathed and I enjoyed the proximity of an interesting man. I spent half the nights in his tent and in our caravan. Then came the day of parting. One last time we looked into each other's eyes. With tears in his face, I begged him not to forget me. I hoped that I too would mean something to him. With a longing, he said that he would soon be working in Berlin and we could meet. With this promise, I said goodbye, wiped the tears away, grabbed my belongings into the car and drove home with the children.

At home there was suddenly nothing more. My mood was like our marriage to the low point, I went out of my way out of the way and in the evening alone with the mobile phone. Then it came, as it had to come. On a rainy cold autumn day, the weather suited my sad mood, Andreas gave me the phone passport. How could he? Did not he receive anything for me? Was this one week just played? I could not believe it. That evening, the wind whipped the rain into my face. It felt like the punishment I had earned for my infidelity. Then, at an inadvertent moment, I slipped out on the sleazy leaves that autumn ripped off the trees and fell. So I sat, in the middle of the mud, the shards of two relations before my eyes. What will become of me now?

Finally Christmas Market! Every year the meeting place is where the fireballs are. There we are now standing, a glass bowl in his hand - who wants, can get synonymous with shot. I need it - because I am in love and my swarm is only a few meters away. I drink the last sip and say half "one more!"

"Not so much!" Urges my friend. "If you're drunk, do not bother me, I know he does not like a drunken woman." I decide to reduce my alcohol consumption before I have another bowle - after all, without a shot.

Now He is coming to us! My face is getting hot. My girlfriend moved to the neighboring group. Now I stand alone before Him! The alcohol has loosened my tongue - but I am still master of my senses and watch out, no crap to talk. And then - it happens! He asks if I can come to his party of St. Nicholas. I get sweatbreaks - I'm glad he can not see my bright face; Which I have buried as a precaution under a centimeter thick make-up layer. I hate it when I turn red like a tomato! I nodded enthusiastically and wanted to say something else. But he is already halfway through, turns around and says: "There is also a surprise - to match Nikolaus!"

Naughty grin - he's gone. I do not care - I am invited to his party! After another bowle - this time with a shot - I float home as in the seventh heaven.

Since I am now at the party - two hours before the mirror spent and was even still shopping. A glass of apple pike in hand, hardly anyone knows - only his friend, a nice guy, but not so my type.

My swarm carries a silly Nicholas hat on his head. I've been there for an hour, but he did not even greet me. Instead, he has a little blonde in tow all the time. I am annoyed! He asks the guests to rest.

"I've invited you all, because today is Nikolausabend!" He grins. "And the Santa Claus gave me this lovely blonde two years ago, with whom I am lured this evening!"

Applause and surprised grumble around me. I myself will not have anything to do with it. Engaged? I did not even know that the 'ne girlfriend has!

"He hid them two years, right?" The nice guy, who is not my type, takes me by the arm and pulls me away. "You will survive. Other mothers have beautiful sons too!"

He grins - how does he know ...? No matter. I'm trying to get the evening with decency behind me and not get too drunk. I accept the nice guy's invitation to the cinema anyway - after all, I have to distract myself.

After several meetings it turns out that the nice guy hates Nicholas hats just like me, likes red faces, has no problem with drinking women and finds makeup with women stupid. Besides, he likes to show that he is in firm hands and has already found his heart wife - namely me! Two years later, we also organize a St. Nicholas party - where we announce our engagement. We do not solve any surprise - all our friends had long since counted on it.

"I am hanging in my room and I see all the consequences of a heavenly family." My Christmas is a disaster. " Lara's voice at the other end of the line sounds desperate.

"Oh man, I'm sorry." I murmur into the cell phone. I feel bad because I have an absolutely perfect Christmas Eve behind me. Eat with pies and drink champagne with candlelight and Christmas music and honest joy over every gift and with tears in the eyes tell you how important one is to each other. Lara sighs. Probably because she knows that my Christmas is perfect and hers is not and I am ashamed for it and therefore it is even worse.

I think of our last meeting. Two days ago we were sitting on the verandah, drunk with mulled wine and ate homemade cookies. It had been my last attempt to inspire her with a little Christmas, as it turned out. "Why should we celebrate a feast that is based on the myth of the 'Immaculate Conception' (Lara made her goose-feet in the air with her middle and pointing fingers)" and from which a religion has emerged that led to wars and witch burnings And all this with ... "

I interrupted her in the middle of the sentence, took the wine bottle from her hand and kissed it. Without thinking for a long time without having planned it for a second. I turned her face to me, approached her slowly with my and pressed my lips slower to her. Short pauses to wait for her approval, she replied the kiss. Sweet and soft and warm.

Perplexed, she looked at me. "I ... I thought we two are just ... so, I usually do not stand on women ...". "Okay, I really do not." I replied. And it was true. I had no idea who I was. But that I wanted Lara, that was clearer to me at the moment.

I shake my head briefly to concentrate on our conversation in the here and now. But we remain silent, after a while I lay down. I wanted to ask her what she is doing today and that she answers "Nothing, would you like to go past?" But I did not dare. Since our gesture, when we mutually assured ourselves not to be ashamed, although we had just kissed, no word was lost about our kiss. I do not know what kind of girlfriends we are at the moment.

Ten minutes later, Lara calls me again. "Caro, can you show a poor Grinch how to celebrate a perfect Christmas?" She exclaims. And then: "I stand at your door."

As I run down the stairs, I realize that I still wear my flashing reindeer sweater and snowman slippers, but now it's too late. In front of me is Lara, snowflakes trickle on the Santa Claus cap on her head and her dark hair, in her hand she holds a bottle of mulled wine from the discounter.

Martina shivered as she felt the cool morning air, but inside, it was very warm around her heart. It was not even bright, just before half past seven, and in front of her was a long working day at the bakery's sales shop. She was glad about this side job, because as a student she could use every additional euro.

Every Friday she stood in the store from morning till night, selling rolls, bread and cakes, and was kind to the customers. But for a few weeks she had been working with heart pounding. For regularly appeared the same customer, who always bought two croissants and a cappuccino to take away.

He beamed at Martina as soon as he entered the bakery, and just as kindly, almost lovingly, he smiled at her when he took his bag of croissants, coffee, and change. The change money - Martina had to smile when she thought of the ritual of the day. He always paid with a 100 euro bill. For the first and second time he had embarrassed her. She had to take her own wallet to help him out. Meanwhile, she knew, and her boss made sure that in the early morning was enough change in the cash desk. Even outside working hours, she often thought of him. Since the relationship with her former friend had gone to pieces, she felt for the first time again interest in a man. Even more, if she was quite honest, she longed for love and warmth.

There was always a small, friendly banter between the two, but in detail they had not yet spoken. Nevertheless, Martina was sure that there was a certain interest on his part. Ms Gruber, the chef of the bakery, has already made several indications in this direction. Martina wondered whether she should take the first step. But she did not think of anything to involve the nice customer in a long conversation. In addition, they were almost never alone - often other customers were in line, which also wanted to be served.

Once they had only been two, but then the boss came up and brought a large tray of cakes from the bakery. So Martina could do nothing more than be friendly and attentive. And look handsome of course! That was not difficult. Martina had an attractive figure, long, light brown hair, and cheeky green eyes. In addition, she spent a lot of time in front of the mirror before each working day.

She hung up her coat in the staff room and tied the white apron, then entered the sales area. Everything was clean and tidy, Martina threw a last scrutinizing look over the display. Then she unlocked the door. The door opened automatically as soon as someone from outside or indoors stepped on the trigger. Here, too, icy cold air streamed in, mixing with the splendid fragrances of fresh pastries. Well, it was early December, it could be cold. The first customers arrived, Martina sold as usual diligently. In the checkout she saw the prepared change for her special customer with the 100 euro bill.

He himself did not come this morning. She kept looking back at the front door, she looked at the clock, but there was no trace of him. Martina could see how her good mood relaxed. Had she hoped too early? Now she sold the last croissant, again she had to think of him. What if he appeared late today and the crispy croissants were already sold out - should she offer him something else and hope that a longer conversation would develop? The owner of the bakery stood at the other end of the display and was just building an artistic pyramid of Christmas cookies. She looked at Martina and smiled secretly.

"Martina, you are thinking that we are going to have a little Christmas party tonight?" Martina nodded absentmindedly. She really only wanted that day to end and she could go home. She was looking forward to the next Friday, maybe he was back and bought her. The working day dragged on tightly until finally she was able to close the evening. On the way to the staff, Frau Gruber met her. "Quick, hurry, Nicholas does not like to wait!"

Martina crept tiredly into the warm staff room. There were already Franz, the baker and husband of Frau Gruber, Sebastian, who was learning in the bakery, and the colleagues who were working at the bakery on the other days. Martina dropped onto a chair and yawned behind her hand. She wanted to go home and relax on the couch, she did not want to go to the big-time Nikolausfeier. Now Frau Gruber came in and had Nikolaus in tow.

Nicholas greeted everyone with a deep voice, and Martina got a huge fright. This voice was disguised, but she knew it! Nicholas reached into his large sack and distributed the presents. Now it was Martina's turn. With trembling fingers she took the small parcel. She tore the wrapping paper. In it was a 100 euro note, not a real, but a copy in oversize. On the note, "Can you change? From single to couple? "Martina nodded and was happy when she took Nicholas in her arms and kissed under the applause of all the guests.

As usual every year, Anna went to Hamburg, a small town on the Baltic Sea, to spend the Christmas holidays together with her parents. She was delighted to sit comfortably in front of the fireplace, to read long walks with Rudi, her father's good-natured shepherd's dog, and to appreciate her mother's festive fare and her delicious Christmas cookies. But she was horrified by the inevitable interrogations of her parents about her love life. After all Anna was well over thirty and a son-in-law, or, if necessary, only a companion, were not in sight. Of course, especially with her mother, the accusation that Anna was the only child did not allow her to become grandmother. Anna hated the comments her parents regularly made to her single status.

She would also like it differently. A large family with a lovely husband and many children had been their dream long ago. She had already said goodbye to her more or less, but a partner with whom you could go through thick and thin together wanted her with all her heart. But it seemed hopeless ...

Last year, she did not meet a man, either professionally or privately, who was interested in her. Perhaps her mother was also quite right, that she was simply too sober. So it could not work with romance. But Anna had quite her sentimental moment, as she had to stand, especially when she thought of Robert, her first great love. Unfortunately, Robert had preferred the exciting life in Australian Sydney to the contemplative existence in the North German province.

As she sat down in the queue of the cars driving along the main road to the highway, she thought of the announced surprise her parents had given her for this year's Christmas. Worse than the two years before, it could not really be.

Two years ago, her mother gave her a voucher for a type consultation under the Christmas tree with encouraging comments. When Anna was forced by her parents to actually go to the cosmetic studio in which the best of her type was to be made, she learned how to choose lipstick to match the nail polish, or to make her hair always younger. In the following year her parents actually managed to surpass the embarrassment of this gift by giving her the 6-month membership in a single exchange for academics. Here, however, Anna refused to make use of the gift, which her parents were very disappointed. Anna wondered what they might have thought up this year. A single weekend in the resin maybe?

It seemed to be something that at least turned her parents into great excitement. Because since her arrival on the eve of Christmas Eve, there was no other topic of conversation than the imminent surprise that Anna would experience. A dog, Anna thought, they will give me a puppy, so I'm not alone. I should never have told them that it would be completely unproblematic to take a dog to the office. When she was able to elicit from her father that it was a living thing that would probably mean a lot to her, Anna was finally certain that she was right with her guess. Unlike the previous year, she would not be able to reject this gift, but Anna already had a plan to get rid of the coarse life partner. She would take the dog with a week to Hamburg, then realize that it is not possible with the best will and then bring him to her parents as a playmate of Rudi.

The big moment was approaching, but Anna could not hear a whim or whine all day, nor did the sluggish Rudi show any trace of excitement that even he would feel when there was a second dog in the house. Probably they brought him to the neighbors, Anna thought. The Christmas tree was lit, the usual songs sung, then it was time for the gifting. Although Anna was actually angry about the unwanted gift of her parents, she secretly had to smile about how nervous the two were. Then the bell rang at the door, the nice neighbor with my dog, Anna thought, when she was summoned by her parents. She went to the door and opened it slowly - then she stood with her mouth open and could not move anymore. In the frame of the door, Robert, tall and as attractive as she remembered him, was radiant.

Silvi taps through the huge old apartment. She knows very little about this and has to be careful not to run against a piece of furniture in the dark. For at the moment she is something like a burglar. She is in the apartment of her still relatively new friend Norbert. Only the is not home and has no idea that soon a surprise to the Nikolausabend expected.

False alarm. Silvi turns on the light in the hall. That was just the neighbors. Nevertheless, she must continue to be on the watch. At this time, her friend usually comes from the gym. The anteroom light can not be seen from the outside, but from the entrance door already.

A little shivering Silvi in ​​her Nikolauskostüm already. She has just moved. Of course, she does not wear a wide robe and no woolen beard. She is wearing something knappy, red, with white plush and white stockings. Her Nikolausmütze hangs neatly to the left side. On the occasion, she takes another look in the mirror. She would never leave the house.

Actually, she should not. She gets a fright and quickly turns off the lights, sits down on the leather couch, which stands in the hall. She had completely forgotten her! The matter with her ex-boyfriend Thomas. At that time she wore exactly the same costume. Thomas, too, wanted to surprise her to Nicholas, had stolen his key to sneak into his apartment. There she experienced the total nightmare.

The door opened, the lights on, she stood there and watched Thomas and Tamara arm her arm in the arm. They had got to know each other on their company party and actually agreed on a side jump. Silvi felt so well exposed at the time, also because of the rather private things she was wearing. Still, the colleague, with whom she only talks in case of need, throws her a mocking glance when she meets her in the corridor.

Actually, she should not worry. Norbert is different from Thomas, who never really had himself under control, and who was behind every skirt, probably still does. Her new friend is more domestic, wants a family at some time, and hardly moves with his friends around the houses. A little worried, however, she is concerned about this habit of stealing the keys to her partners in a early stage of the relationship, in order to surprise her to Nicholas in her apartment. Silvi reaches for her handbag, takes the phone and talks into her notebook app: Speak with Mrs. Danner at the next psychoanalysis about key Christmas costume thing.

Now she hears footsteps. He must be. The light is off and Silvi takes a neat attitude on the leather couch. The key is reversed. Suddenly, it is bright. In front of her stands an elderly lady and looks at her, horrified, wide-eyed. Behind him stands Norbert, also surprised. His head glows in the same bright red color as Silvis Dress. And now an elderly gentleman with gray-haired Schnauzer also entered the hall.

Silvi falls a stone from the heart! But at the same time she would like to dissolve in air. No, Norbert, the family man, has not dived with his secret lover. It is his parents, with whom he spends the Nicholas' Evening. And now, for the first time, she gets to know her, in an outfit and an attitude that Norbert's thirteen-year-old brother Michael would not be able to see better, because her sight was originally intended for only one adult. Naturally! The brother is still bursting in. He tears his mouth in amazement, then grins, and before she can completely straighten the dress, he takes a photo with his smartphone. "I'm short in my room," he says quickly and disappears into the smaller of the two guest rooms. The others are still motionless.

Silvi has no idea how to get out of this situation - and how she can censor the snapshot of the little brother, who hopefully does not post the picture right out into the whole world.

Half an hour later, they all sit at dinner, delivered by the French restaurant on the ground floor on time. Norbert looks at Silvi smiling, although she has just kicked him secretly under the table in the shinbone. She'd like to do it again. This was the stupid excuse her friend could have imagined. At least he switched quickly and could delete the photo before his brother sent it to anyone. But that does not change the fact that she sits here in this ultra-nude Nikolausdress with her perhaps future-mother-in-law at the table.

Norbert's explanation: Silvi would have lost a bet and must be so dressed throughout the sixth of December. Actually, she wanted to run into the bedroom as quickly as possible and change things. Now she had no choice but to play along. Once she had already tried to finish it all. She pushed around that the day was already over and that you do not have to take the bet in the evening. But Norbert's father did not want to know about it. It was not for him to be a witness to a betting fraud. "Honesty goes before.", He did not let him negotiate with himself.

The evening is very nice and the parents are very relaxed, at least when it comes to airy Christmas costumes. The mother wanted to know what the young lady was doing professionally. There was already a similarity. For a couple of years the father had been managing the same insurance company in which Silvi works. But that was long before their time.

At the end of the evening she is taken to the door by Norbert.

Now it comes, Silvi thinks. Now he wants to know where I got the key, why I came up with this idea. Her heart is pounding with excitement. What if there are rumors about the cracked people who break into the apartments of their lovers? She rummages in her handbag after the key and pushes it into Norbert's hand.

"Excuse me," she whispers a little, hoping that he can forgive her more so.

Norbert gives Silvi back the key.

"I want you to keep it, just in case you have such an idea again next year," he says, giving her a long farewell kiss.

It was the first Advent and Laura was not so in Christmas mood. Outside her window, gray fog winds passed, and the rain clapped uninterruptedly against the windowpanes. One day before, she had finished with her longtime friend Tim, when she had caught him with his best friend in the back seat of his car. Laura did not feel like lights, speculatius, or pre-Christmas joy. Sadly, she lighted the first candle on her Advent wreath, made herself a hot chocolate and chose a romantic comedy from the movie offer of her TV box. If she had no luck in love herself, she wanted to see at least one kissing couple on the giant screen. She'd still got Tim on the bargain, just a few weeks before the relationship ended. Laura sighed deeply and cuddled herself into her smut corner.

Suddenly the bell rang at the door and Laura listened in surprise. She did not expect this visit this Sunday. So there was no reason to get up from the cozy sofa and check who was on the first day of the Advent so loudly rushing. But the ring did not stop.

"But someone is stubborn," thought Laura, angered, and crept up the door with a high pulse on her thick wool socks.

Carefully she looked through the spy. There stood a man who looked like a parachutist. But on Sunday? Perhaps that was a trick and the man a disguised robber who wanted to attack her. Cautiously, Laura introduced the turquoise, opened a gap, and gently peered outside.

"Yes please?" She asked a little unsure.

"Expresspaket!" Cried the messenger.

Laura opened the door and drove back in amazement.

"Mark, what are you doing here?" She exclaimed excitedly.

Immediately she had recaptured her childhood love from the tenth grade, although he now looks older of course. But he still had the corn-eyed blue eyes she had immortally fallen in love with as a teenager. The laughs around him and the fine silver streaks in his dense dark hairhead made him even more attractive. Laura felt her knees softening and her heart beating to her throat.

But what did Mark do with a package service? Did not he want to be an engineer at that time and build dams at the other end of the world? The boyfriend looked Laura deeply in the eye as if he suspected her unspoken question.

"You'll surely know what I'm doing here and why I'll give you a package on Sunday," he said, and a sad smile flashed around his lips.

"I've been in New Zealand for many years and have built a hydroelectric power plant there for a large company, but then fate has fallen," Mark began to tell.

Laura interrupted his speech and said with a smile: "But what are we standing between, do not you want to come in here?" It became red under the hair roots.

"I have to hand you the package first," said Mark, laughing. As Laura remembered, her Dresdenian patent-pioneer sent her home baked Christmas stollen at every first Advent. Above her love affliction, she had completely forgotten this fond of ritual.

Mark stepped into Laura's comfortably furnished apartment and felt immediately at home. Then he began to tell how the company had broke in New Zealand, lost his job there, and had to move back to his parents in Cologne. His childless marriage is now divorced. To be once again at the checkout, he has accepted the delivery job at short notice.

"When I randomly read your name on the package, I had to go straight to you," he confused.

Laura and Mark then talked to each other for hours on the stables and coffee, until they got dark. And the candle on the Adventskranz shone hopefully into the future.

It's as if it were yesterday. Franz spoke to this girl in the bar. He has been watching her for quite some time and asked me if he should dare. Now he dares the second time - in the truest sense of the word. He stands in front of the altar with his Susan. If he had not addressed them at the time, how would our lives have changed? With Susanne, he met a woman who loves him as he is.

Franz and Susanne got to know each other five years ago in our Stammkneipe. He hesitated, wondering if he should address her. I supported him and told him to try. Today we are still thinking about this day and talking about it. What if I had said, do not speak to her? Would fate have taken another path? Would he be with another woman before the altar? I do not know, and I'm glad this question does not arise.

He called me a few months ago and told me that he was going to marry Susanne. I've often thought it was time soon. After all, they are created for each other. They are very similar, share the same world views and are an inseparable couple. I am now sitting next to Franz, may on this great day be his haunt, and still think gladly back earlier. I am not jealous that he has found his great love, while my relationships do not last longer than a few months. Maybe I find a partner who is like Susanne. Who stands to me, no matter what I do and who accepts me, just as I am. I give it to my longtime friend and wish him all the best.

It still takes a few minutes until my big performance comes. I can get the rings. A task that shows very well that Franz and Susanne trust me. The priest has been speaking for half an eternity. I find weddings not boring, but I always look forward to the great moment. The moment when the hairstyle comes into the picture, the rings reach and the bridal pair gives the yes-word. A touching moment that shows very well that these two people really mean it. Although the divorce rate is getting higher and more and more people believe, they have to marry spontaneously: with Franz and Susanne I feel that they are very likely to stay together forever.

To this day I can not remember any dispute. Of course they always have different opinions and discuss small things. But so far it has never really crunted. On the contrary. After each discussion they find a solution with which both sides can deal and live well. A gift? I think they just fit together - one hundred percent. And I'm looking forward to it.

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