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Today on Valentine's Day I would like to take the opportunity to write to you how much I love you.

When we got to know each other, we were both struck by lightning.

And from our infatuation became fast more, because our feelings for each other grew day by day.

Today, we are still in love as in the beginning, although - or just because - we already know each other by heart.

I like to wake up next to you in the morning and fall asleep next to you in the evening.

You always give me the feeling of having arrived. In the day we have to work and can not see each other,

but I am happy every day to come home because I know you are there.

The few free time that we have in addition to our professional commitments always give me so much energy and vitality.

What I like most about you is your calm nature and your sense of humor.

You always manage to say and do the right thing in every situation.

Laughing with you is something special and your sense of humor is simply contagious.

When I'm stressed and annoyed, you can always make me laugh and together with you, the sun shines on the rainy days.

But even if the times are not so beautiful,

you always know what to do with your calm and calm way of doing things and give me the feeling that nothing bad can happen -

because we are together.

I am already looking forward to our next holiday together,

because then we have a lot of time for each other and can spend many intensive hours together.

I wish we could still have a lot of years together and can love each other,

because you are something special for me.

I love you.

My star

Especially today, on Valentine's Day,

when all those who love each other have a gift or are thinking about each other, I sense my longing for you.

Everyone who loves another and whose feelings are reciprocated hovers in happiness.

And I am the happiest of all lovers and lovers.

Because you are something very special.

You, dear star, are not like any of the many stars in the sky.

You are the brightest of them.

Aside from your sparkle, all the others are pale.

You look at yourself, everyone enjoys your brilliancy and want your closeness.

Yes, am I not rich? More rich than the mightiest kings? Because you are my star.

You shine and sparkle for me. Because I love you.

Because a thousand sparkles burn in me and shine to you when I think of you.

As soon as I look at the sky at night, my heart laughs.

And today, on the day of the lovers, it will not be able to calm down with laughter and joy.

It sings and rejoices in the highest tones and wishes only one thing: it never ceases.

That Valentine's Day always belongs to us, will always be a special day for us.

That my heart never loses the laughter and you, my beloved star, never sparkle for another.

We belong together, today and all the years. This is what we want to think about every Valentine's Day.

Today many flowers have flowers.

I send you roses, a fragrant, lush bouquet of red roses from the garden of my heart.

You'll smell the smell and feel my heart.

My heart at your heart.

My burning sparkle in your radiance.

You, my stars, and I-we are love in perfection.

I love you. 

Great love

Today is the day of love and that's why I thought I would give you a very special gift:

a love letter. I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me so far.

This is how you showed me that you too love me.

In our time together we went through ups and downs,

but I always realized that you are the great love of my life,

which I want to be faithful to the end of my days.

Even if we should have problematic times, you can rely on me at any time.

On Valentine's Day, I realize again and again that I was really lonely without you and

how much I wanted such a wonderful person as you at my side.

You are the best gift ever made by me and I am grateful for it every day.

I love you so much that I can hardly express it in words, and

I wish that we would spend many more Valentine's days together.

I would like to send you my most heartfelt wishes for Valentine's Day

and wish you all the best love and good luck.

Maybe you have already noticed that you are something special for me,

because I have experienced with you so beautiful hours, as it was so far for me rarely.

I am happy about every hour and every day I am with you.

The time I have to spend up to our next meeting with waiting is not going fast enough and

I always have a tingling sensation in the belly. I do not know exactly if you like it, but I hope so.

I find it particularly beautiful that I can talk with you about everything that moves me,

what interests me and also about things that really bother me.

You understand me so well because we are very similar on some levels.

And I would also like to tell you what inspires me.

You have such a lovely and kind way when you look at me.

Your hug is full of love and warmth, so I never want to let you go.

You have a tingling style when you are laughing and full of life when you want to fulfill your desires.

I like your open and honest way, especially when we are only there for both of us.

I love you and every fiber on you and I do not want to lose or give you for anything in the world.

I'd fight for you! But I think it will not come so far if we continue to stand firmly together.

I love your laughter, your happiness, but I am always there for you when you are sad.

But since I do not want you to be sad, and certainly not today for Valentine's Day,

I have come up with a little surprise for you.

I invite you today to a dinner for two, but do not tell you where it will be.

Let me surprise you, I hope you are happy!

I still know today how strong feelings I felt when I first saw you.

Without being able to explain, my eyes did not differ from you and your being.

I was like a bit bewildered and could finally understand what is meant by "love at first sight".

Since I know and love you now, everything else is secondary.

Main, you are close to me or I know that you are always there for me.

I love your kind, your being as well as your action.

Love is the most important thing in life.

Again and again, we should be aware of how important and beautiful it is to have a wonderful,

trusting and loving partner. That's exactly what I found in you.

With you life is much nicer and the butterflies in the belly just do not fly away.

My heart still surges when I see you laugh and I can look into your beautiful eyes.

Also in the future I would like to spend every free minute with you and enjoy the life for two in full.

Of course there are not only beautiful moments,

but difficult situations can be solved more easily, the more we trust and love.

You are the best thing that happened to me and I hope to convey it to you with my words.

Valentine's Day is a day where couples in love spend the evening together,

giving flowers and little attention.

I also want to give something, my love.

You were the one who made my heart jump when I saw you for the first time.

Since then, it has been world-wide when I think of you. How you smile, how you speak, how you move, that pleases me.

I like everything about you, although I have not dared to confess to you my feelings. This letter is supposed to change that.

Let him look deep into my heart.

If we happen to face each other by chance, I sometimes think of myself, you look at me with kindness.

I imagine how wonderful it would be if we walked through life together.

We could swim the deepest seas, climb the highest peaks, overcome every obstacle.

I imagine that everything is possible with you. I go to the end of the world for you.

Sometimes, however, I think you hardly care. I feel discouraged and desperate.

I hardly eat, I do not sleep, I can not concentrate on my work. You are the reason.

There are thousands of questions in my head that I can not answer.

Are you all right? What do you feel? Are you going to vote for someone else?

Or we both have a chance. I am sorry, suffering and I dream.

Today, however, is the day when I will give you certainty.

At least as far as my feelings are concerned. I've fallen in love with you.

That is why I want to make every effort to make you happy.

You are the one with whom I want to share my life. Now you know how it is about me.

While you are reading this letter, I am sitting here and pondering further.

Ask me if you put the paper carelessly, whether you tear it or laugh at my words.

In order not to despair, I imagine that you answer me.

That would be great.

My dearest Darling!

On Valentine's Day I would like to tell you with a few short lines what you mean to me. You are the world for me! And I want to discover the world with you. I want to show you the most beautiful things and the most exciting places!

I want to sit with you at the foot of a volcano, where we can feel the heat of the lava. I want to dive with you in the sea so that the fish can see our happiness. I want to climb with you on high mountains, so that we can see our future glitter on the distant horizon. I want to be with you on the couch and watch movies, walk with you, dance, walk, laugh with you, cry, embrace, reconcile - just everything that makes love beautiful.

For love and life are beautiful. And together with you everything is a lot more beautiful, colorful, louder, more joyful! I want to share this joy with you and multiply it by sharing. Our laughter will delight us and the world. Our joy should also make others happy.

Our being together can be a melody. Sometimes very soft, tender, and soft, and immersed in silence-and then loud and lively, lively and laughing!

All this, my darling, I would like to share with you. And I hope and wish you would, because I would be the happiest man in the world.

Do you know that I am really happy again?

On the most beautiful time of the year,

which I would like to enjoy together with you.

Spring comes and blows away all the gloomy thoughts and worries.

Imagine, the sun shines and warms our souls.

The birds chirp for us only. The sky is at its best.

He is now blue, deep blue.

Do you know what this color symbolizes?

Blue is not just the color of romantic poetry.

It also stands for trust and reliability.

These are qualities that give our love so much support and confidence.

Let us enjoy the nature that now awakens and opens and also opens our hearts.

I feel so much for you and right now, in the spring, my heart will be very far.

What do you think of a romantic walk where we pick together soft flowers,

perhaps fragrant violets? Gladly can we also stretch out on a blanket,

let the spring sunshine, let us count clouds and dream together of our love? If you want,

we'll make a picnic, only two of us, in a particularly beautiful place, where nobody bother us.

Everyone should now see how much I like you.

Sometimes I think the spring season makes love even more beautiful,

the feelings for each other much more intense.

This is certainly due to the special light. It is fortunately sooner and later dark.

Even if it is not so warm in the evening,

let us enjoy the night.

You will feel that the air becomes much milder and we can smell the spring with all its romance.

I am so looking forward to you and could embrace the whole world that smells of violets and

after latte macchiato outdoors, but also after you.

I just listened to one of our favorite songs on the radio.

Immediately the longing for you has awakened inside me.

I start counting the hours until we meet again. An endless time,

which goes without you only in snail tempo.

You are my first thought and my last after awakening,

before I travel to the land of dreams in the evening.

With you, of course, dearest ....

Because in the dreamland you are always with me always.

We experience fantastic adventures full of romance and magnetic attraction.

But these trips into distant dream worlds are only half as beautiful as the days and

nights that I can spend together with you.

What else is only sung in percussion is felt by you.

You are the fulfillment of my life, the dream that became reality.

I never thought I'd ever meet you.

Now I am happy and grateful for every second I can spend with you. In thought,

I kiss you and whispering tender words into your ear.

In the day you are my sun, dearest ....

In the night you are the brightest star in the sky and shine through the darkness.

I trust you, as I have never trusted a man.

Two "I" have become "We".

I love you!

You are always with me.

And now that I have written these lines, some time has passed,

and our reunion is drawing nearer.

Sun in me

I've struggled with myself for a long time, I wondered if I should write you.

As you can see, I do it now. Life seems to me too short of the constant hesitation and doubt.

That is why I call it out: I have fallen in love with you.

I can think of nothing more than your eyes, your beautiful mouth.

Night after night, I lie awake in my bed and wonder:

What are you doing right now? Do you lie awake and think of me?

Do you have someone to warm you? I hope not, of course! Finally,

I want to lay around you, would like to reach from the throat to your toes and warm you,

would like to me around your hips.

I know it is dared what I write to you.

I do not know if you feel as much as I do.

It is not enough for me to think of you.

I want to face you, see how your lips move and slide word by word from your mouth.

I would like to enjoy the sweet scent that you exude.

I want to get drunk on you and drunk home.

I want to tell you that you are the most important person in my life.

That I no longer want to be without you.

Dearest, without you, my life is less bright and beautiful.

Without you everything would be a little bit more gray: the daily walk to work,

the meetings with friends, every holiday trip and all sundays and holidays,

where I always see only cheerful people around me.

I can no longer enjoy the warming sun, no longer hear the lively roar of the waves.

For me, every day you're not with me is a gloomy night.

I have only one request: let the sun rise in me again!

I longingly await your answer!

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