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Now a year is over again soon and the feast of love is at the door.

What have not we all experienced together in the past twelve months!

Hour full of tenderness and intimate closeness, small adventures on vacation,

challenges we have mastered together, and also one or the other dispute - with subsequent loving reconciliation.

Our treasure of wonderful memories has grown so a bit. Is not that nice?

If a Christmas feast came and gave me three wishes, it would not be easy to decide.

But do you know what my greatest wish is?

That everything remains as it is between us.

That we love each other in the future, trust,

are always there for each other and never cease to see in the other the dearest and

most important man in the world.

And then I wish I had a cozy cuddling evening only for the two of us.

Let's just forget the whole festive day for an evening and spend a few hours alone.

With candles, tea and your favorite cookies.

Does not that sound good?

I send you all my love.

Today we have Christmas and to the feast of love I would like to show you how much you mean to me.

You are always there for me and love me the way I am.

I would like to thank you for that.

With my letter, however, I would like to say to you above all how much I love you.

For me, you are the most beautiful Christmas angel around the world.

In your heavenly eyes, I could sink anew every time and transform your miraculous being every evening for a holy evening.

If I can run with you over the Christmas market and we give ourselves gingerbread hearts or fir tree decorations,

together drink a hot mulled wine and watch the first snowflakes fall, then I am the happiest man in the world.

I never want to lose you.

Your laughter shines brighter than the most beautiful Christmas star, and when you smile at me,

the fire of love blazes in my heart like the candles on the Christmas tree.

You always stick to me and make it every time to melt all the cold, everything ice and all the snow in my life.

I would like to sit with you for many years before the fire,

drink Christmas pudding and look at the shining lights on our Christmas tree.

With you I would like to laugh a lot of Christmas cookies for a long time and enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner with candle light.

When I met you for the first time, the Christmas child fulfilled my greatest Christmas wish.

Because to be loved by you is for me the most beautiful Christmas present of all.

Love, you are my Christmas angel and I hope I could show you with this letter how much you mean to me.

Let us together make this Christmas celebration a feast of our love.

For I love you with all my heart,

Today I've often thought of you.

It is snowing everywhere, the lights of the Christmas decoration glittering everywhere.

If you were with me now, we could go for a walk together in the snow, then maybe drink a hot tea.

Everything is more beautiful when we are together.

We have not known each other for so long, but I still have the feeling of being close to you in a very special way.

We are so familiar. If you say something, I know exactly how you mean it.

No misunderstandings arise. However, there is already something I do not know how it is meant.

I have the feeling that your looks also tell me something, but I'm not sure if I interpret them correctly.

That's why I am writing this Christmas letter to you now.

For me, you have become a very important human being, without whom I can not imagine my life at all.

I do not want it. It would make me very happy if you could take much more space in my life.

I want more than a friendship with you.

You are the man with whom I want to do as much as possible together.

With you it is even fun to be silent together. From your facial expression, I can see what you think then.

In any case, I have the feeling of knowing what you are going through at such moments.

The proximity to you makes me happy. So I would like to ask you how you are with me.

Can you imagine that the proximity between us is getting bigger?

Do you want it?

If it were, it would make me very happy.

It is my greatest Christmas wish. I hope he will come true.

Dear Christmas greetings,

The Christmas party is back at the door.

People like to call these holidays a celebration of love.

Love also lives in my heart, but it does not only for Christmas. She has a firm place in it.

This love belongs to you alone, which I unfortunately have not said for a long time.

You know, dear ... that I am not a friend of big words.

It is not so easy for me to express my feelings when we are together.

Perhaps this fact makes me seem a bit cold, but you can be sure there is a volcano in my heart.

Already the first time we saw each other, I knew we were meant for each other.

Life often passes strange paths,

but at any crossroads of this life one meets the person with whom one wants to spend the rest of his life.

There is no "if" and no "but" and no matter what others think about it.

For no reason and no important reason can prevent two lovers from holding themselves in their arms and

wanting to dwell there forever.

Life is too short for quarreling and quarreling, and we should fill it with the love that has seized us.

There is already hate, discord, envy and misery enough in this world.

Love, however, weighs more heavily on the balance of life, and it will always be victorious.

I wish you a lot of health and success with all your plans for Christmas and for the new year.

You should know that my heart is with you,

and that there is someone who will never let you down.

Since I know you, my life has become richer and more colorful.

I did not know that there could be so much happiness.

I'd like to sit with you under the Christmas tree and unpack gifts.

Christmas time is cuddling time!

There is nothing more pleasant than having breakfast and

having fun on the couch after a long winter walk.

Best with a cup of hot cocoa under a soft blanket, into which we can nibble together.

For a long time I thought about what I could give you and perhaps even found the right one.

But since I want to give you something not only with something material, I also write with this letter in your heart.

Words are often so banal and do not even express what I really feel.

I use them anyway, because they are our language.

You can hear them, feel and see them in your heart.

A love letter is something unique, it is a snapshot, and yet it goes much further, perhaps to the end of life.

At the moment, however, I do not want to look so far into the future.

Christmas is coming and I'll give you a giant package of dark red hearts with a bow that adorns thousands of kisses.

I give you the magic of love and I want you to share this magic with me.

If you want, I'll take every single snowflake with my hands and wear it to you,

I'll build with you as many snowmen as you want and if you have enough,

I'll take you in my arms and kiss your hands warm again.

I do not know a more beautiful gift than to be with you and I hope that you as well.

I wish for a rushing feast of love, our love.

My dearest Darling

Today I had to think of you all day. Christmas is around the corner.

On the radio are always loved songs.

The imaginary scent of mulled wine and lard baked in the nose automatically rises.

I am really cuddly-hurt.

And I imagine you frolled in a splendid sledge through the high snow somewhere in a gentle hillside,

pulled by two long-mouthed molds.

Fine bells ring is heard and the bright winter sun shines on your so dear face.

That dear face I so fondly like; Which is for me my sun and my starry sky.

When you look at me, I get soft knees, and I still can not believe that I am the person you smile at.

A great wonder fills me with you, as with a child with shining eyes in front of the Christmas tree,

looking behind the green, the candlelight and the fir-tree more than most adults.

You are my happiness that fills me with indescribable gratitude and joy!

When asked what I would wish for Christmas, I could only answer "nothing." I already have everything.

Love for you is my greatest and most beautiful gift.

Your gentleness and your soul touch me like the mysterious beating of an angel.

Even in snow and frost can not get cold in your area.

You warm me, bring everything into the right lot and enchant every room you enter.

Sometimes I believe that you are actually an angel who has been sent to me so I can celebrate Christmas every day.

I'm really looking forward to spending the holiday with you harmoniously and peacefully and giving you 10,000 kisses.

You are my great love and will always be!

Dearest ...,

In this letter I would like to tell you a secret.

As a child I loved the winter of all seasons the most.

I especially liked the weeks around Christmas.

While I spent my afternoons between January and November outside with the other children,

I usually stayed at home during the Advent season. Just to not miss a moment of the cozy atmosphere.

The chimney fire crackled comfortably, an aromatic smell of baked apples pulled through the house.

Grandpa told stories, Grandma kneaded biscuit dough.

I should write my wish list on which every year no more than three wishes were allowed.

This was always an exciting moment! For what does not one want as a small child?

Even now I feel very excited, although it is easy now for me to choose three wishes.

I have not betrayed them to anybody, but now I want to reveal myself.

First of all, I want you to read my lines. That proves that I am not the same to you.

Second, I want you to know I'd like to be with you. Since I first saw you, I wear your image in me.

I always hear your pleasant voice, although you have never spoken to me.

I like how you go and how you are watching your environment. I like you just the way you are. I'm in love with you.

My last wish is that you dare to give me a sign if you feel as much as I do.

Please give me a small smile, a gentle eye-contact, or an understanding nod.

Everything else is done by itself. Maybe we'll get closer.

Maybe we'll go through life together soon.

If my open words had frightened you, I beg your pardon.

I did not mean to take you by surprise.

Rather, I wanted once again to be the little child who believes in the fulfillment of his dreams.

I longingly await your answer.

Dear) ...,

To your XX. I would like to congratulate you on all my heart.

However, the occasion is not just intended to pervade you with transitory material gifts.

I want to go deeply into myself, to devote my thoughts to you.

The first question, which shoots me through the head: Did I really deserve you?

To my fate, I am infinitely grateful that it has led me to You.

And that you were not repellent, even though I have supplied you with every reason.

My world of feeling was whirling, as did my attitude towards life.

Through you I have become a different person.

You mean very much to me. I know it is far too rare for me to show you my feelings.

But the great love goes in the everyday life with its abertausende problems unfortunately too often a little.

This is why this attempt to arrange my thoughts and feelings for you on a piece of paper.

I would like to wish you a lot of years of experience at your site and to walk together through highs and depths.

You give me so much strength that I can master everything with you.

A life without you would be unthinkable. I am very afraid of that.

But today is your birthday, and therefore there is no reason to bluff.

Today there is something to celebrate. And that is exactly what we will do.

I love you.

All the best ...,

Today is your birthday and I've been thinking about what I should give you for a long time.

Something special should be something you will never forget, something you will never forget.

This is a difficult task and yet easy to solve.

I give you my love, wrapped in beautiful gift paper with a dark red ribbon on it.

My love is not too big and not too small, not too hard and not too soft.

My love is unique and it is only for you. When you open my gift, do not tear at the loop and the paper.

Open the packaging gently and carefully.

Piece by piece, the sleeves will fall and you will hold the most beautiful in your hands, what a man can only get.

It is priceless! You can not buy it, do not negotiate and do not force it.

The only thing you can do is to give love a fertile ground and wait for it to enter.

Ever since you came into my life, everything has changed drastically.

My thoughts are no longer the same, and my words often sound angular,

because the quake in me does not want to rest.

Your birthday is a wonderful occasion to tell you that you have become so important to me.

We spent a lot of time together in the last few weeks.

The days passed by as if in flight, and my heart has grown a beat every day.

Madness, it sometimes hits so loud that I mean you have to hear it.

Somewhere deep inside me, I feel to feel that you are so synonymous.

I believe that a solid bond binds us. No matter how many years you count, I can not and will not imagine it tearing.

Yes, I know it's your birthday, but I still want you to win your heart.

In return I give you mine for it. Look at this letter as a voucher, embellished by an eternal band with a loop.

You can redeem it at any time ...

A thousand Kisses,

Dear) ...!

Normal people get older every year, but you'll just get better.

And once a hundred candles shine on your birthday, they are still shining with the light of your eyes.

Let us fly, at least in the imagination, to the celebration of your day of honor,

before breakfast with my imaginary private jet to Paris to start the day at the Eiffel Tower with sparkling wine and croissants.

Then we'll go to New York, where there will be "Happy Birthday" on all the light boxes on the Time Square and

the people will cheer you. In the afternoon, we celebrate with all your friends on a beautiful beach in Hawaii.

And after the romantic sunset there is still a huge fireworks display in your honor.

We are both sitting comfortably in my private jet, high above the clouds, outside the stars,

and hundreds of shooting stars meet all your desires.

It was wonderful to be part of your life. We are good friends and not a couple.

But I have enjoyed every moment near you as if we were freshly in love.

I do not know if these are just friendly feelings, or more.

Your humor, your strength, your amiability, and above all, I find you just fantastic.

But the fact that you are there is a gift for me, which I can not balance with any birthday present.

For your next year I wish you only one thing:

May all your wishes meet even without shooting stars! And I also wish for something, quite selfish:

May I also be your next birthday part of your life.

Happy Birthday! Wishes you with all your heart

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