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Once upon a time,  

I woke up , got dressed and washed my face .

After that I turned TV on ,

but it was of no use. Wars and fights were everywhere;  

children screaming,  women crying , bodies bleeding and blood dripping everywhere.

I turned it off with tears flowing down from my eyes .

I went out wandering in the streets with no destination like a small piece of litter lost in the air.

Later on , I decided to go to the forest in the countryside so as to lessen my sadness and feel the fresh air.

It took me a few minutes to get there.

There was a large beautiful lake of fresh water.

I sat by its bank and kept looking at my face reflected.

I stood up and started wandering between the trees for a while .

I could feel the stones and scrambling leaves of the trees beneath my feet.

The beauty of the forest comforted my heart ; its smell was fresh and pulpy.

I enjoyed seeing donkeys crossing the road ,

hearing beautiful sounds of the wood pickers and smelling fresh air from the blue sky.

Looking up , I could see a pair of pigeons flying high in the sky.

Their flight seemed to have no pattern , which brought a sense of happiness to my heart!

I kept watching their movement through the sky.

They were certainly the happiest creatures on earth.

Later on , they huged each other,  and as time went by more and more pigeons joined them.

They flew together higher and higher in the sky.

I thought about that for a while , then I said to myself " when will we treat each other that way? When will we be united as one?

Best wishes from hossine.

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  • Hikmet-Tekin

    posted by Hikmet-Tekin

    Tuesday, 24 April 2018 20:46

    "When will we be UNITED as one" waiting for the day PEACE and HAPPINESS all over the WORLD


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