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Life has taught me

Life has taught me: that no more sorrow and joy, because life is uneven.
Life has taught me: not to get involved with I don't care even if the reference.
Life has taught me: to listen to every opinion and I respect it and not necessarily satisfied.
Life has taught me: to put himself in the position of suspicion, not blaming the offended him.
Life has taught me: a little ignorance brings everyone to the size.
Life has taught me: that happiness is not a dream, no illusion, not impossible.

Just the optimism and good will and patience without hurry.
And last but not least
Life has taught me: that our society is preoccupied with the fear of envy more than busy with something worth envying him.

Excellent finds justification for other people's mistakes, but at the same time does not justify the same errors but the opposite, is hard                                                        on himself trying to permanently evolution.

In vain what type.
Greater sense of my language.
Like I might die before now.
And how I feel about you sound skips.
Skips my throat.
I had every right to go know.
Maybe still alive somewhere.
In vain what type. Sir, as long as my words. Wider than my lips, you underestimate blasters calamities and beauty of Psychology student makes it easy for you and the beauty of the mind and beauty gains you achieve the shape cause you trouble and this is my problem, 

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